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Project Exodus! ( Game Development )


Project Exodus! ( Game Development )




Dear RappelzTournament players,


I would like to announce a big project we currently working on.

Project Exodus includes the following:

  • Repacked client, with tons of stuff including new hunting maps, monsters, items and much more!
  • Game performance, prevent game crashes client bug fixes.
  • Editing npc decorations, fieldprops, layout.
  • New launcher, for auto client patching.
  • Server side bug fixes, recoding existing code, implementing new code.


This project is still in development not "live" yet! ^^

Stay tuned for more info!


Enjoy our ongoing Events

  • 2x Exp Event 
  • Server Buffs (Chaning weekly)
  • Easter Event


Login Event

  • Stay logged in to receive Spin Tokens and T-Silver coins every 2 hours!
  • Exchange spin tokens for random reward at the Event NPC in Horizon
  • Exchange T-Silver Coins for T-Gold coins to trade for Item Shop items.


Premium pass update

  • You can use the pass without having to go to the npc, the pass will stay in your inventory for 7 days, you get 2x increased duration compared to npc buffs + additional Buffs: 5 Dungeon Crystal buffs:Crystal of Attack,Nirvana,High Speed,Crystal of Luck,20% Crystal of Experience,Energy of Fire,Energy of Wind,Energy of Water,Energy of Gold lv5,20% Heaven's Blessing and altered stones buffs.


Dual Pet buffer

  • We recently added a dual pet buff option available at the Left Arch Angel in Horizon!



Donate for T-Gold Coins:

  • +25 Weapons, +25 Armors, Stage 3/5 Pets +10 Skill cards, Wings, Masks,
  • Weapon Skins, Accessories, Cloaks, T-Gold Coins and more!

How to donate?


  1.  Enter your email, character name and click proceed.
  2.  Select Mobilepay or Paymentwall donation method.
  3.  Follow the instructions and complete the payment.

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