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We will be the best. We will be the strongest, We will grow together. WE WILL BE ANTIQUES. All are welcome. Our mission as a guild is become the best with helping each other and newbies. We will definitely have a lot of fun. Our Discord: https://discord.gg/fgyD7RX (link renewed)

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Farming Set-Up

    @killwa44xx find someone from our clan in game or me (nick Cyanide)
  3. Farming Set-Up

    Hi guys u still playing here im new in this server, and i can play with merc-templar-vm-mb
  4. Farming Set-Up

    are you guys still playing?

    add me im Kukaci

    Guild has been founded. Pm me in game for recruiting. My character name is Cyanide
  7. Club Type

    After the lanuching of the game. I will change club type "open" to "private" and we will only recruit in game. Nobody from outside can join or see what's shared in the club. Invite whoever you like until the start of the game.
  8. Farming Set-Up

    Okay, I am adding you to the tank group for now
  9. Farming Set-Up

    Yes .ofcourse
  10. Farming Set-Up

    So, can you draw mobs or bosses?
  11. Farming Set-Up

    I play as DD . Maybe a Slayer or Deadeye. IGN : Determinator
  12. Please Join Discord

  13. Farming Set-Up

    i play on mercenary
  14. You can join our Discord with this link: https://discord.gg/xnFSMu Please join with your forum names guys. Thanks a bunch
  15. Farming Set-Up

    For now you will be a tamer (pet evcilleştirmecisin şimdilik)
  16. Farming Set-Up

    i'm Evoker evoker den başka karakter oynamasını bilmiyorum iyi bir okcu lazım boss görevleri için
  17. Farming Set-Up

    I can help you finding master breeder items. So for now, do you want to be assault or tank?
  18. Farming Set-Up

    I play only two characters,for start i use mercenary ,and then master breeder when I have items for him
  19. We need to set up the guild

    So far so good, we'll see what you can do in the game.
  20. We need to set up the guild

    In game i want to help anyone from my guild in need and i will work hard to make my guild the best one in the whole server , i played a lot of games (like cs, league of legends, dota 2, smite) and in a lot of private servers.
  21. We will start farming for items and exp at the moment admins launch the game. So, tell me which type of character you want to play We need healer, tank, assault(magical or physical; doesn't matter which one), tamer and buffer for now. I will play as a healer. There can be more than one character at each one. Healer: Pyrozen Tank: Ransley Assault(s): Cloud1253 (1st role), judaha Tamer: kasparize Buffer: Cloud1253 (2nd role) Edit: We also need a long-range attacker for drawing bosses or mobs.
  22. We need to set up the guild

    The guilds mission is to become the best one in game. So, I need you to answer the questions I asked at the first post. Thanks for applying.
  23. We need to set up the guild

    I can be second-in-command
  24. For now, we need 1 second-in-command and 1 moderator. If you want to apply please write down your intend in game (what do you want to accomplish in game), your experience in past games an what did you play before as an online games. You can answer this post or send a message to me.

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