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  • The Ares Update is Finnaly Live!
  • New Pets, Map, ranked Weapons, Final Awakening and many more to come!
  • Active Server Development and Roadmap!
  • Daily ÊXP | Drop - Server Buffs!
  • Stay loged in to receive Spin Tokens!
  • Spin and Win @ the Event NPC in Horizon town or Laksy Town for awesome random prices
  • Level Cap Increased to lv 230!
  • Player Reborn Increased to 30!
  • Custom content
  • Follow our social media pages!
  • Weekly Events!
  • Time : 10 PM (CEST)
  • Event Hoster
  • [GM]Exterminator
  • New Forums under development!
  • Join our Discord Chat/Teamspeak

Game Development / Roadmap Upcoming [Spoiler Alert!]




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Latest server News

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Upcoming spoilers 

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Marketplace discussions and more!

Under Development!

  • Mission WAR!
  • PVP Balancing
  • Altar of Blood
  • Monster skills
  • New Pets
  • Item Broker
  • The Infinity Stones Unlock Immense Powers!
  • New Maps Underworld, expanding existing map
  • Re-code existing scripts to add interesting stuff
  • Unique content
  • Hidden
  • Many more to come!


The Infinity Stones Unlock Immense Powers! (Under Development)

Infinity stones.png


Nations & Mission WAR! (Under Development)

Choice your Nation and Join The Weekly Mission War to represent your nation in one of the most grueling PvP battles in RappelzTournament!

Mission War Nations.png


Mission WAR! (Under Development)








Altar of Blood (Under Development)



New Map The Underground (Under Development)





New Pets (Under Development)



ITEMSHOP [EVENT!] Up to +30% T-Gold Coins on certain donations!

  • Get Some Bonus T-Gold Coins While You Can!


How to donate? 

Donation Method 1. [Paypal]

  1. Scan the following barcode with you mobile phone
  2. Click the banner or image to enter the paypal donation page.
  3. Donate for the amount of T-Gold coins you'll like to have.


  • 20 T-Gold Coins for $10  
  • 50 T-Gold Coins for $25  
  • 100 T-Gold Coins for $50  
  • 200 T-Gold Coins for $100  
  • 500 T-Gold Coins for $250 -/ US $200 = Save 20%
  • 1000 T-Gold Coins for $500 -/ US $350 = Save 30% 


  • Stage 5 Tier 2-5 Pet for $25 
  • Stage 5 T6 or Unique Pet for $50.00 
  • +12 Skill card Any Kind for $20 

Donation Method 2. [Paymentwall/MobilePay]

  1. Select payment method.
  2. Enter your Email address + Character Name and click proceed.
  3. Select the Item or amount of T-Gold Coins you want to donate for.
  4. Click Buy and Complete your payment.


RappelzTournament Excel sheet

  • Itemshop prices, stats and additional item info guides!


Excel sheet.jpg

Itemshop bundles?

  • Donate the total amount through the above method

After donating please send me details about which bundle you donated for and additional details related to the items you like to have.
For Example

  • Donated Amount:
  • Payment Email:
  • Active Character Name:
  • Donated for mention which items:
  • Bundle 1: Nusy Set & +25 Weapon [Name which Weapon]
  • Bundle 2: 6x +12 Skill Card [Name the S-Cards]

Contact us for your donation status 

Please be patient for a reply 

  • P.s There might be delay cause of different Time-Zones, i'll contact you within 24 hours.

Thank you in advance!


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