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  • The Artemis 9.6 Pet Update is Live!
  • New Pets, Monsters, Maps, Weapons, Armors, Wings and many more!
  • Active Server Buffs!
  • Join our screenshot contest!
  • Stay loged in to receive Spin Tokens!
  • Spin and Win @ the Event NPC in Horizon town for awesome random prices
  • Level Cap Increased to lv 220!
  • Custom content
  • High Rate Server
  • Follow our social media pages, chance to win awesome prizes!
  • Weekly Events!
  • Time : 10 PM (CEST)
  • Event Hoster
  • [GM]Exterminator
  • [GM]Pyrozen
  • New Forums under development!
  • Join our Discord Chat/Teamspeak

Game Development [Spoiler!]





Download our latest Game Client

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Under Development!

  • Mission WAR!
  • PVP Balancing
  • Altar of Blood
  • Monster skills
  • New Pets
  • Item Broker
  • The Infinity Stones Unlock Immense Powers!
  • New Maps Underworld, expanding existing map
  • Re-code existing scripts to add interesting stuff


The Infinity Stones Unlock Immense Powers! (Under Development)

Infinity stones.png


Nations & Mission WAR! (Under Development)

Choice your Nation and Join The Weekly Mission War to represent your nation in one of the most grueling PvP battles in RappelzTournament!

Mission War Nations.png


Mission WAR! (Under Development)








Altar of Blood (Under Development)



New Map The Underground (Under Development)





New Pets (Under Development)



Item Shop! 20% OFF

  • The New Hephaestus Update items are now available at the T-Coin NPC in Horizon!
  • Most exclusive items can be obtained through Gold Spins!
  • +25 Weapons, +25 Armors, Stage 3/5 Pets +12 Skill cards, Wings, Mounts Masks, Weapon Skins, Cloaks, T-Gold Coins and more!
  • Donate through our Item Shop to be rewarded in-game with virtual game currency or game items.
  • T-Gold coins can be spend at the T-coin trader in Horizon Town.

itemshop selection


How to donate? 

1: Select between normal payment or by mobile.
2: Enter your email and your character name and click proceed. 
3: Select one of the payment methods.
4: Select the Item or the amount of coins you like to buy.
5: Complete your payment.


For Donation status contact us through mail or by discord 



If you feel like supporting the development of RappelzTournament server, feel free to donate any amount!

  • Click the "Donate" button above to enter your donation/gratuity. Thanks in advance for your support! 


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    How to play on our awesome server? 

    • Download The Full Client click here
    • Right click the downloaded client, select extract all and select the location on your hard-drive (recommend in documents or desktop folder).
    • Create a Game Account Click here in order to login and play!
    • Start the Game by running the Multiclient Launcher.bat file and enjoy your stay! 
    • Don't forget to join our Discord Channel Click here directly chat with the staff and stay up-to-date with the latest news and upcoming patch/update (Spoilers) 


    Need help running the game?


      Account Recovery

      If you have lost your password, please send us a private message on the forums, discord or through email with he following details:


      • Name Characters: 
      • Last logged in date ~
      • Write down levels, any details that should speed up the process to restore your account.

      Please wait until we reply on your mail!

      The release of the Update might delay answering to mails and questions, we will get back to you asap!


      Current GM List

      [GM]Exterminator ( Server Admin )

      ( Never share account password with friends, Game Master will never ask for account passwords! )

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