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    Dear Players, Thanks to everyone for being with us from the very start, with over 1.000+ forum members so far and still growing! The time has come to recruit more staff members, to professionalize and take the server to the next level! Be part of this great adventure and Apply now! Please read available position before applying. Currently available positions Test Game Master: 1/3 *Required Rappelz Experience *Required Atleast daily 3+ hours available in game. Receives [TGM] Name Tag. [TGM]Liberte Tasks: Mainly helping players in game with questions and reporting bugs to developer. Possible Promotion to Game Master [GM] Game commands Mute Kick Ban Teleport Holding Events Experienced Server Developer 0/1 Mainly solving bugs server & client side. Possible payment for their efforts (Depending on donations) Experienced Lua Developer: 0/1 Mainly editing & writing new lua scripts. Possible payment for their efforts (Depending on donations) Experienced 3D Modeller: 0/1 Editing, Creating Weapons, Armors, Props, Monsters, Pets etc. Possible payment for their efforts (Depending on donations) Photoshop Designer: 0/1 Reskinning - Creating item icons, forum banner, social media promotion pictures etc. Forum Moderator: 1/1 [MOD]Cyanide Keeping the forums and chat clean. Answering player questions and creating game guides. Discord/Forum Chat Moderator: 1/1 [MOD]Cyanide Keeping the discord chat clean, answering player questions. Experienced = Enough brains cells, to work alone on given projects. Don't expect any Free Items or T Gold-Coins for any of these positions. If you take your position serious, this is not something you should ask for. Every staff position has their own benefits. How to apply? Copy the following fields in the message Application must contain the following fields. Name: Age: Time Zone: Languages: Applying staff position: Years of Experience: Why we should recruit you for this staff position? Send this message to RappelzTournament@gmail.com or Click Here.
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    New Server Rules! By playing on this server you accept all the following rules. Be respectful towards other players and staff. Global Chat = English only. No cheating / exploiting / third party software such as automated bots or scripts. (Only multiclient allowed) No harassment / abusive language / discrimination. Promoting different private servers = Permanent Ban Player PK: Camping not allowed (PK player over and over again) Using feathers to enable PK in (PK disabled maps). Not following these rules may result into 1, 3, 7 Days or Permanent account Ban!

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An active and International high rate private server. Weekly maintenance, to improve the server according to the players needs. Experience our custom content and events. For over 10+ years of experience in MMORPG Development. Join the adventure and be part of our fast growing community. Get access to our advanced forums, stay up-to-date with the latest news and join our Discord channel and directly message the staff with reports, feedbacks or suggestions. Discord: Available on any Windows and Mobile devices!

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