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  • The Artemis 9.6 Pet Update is Live!
  • New Pets, Monsters, Maps, Weapons, Armors, Wings and many more!
  • Active Server Buffs!
  • Join our screenshot contest!
  • Stay loged in to receive Spin Tokens!
  • Spin and Win @ the Event NPC in Horizon town for awesome random prices
  • Level Cap Increased to lv 220!
  • Custom content
  • High Rate Server
  • Follow our social media pages, chance to win awesome prizes!
  • Weekly Events!
  • Time : 10 PM (CEST)
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The Exodus Update


The Exodus Update! 


The Long awaited The Exodus update is finally here!


1: Download The Exodus Full Client (Including all patches) --Coming Soon

  • To enjoy the new content you must download the new client
  • Game settings are set to custom and low resolution: 1024x768 ( feel free to edit this on Client launch )


2: Register Game Account

  • You must register a game account in order to play the server ( Forums account is separate, you can't login with this account )


    3: Discord Link to Join

    • GM Events Time : 10 PM (CEST)
    • Join our discord so you won't miss any!


    Kicking off with Events!

    • 3X EXP 
    • Server Buffs
    • Login Event
    • In-game screenshot (Weekly Event)
    • Youtube video contest (Monthly Event)
    • Halloween Event! until 19th November
    • Social Media Like & Share/Repost chance to win T-Gold Coins!


    Post your in-game screenshots! [Weekly Event]

    November 2019: Winners will be announced and selected at the end of the week here.

    • 1st Week: +12 Skill card!
    • 2nd Week: +25 Red/Blue Dragon's Armor part
    • 3rd Week: Pet Fury Ring!
    • 4th Week: +25 Weapon


    Youtube video contest (Monthly Event)

    Your video must be at least 5 Minutes and be posted on YouTube.

    Everyone who enters will receive 20 T-Coins just for submitting a video!

    The top 3 videos will win one of the following prizes:

    1. +25 Red/Blue Dragon's Armor Part
    2. +25 Weapon of choice
    3. Pet Fury Ring!

    After you have posted the video on youtube,  make sure to post a link at the video contest topic here.

    • Winners will be selected in the 1st week of every month!


    Player Achievements:

    First Top 3 players achieving level 220 

    • Win Full Red or Blue Dragon's Armor set!


    First player with the Guardian Armor Set!

    • Win +25 Weapon of Choice

    New Referral System!


    How to obtain referral points?

    • In order to obtain referral points, you have to Invite people to join our server, all they have to do is write down your forums name in the referral field at the forum sign up page and you will be receiving 1 referral point!
    • At the end of the month, Top Referral players will be rewarded with T-Gold Coins, Referral Tokens and a Referral Pass for exclusive Items and buffs in-game! 
    • Start inviting your friends, family members, social media friends, cousins, uncles, grandma and your don't forget your parents! they might like playing RappelzTournament you never know ;) 

    Every month's top 3 referral! 

    (Referral ranking is available at the forums)

    • 1st Place: Win 200 T-Gold Coins
    • 2nd Place: Win 100 T-Gold Coins
    • 3rd Place:  Wing 50 T-Gold Coins

    Referral Points collected during 1 full month (Will be rewarded the 1st week in the next Month ) 

    On Top of the rewards for inviting players to our server:

    • Monthly Top referrals will be selected and invited into our GM Test Party!
    • Be the first to see and taste the new content before anyone els!


      Referral Token

      • Chance to obtain Account Bound Yakros,Kainen,Kraken, New Zoro's Mask or Tradeable +25 Masterwork Items!
      • Exclusive New Guardian (Unique) Armor parts (Account Bound)! 

      Referral Token item.png

      The Referral Pass

      • The Referral tokens can also be exchanged in-game for a Referral Pass 
      • The Referral pass, give the players higher level buffs compared to NPC and some exclusive buffs.

      Referral Pass item.png



            New Level Up Reward Boxes

            • To help you during your adventure, you will be obtaining Reward boxes on achieving certain level up to level 220! 
            • The Reward Box may contain the following items: Weapons, Armors, consumable, accessories and many more!
            • The higher the level your char gets, the greater the rewards!




            GM Event Winners Gold Reward Box!

            • Participate in the GM events, you might win a Golden Event Chest.
            • Event Winners will be receiving a Event Chest that contains awesome items such as Item Shop (Account Bound) items or even trade-able +25 ITEMS! so make sure you don't miss and join the GM Events!

            Golden Even Chest.png


            New Players start with a brand New Lotus wing 30 Days Duration!


            (Item Preview)




            Halloween Event!

