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  1. - How To Do- Trainee Island: Boat Quest (for Money, dont spend it all!) Make your character 150. (If you are very lazy and unexperienced maybe 1 hour) With the money from the 'Boat Quest' craft yourself a +15/20 Armor, maybe +20 Weapon and make some Beltspets. For Beltpets this should be more then sufficent to reach the goal. Physical I: 4x s1 Hawk + 1x s3/4 Skeleton + Mephisto / Lunacy / SLK Physical II: 2x s0 Kenta + 1x s3 Stone Golem + 2x s3/s4 Skeleton + Mephisto / Lunacy / SLK Tame following pets. (This step is optional but will help you out.) Meele Soulpet with 'Harpy Relic' Unity Gnoll for 'Reflective Shield' and 'Murderous Intent' Buff Death Tyrant for Awakening Buff Maybe a Healpet ('Gracious Light' and 'Tissue Recovery') if you feel insecure. (With actuall Buffs not needed) Get +6 Skillcard for most important Skills on your character. Now go and do Witch Quest 1 and Witch Quest 2 and have 200 kkk. HF! - What To Do Now- Farming Old Equipment at Kaia Lake (150-165) (! Carfeul, Titans and Elite Monsters (200+) are there !) Farming Old Equipment at Boar Spot (170-185) With 160 you can go to Circus or do some runs in UG (Stage 1/2) If you dont feel comfortable with farming old equipment try "Gold Ingot Farming Map" With 165+ you might look into the dungeon "Remains of The Ancients" or "Dark Sanctuary" if you need to lvl up and cant find a party. I hope this can be of any kind of help, will annoy Exterminator until he put some tought into a solution.
  2. Staff Recruitment! (Open)

    Don't post your application here, there is a E-Mail you are supposed to send your application to, for privacy concerns, I guess.
  3. -General - Buffpet s0/s1/s2/s3/s4/s5 (Concept existed on Private Servers since Epic 7) Includes Player all Player Buffs (Except Heaven and Hell) Every Stage +2 lvls on Buffs (Like when Skillcards Add a LVL to it) Staging Process A: Example: Trade 2x s0 for 1x s1 with GM would be a very easy implementation, requires to interact with Players. Staging Process B: Either a General successrate of 100% or maybe a Soulcatalyst that can only be used for Buffpet with 100% successrate. Improve the sustainability of Petclases i.e. the Masterbreeder and Overlord. The Beast Master is a Petclass where Pets Support him, due to the actual conditions on the Server he doesnt require any improvement. MB and OL share the same issues since they support their pets which are their source of damage and sustain. Share Global Buffs and HV Buffs with Pets, especially HP recovery with Basic attacks. Add a Petbuff option at NPC where the p.attack, attackspeed and HP will be increased so Petclasses might be an option for lategame. Pet Staging Change the Pet Staging from s0 - s5 to s0 - s10. Increases from s5 - s10 (Suggestions) Stageskills and NON Stage skills gain extra +1 lvl. (+1 on s6, ... +5 on s10) Bonus on Base Stats (+100 on s6, ... +500 on s10) [Except Luck] Weapon / Armor Bonus (Creature Item Expert and Fighter Unit +2%, i.E. : +2% s6, ... , +10% s10) That would be at least a small portion of my ideas i have due to my experience on private Servers and their issues. Most of them are regarding Pet and Money Inflation and this time also the Petclass. I am aware of the fact not all classes will be Equal in Lategame due to their Nature given by the retail but at least we can try, right? Well i got more ideas like that but first i will see how the owner reacts and if there are any changes regarding to the Topics above to be seen in game.
  4. [Sneak peek]

    This would be an appropriate song to listen to while we are all waiting. YouTube.com/watch?v=VBlFHuCzPgY
  5. Preemptive Thoughts

    - Onto Pets It doenst matter how hard or easy it is to get pets, they will always yearn for an unreasonable amount. - Onto Skillcards Y/N .. it could be that you drop skillcardboxes that are for the Basic, 1st Jobclass, 2nd Jobclass and MC Class and so on. (If 4th Class is implemented) Or like it always was that you have to donate to the Altar to get Skillcards - This one will actually make ppl farm and decrease money Inflation. - Onto Entrance Fee Well .. we had the same negative feedback until People started to drop the items you could acquire in that dungeon. (I'll update my Topic) - Onto PK PK is part of Rappelz, nobody can deny that fact. Even me, who doenst like it, accepts it but there should be definitly some reasonable rules. 1. Rulebreak - Admonishment, 2. Rulebreak - 1 Week Time Ban, 3. Rulebreak Permanent Ban This rules apply per Person and not per Account. So the Staff can actually grab the Mail from an account and check if the IP used on Account A is the same as on Account B. If the person already got 2 admonishments and breaks the rules again he will get a Permaban. This even applied when he had 3 Accounts and on all of them he got an admonishment.
  6. [Sneak peek]

    As you can see above he actually got the funds to run the Server so i HOPE he doens't use the cashshop as a source of Money because it wouldnt differ from other Servers. He should encourage players to donate to keep the server running and to be able to focus on updates/fixes/custom made dungeons and/or items. How does it benefit you when you pay $20 - $50 and you get overpowered buffs and pets? Because most People repeat the same boring cycle the had on any other server they played. So Donate only if you love this Project and you want to keep this running .. not to see benefits ingame for you. - It is my personal opinion on this Topic - Sincerely, Wolfskin
  7. Attackspeedplateu

