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  4. moode256

    Shower Of Blood

    Shower of Blood
  5. Alshammy

    blackpanther (1).jpg

  6. Alshammy

    blackpanther (1).jpg

  7. Alshammy

    blackpanther (1).jpg

    @admin admin can you approve this thank you
  8. Alshammy

    blackpanther (1).jpg

  9. Pray for COVID. by Mercurio

    © Mercurio

  10. mightypula


    OjoWhiteWiz of Eternals, Long Live The King!
  11. i kept dc while playing after i started playing this rappelz in this server...what is wrong with this game???

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    2. Inspira


      i did...but lemme try equip with another weapon in case

    3. Inspira


      stil dced zzZZZZzzzzzzzz

    4. Exterminator


      Try the dc solutions on discord channel:

      Don’t forget to join our discord channel:
  12. hey I cant log in. It says ID or password is wrong. but they are okey...


  13. hey need help 


    i cant find my ID to my Game Account ive made a new yesterday but i like to play my old character

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    2. BenglBeatz


      New Account: BengL

      New Game Account: VegasChino

      New Character: BengLBeatZ

    3. Exterminator


      Hi there,

      I've found your old accounts:





      Please use the same password you use for: VegasChino to acces your old accounts listed above.

      Welcome back and enjoy your stay!

    4. BenglBeatz


      thx so much my old account is back 

  14. Hello, I created an account and I am trying to login to the game but after entering the correct login and password it still pops up that the wrong password or login so I created a second account and it's the same, what should I do about it? Please help.

    1. Exterminator


      Please register your game account here:


  15. Sheyk


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