            • Hunt down Halloween Monsters for event items:
            • Clay Keys,T/Wcoin coupons,Ancient Magic scroll,Gold & Silver Ingots and new items!


            Halloween mob.jpg




                Welcome to the New Upgraded Horizon Town!












                Patch Notes:

                Added new custom props and decoration all around Horizon and fields such as warpgates, pillars, altars field decoration and much more. 

                ( Must use The Exodus Client to see the changes! )

                • Field Bosses, Titans, World Bosses changed drop system, from directly inserting in inventory to field drops, chance to drop random amountof items including T-Gold Coins, enable obtained loot in the chat settings.
                • Added Ursa,Vulcanus and Custom Goddes altar to Horizon
                • Goddes Altar options added such as Warehouse, Auction and altar 
                • New GM Events
                • Edit Monster level up to level 240
                • New and existing monster size/scale adjusted 
                • New Npc options
                • New Level up Reward Boxes
                • Edit Auto notice message to prevent wall of text...
                • Edit Monster attacking range Phy and Magic type
                • Edit Casting range on certain props 
                • Mining/inspecting props to obtain random mats/items.
                • Reduced the amount of deco drops from Reward Pixies
                • All at once seller bug solved
                • Edit certain dura items to no dura
                • Slightly increased Taming Rates
                • Slightly increased Pet Staging Rates
                • Added more Wcoins NPC Exchange option 5x/50x/500x
                • Certain monsters switched from friendly to aggressive mode, attacking nearby players.
                • Edited existing and new monster names
                • New and existing monster grade rank updated to unique 
                • Certain monsters/bosses movement/invisible/attacking bug solved
                • Created monsters with increased overall stats for upcoming maps 
                • Solved invisible dungeon floors
                • Teleport client crash bug solved
                • Removed/replaced buged monsters from server
                • Solved warp portals bug
                • Solved weapon bug showing as grey
                • Solved bug showing monster as grey
                • Edited existing client file types, to increase game load performance
                • Removed buged not showing skills on existing pets
                • Adjusted existing and new items status sellable/dropable/tradeable/storeable/account bound etc
                • Replaced Traine island npc wings
                • Added custom ingame billboards
                • Added custom names title colours to new and existing items such as weapons, armors, consumables
                • Solved monster drop bug and not receiving any items from consumable chests
                • Solved Reward Pixies drops
                • Added additional drops added to bosses
                • Certain weapons are only obtainable through monster hunting
                • Monster souls added to drops
                • Solved Arena bug
                • Solved Deathmatch bug
                • Name/Description edit
                • Items, NPC, Serverside Fieldprops, monsters and more
                • Custom item icons
                • Edit existing item icons
                • NPC's decoration update added new items such as weapons, wings 
                • Added more exchange awakening stone options
                • Changed drops on certain existing monsters
                • Removed Forbiden or forgotten Land (Replaced with new maps)
                • Pandora & Hyberion Golem replaced to Tower of Time
                • Second Angel NPC in horizon replaced Death Tyrant (Renamed Pet Trader)
                • Horizon Guardian mov speed adjusted (horizon town)
                • Map,item loading performance ( Reduce game lag )
                • Attacking character motion solved ( Char visibility on attack )
                • Solved skill effects, states
                • Solved map bugs that causes char DC & client crashes
                • Motions fix on certain monsters
                • Hector changed from rare/special to Unique
                • Rondo town include most custom NPC ( As requested to prevent major lag in horizon for people with low network speed)
                • Sealling scrolls accessories are now tradeable
                • Solved missing weapon glow bug on +20 +21 +22 +23 +24 and +25, and wings aura effect on weapons Circus, Blue-eyed! Enable through settings
                • New Equips able to undefine though Philosopher scrolls
                • Mini map update for existing and new maps
                • Premium Pass item icon update
                • Solved and replaced existing purified pieces not useable, edit effect 30 min dura to 2 hours duration ( Player inventory & monster Drops )
                • Added teleport npc's to certain new map locations
                • New skinns to new and existing monsters
                • Taming soul pets issue solved 
                • Reorganized NPC's
                • Added custom item names, title colours
                • New Monsters Edit overall stats, Drops and Exp 
                • Optimized npc, script codes
                • Weapons, monsters, maps duplicate bugs solved
                • Solved gameserver errors
                • Replaced login image
                • Edit client startup button links
                • Edit Login client text
                • Client crash on opening world map solved
                • Map not showing mini map solved
                • Most Client issues solved
                • Removed snow fields
                • Updated ranking list ( Reborn Count )
                • Character selection screen reverted back to orginal state 
                • Added additional trade options 10.000 bronze to silver
                • Created different type items dura, permanent, bound Items obtainable by referral points, events, donation, drops etc
                • The following items are now stackable Pixies Reward Arena Decorations, Boss Cards, Pet Potions 


                New Warpgates

                You can find the following new portals in Horizon (Must use The Exodus Client to see the changes!)