    The table above doens't take any selfbuff like "Hunters Impact" oder "Assassins Impact" into account. If you reach 677 with your attackspeed with a crossbow you will have roughly 32 attacks per 10 seconds. However keep in mind that everything above 30 attacks per 10 seconds cant be evaluated properly due to the nature of rappelz. The next Attackspeedplateu is somehwere 9xx+. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. - Pets Those who played on dedicated Servers know how the auction house looks like regarding Pets. There are cramped with those due to the doubled tamerate and the use of "tameing scrolls". To prevent such thing and make it a bit of a challange to get them you should remove those. Even so you should make T-Protect an expensive item so people can't buy them in a bulk collection. Most people will not like such a suggestion but dont judge beforehand, continue reading. - Skillcards Due to some reasons lately even i would suggest to have the NPC +5 skillcards on sale. If there are Skillcardboxes/Gift of Godess/Altar Skillcards that give you random from +1 to +10 it would also be a possible solution. The chance to get from +5 to +10 is 1/243 if everything goes well and we all know that won't be the case. However the reality show's something that evolves around 243/3200000 on retail. (Modified might be different. - Lategame Content I'm not sure if i am the only one but i got sick of it to play solo all the time. It's nice to do so in the early stages but in the lategame ... it's boring to be honest. Thats why i would suggest a dungeon which people are able to clear with at least 4 people, not slaves but 4 Players who deal damage. (else it wouldn't make sense). You can give the boss selfbuffs like Enrage/Gaia Force and Debuffs (Aoe) to counteract Players with Fear/Blind/Stun/Sleep. You can add some custom equipment, Weapons based on the Isle of God's Items and Armor on PW. Example: Cursed Gear can be acquired in this specific dungeon that got an 15% bonus enhancement. First you drop it and then you go to an NPC to awaken it, to see what bonuses/stats it got. It will cost you a little bit of money to do so but you can redo that process as often as you wish. When the desired stats/passives found you can enchance it, however that items will be time based and will be cursed after three weeks again. You have two options here, either you start reseting your gear again and hope you will get what you had as bonuses/stats or you buy "Holy Water" to lift the curse for another three weeks and use the item at it is. To uncurse your whole gear (Armor set + Weapon) (2h Weapon = 2x 1h Weapon) you will need to pay roughly 100kkk. People didn't like this concept but in the end we reduced the money inflation by a significant amount. - Money and Inflation As above already mentioned to get the players together and prolong the server's life we have to deal with another issue. A good way of that is to add to the dungeon above an entrancefee of 1kkk. when entering you will get a timebased ticket(not tradeable/dropable) with whom you can reenter within a hour if you have a disconnect. Every partymember has to pay for himself. Another Issue is the Pet pricing which is one of the most stupidest thing i've ever seen. I'll give you an example: To make a pet stage 5 it require's 28kkk, brainless tamers need 35kk. People will still shout out for 50kkk for sale and when you offer him 42kkk he still will refuse. They will say "50kkk or not", "Someone else will buy it then, i'll wait". My experience on selling: 4 Minotaurus s5 42kkk per Piece sold in 3 Weeks 1 Minotaurus s5 50kkk per Piece sold in 4 Weeks Fairy's Lock and GMFB should also be used to prevent inflation, so they shouldnt be either too cheap. It should be a game of skill not about "who got more GMFB" make them a bit of an expense/harder to get. - Prevent Idiotism - I know alot of you will react on this topic very negative and complain about it. But i dont care, why? Well its always the same with those people who only yearn for fastfoward and reach everything they need in 1-2 Weeks and then stay for another 2-3 Weeks, on average they play for 1 Month and then leave the server due to the fact there is nothing else to do except for PKing and trolling for them. If you desire such a thing, you have an option that evolves around PK (and P2W) and nothing else. Go and Play there. What should be a reasonable price for the Item's mentioned above can not be set atm. I will provide an estimate of cost if requested by the Admin. Except for the Pets, the cost estimate will be evaluated even without a request. Sincerly, Wolfksin
  9. What Do You Play For Now?

    Playing Press "F5" ATM since there is no given ETA^^ Also made a Timeplan what to do in the first 7 Days.
  10. New weapon names?

    1h Mace - Heavenly Smiter / Gnoll's Mace 2h Mace - Judgement of Sinners / Sand Lord Kynish's Club Phy. Shield - Heavenly Shield / Gnoll's Shield 1h Axe - Kratos Axe 2h Axe - Rage of Behemoth 1h Staff - Vulcanus Tooth / Naga's Staff 2h Staff - Corrupted Elderwood M. Shield - Cookie of Doom / Plate of Likirus / Naga's Shield Dagger - Djinn's Dagger 1h Sword - Muramasa / Kusangi 2h Sword - Betrayal's Sword Longbow - Harpy's Bow Crossbow - .. not sure about this one Well, it's not much but that's the result of putting some thought into it.
  11. Event suggestion?

    If you want to have a beneficial and structual Staff for your Project that will provide you with the creativity needed for such "Events" and/or other Topics regarding the Community, not only to lengthen the lifespan of this undertaking but to keep the people playing here motivated. Hire some/one who have the creativity not to copycat the content or ideas of other communities. Sincerely, Wolfskin
  12. How To Pick The Best Soul pets with pictures :) <3

    Hint: If there are more Skill's listed on a Level you have to chose which one will benefit you the most. The skillsets above are just suggestions and might be the best choice, use at your own risk.
  13. Welcome Wolfskin

    Hello WolfSkin, Welcome to RappelzTournament. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. WolfSkin joined on the 07/28/2017. View Member

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