                • Stargate warpgate warps you to World Styx 
                • Warp Gate (warps you to the Layer Dungeon)
                • Dimensional Gate (Horizon Lake currently as deco)
                • Portal to the Underground (Under Development)
                • Altar of Blood (Under Development)
                • Guild Halls (Under Development)
                • PVP Arena (Under Development)


                Forums update

                • Redesigned the Forums showing all past patch notes in a quick overview.
                • Increased forums overal performance
                • New favicon update
                • Top Banner Exodus Patch 
                • Referral Ranking available
                • Changed Paypal donate method
                • Quick links, to get you started right away!
                • Server Time in CEST
                • Updated Game Development Plan ( What we're working on! )
                • Updated existed patch/client topics with The Exodus Update!


                GM NPC

                • Edit GM undefined all items at once option
                • Added GM Buffs: To protect us from aggressive players 🤬  Lolz
                • New options to hold events
                • Testing maps
                • Item spawn options for testing purpose


                    Teleporter update

                    • Added Deathmath(Free) warp option Event NPC
                    • Tower of Time
                    • Different maps are accessible through warpgates around Horizon Town (Must use The Exodus Client!)


                    Event NPC Update

                    • Fury's Pet Ring Upgrade option
                    • Referral Token exchange option
                    • Spin & Win NPC Update ( Receive Spin Tokens every 2 hours and T-Silver Coins! )


                        New Wings

                        • Fiery Wing (Rare) 
                        • Overlord's Wing (Rare) 
                        • Red Dragon's Wing (Rare) 
                        • Blue Dragon's Wing (Rare) 
                        • Steampunk Wing
                        • Lotus Wing
                        • Emerald Wing


                          Fury's Pet Ring

                          • Exclusive Pet ring only equip-able by pets, you can upgrade the Ring S1 + Monster souls at the NPC in Horizon.

                          Fury's Pet Ring.png


                            T-Coin Trader Update!

                            New Items added to the NPC

                            Added additional T-Coin Trade NPC called Spin & Win Trader in Horizon. (Only visible with the new client )

                            • +25 Lv 20 New Weapons!
                            • +25 Blue & Red Dragon's Armor Set
                            • Fury's Pet Ring S1
                            • New Wings: Lotus, Steampunk, Emerald, Blue/Red Dragon's Wings (Rare) , Fiery Wings (Rare)  and Overlord's Wings (Rare) !
                            • Zoro's Mask


                            Additional Premium passes

                            • 7 Days 10 T-Gold Coins
                            • 30 Days 25 T-Gold Coins
                            • 90 Days 50 T-Gold Coins


                            Gold Spin token

                            Trade 100 T-Gold Coins for a Golden Spin & Win 


                            Chance to obtain 

                            • +25 Lv 20 Blacksmith handcrafted weapons!
                            • Red & Blue Dragon's (Rare)  and Emerald Wings
                            • Fury's Pet Ring S1
                            • Zoro's Mask
                            • Chance to obtain exclusive: Fiery Wings (Rare), Overlord's Wings (Rare), Guardian (Unique) Armor Set!


                            Gold Spin Token.png


                            If you have white dot items in your inventory or empty strings...

                            ( You must download and use our latest The Exodus Client! )


                            New Maps

                            • The Underground
                            • Tower of Time
                            • World of Styx


                            The Mystery Chest

                            • Boss drops
                            • Chance to obtain New Weapons ( Item stats & Preview scroll below )
                            • Ice Soul,Nature Soul,Dark Soul,Fire Soul,Earth Soul,Sealed Souls obtained through new monsters, world and event bosses.

                            The Mystery Box.png

                            Monster Souls:

                            Chance to obtain monster souls, the souls can be exchanged to upgrade existing items or trade them for consumables.



                            Layer Dungeon:

                            • Hell spawns, so many mobs you will get frightened!
                            • Time to get the Party started for brand new loots and tons for EXP!
                            • Slay bosses hidden inside the dungeon to unlock the next stage, the higher the stage level the stronger the monsters





                              Tower of Time:

                              • The most vicious New Hell's Gate World Bosses will be spawned in this challenging Tower of Time!
                              • Teleport available through Horizon




                              World of Styx

                              • Dark illusion monsters
                              • New Bosses
                              • End Boss Spawn-able every 5 Hours! ( Drops like world boss chance T-Gold Coin )















                              Under Development!

                              • Mission WAR!
                              • Altar of Blood
                              • Monster skills
                              • New Pets
                              • Item Broker
                              • New NPC functionality
                              • Reborn trades ( Account Bound items )
                              • The Infinity Stones Unlock Immense Powers!
                              • New Maps Underworld, expanding existing map
                              • Re-code existing scripts to add interesting stuff
                              • Referral ranking titles, achievements!



                              If you feel like supporting the development of RappelzTournament server feel free to donate any amount!

                              • Click the "Donate" button above to enter your donation/gratuity. Thanks in advance for your support! 

                              Donating a fixed amount every month:

                              • Players who support us monthly will be selected and invited into our GM's Test Party!
                              • Be the first to see and taste the new content before anyone els!


                              Top Referrals!

                              • In order to obtain referral points, you have to Invite people to join our server, all they have to do is write down your forums name in the referral field at the forum sign up page and you will be receiving 1 referral point!

                              Monthly Top referrals will be invited into our GM Test Party!

                              • Be the first to see and taste the new content before anyone els!


                              Reborn Trade options:  (Under Development)

                              • Exchange your reborn token for Account Bound items!


                              The Infinity Stones Unlock Immense Powers! (Under Development)

                              Infinity stones.png


                              Nations & Mission WAR! (Under Development)

                              Choice your Nation and Join The Weekly Mission War to represent your nation in one of the most grueling PvP battles in RappelzTournament!

                              Mission War Nations.png


                              Mission WAR! (Under Development)








                              Altar of Blood (Under Development)



                              New Map The Underground (Under Development)





                              New Pets (Under Development)



                              Known Bugs:

                              • New soul stones not showing icons ( Adding correct stats)
                              • Negative stats in char display, doesn't effect damage ( Visual client bug )
                              • Blue-Eyed shield not showing enchantment ( Does give correct values in char tab )
                              • Certain monsters not tameable such as Hector,snowman, pw humans
                              • Reborn count doesn't get updated right away on the ranking page
                              • Ship small part of the mini map is missing 
                              • New Weapons no glow ( Sframe hard coded possible future )  
                              • Certain props are not working yet ( Future update )

                              Brand New Items available now!

                              Emerald Wings

                              • +10% All stats Intense Aura + 3 Slots


                              (Item Preview)



                              Lotus Wings

                              • +10% All stats Intense Aura + 3 Slots


                              (Item Preview)



                              Steampunk Wings

                              • +10% All stats Intense Aura + 3 Slots


                              (Item Preview)



                              Red & Blue Dragon's Wings! (Rare) 

                              • +15% All stats Intense Aura + 4 Slots


                              (Item Preview)


                              (Item Preview)

                              Red Dragon.jpg


                              Fiery Wings (Rare) 

                              • +15% All Stats Intense Aura +4 Slots!


                              (Item Preview)


                              Overlord's Wing: (Rare)

                              • +15% All Stats Intense Aura +4 Slots!


                              (Item Preview)


                              (Item Preview)



                              Brand new Weapons!

                              Hell's Glare Sword (1h Sword)


                              (Item Preview)

                              Hell's Glare sword.jpg


                              Kirito's Sword (1h Sword)



                              Zoro's Mask

                              • +2% All stats +20 Crit Power

                              zoro mask.png

                              Zoro's Mask & Kirito's swords set (preview)



                              Darkness-Eyed (1h Sword) 


                              (Item Preview)



                              Zabuza's Sword (2h Sword)


                              (Item Preview)


                              Smeagol's (Bow)


                              (Item Preview)



                               Red & Blue Dragon's Armor parts!



                              Blue Dragon Armor Set (Item Preview)



                                Guardian Helmet (Unique)



                                Guardian Armor (Unique)



                                Guardian Gloves (Unique)


                                Guardian Boots (Unique)



                                Guardian Armor Set (Unique) (Item Preview)

                                Guardian armor set.png


                                Templar (Shield)


                                (Item Preview)

                                shield drop.jpg


                                Thor's Hammer (1h Mace)


                                (Item Preview)

                                1h mace drop.jpg


                                Backboard (2h Axe)


                                (Item Preview)

                                2h axe 2.jpg


                                Butcher (1h Dagger)


                                (Item Preview)

                                1h dirk drop.jpg


                                Captain Rappelz (Shield)



















                                captain rappelz drop.jpg

                                2h axe drop.jpg

                                staff drop.jpg

                                magic shield drop.jpg

                                1h staff drop.jpg

                                bow drop.jpg

                                2h sword drop.jpg

                                1h axe drop.jpg

                                crossbow drop.jpg

                                2h mace drop.jpg

                                spear drop.jpg

                                1h sword drop.jpg

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