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A free to play open world MMORPG on PC that combines pet taming, leveling and action combat system.
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Many different classes to choose from, multiple ways to build your character and pets with tons of unique custom items!
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We strive to improve the gaming experience for our newly joined members and existing players with end game content releases.
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As you continue your journey, you’ll unlock more skills, pets, reborn system, and other rich features that bring the world alive.
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Whether you want to skim along the surface or dive deep into character, pet builds or grind and farm you way towards end game content is up to you.
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  • The Ares Update is Finnaly Live!
  • New Pets, Map, ranked Weapons, Final Awakening and many more to come!
  • Active Server Development and Roadmap!
  • Daily ÊXP | Drop - Server Buffs!
  • Stay loged in to receive Spin Tokens!
  • Spin and Win @ the Event NPC in Horizon town or Laksy Town for awesome random prices
  • Level Cap Increased to lv 230!
  • Player Reborn Increased to 30!
  • Custom content
  • Follow our social media pages!
  • Weekly Events!
  • Time : 10 PM (CEST)
  • Event Hoster
  • [GM]Exterminator
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      4th Week: 2x EXP [Event!]
      2x DROP WEEKEND!

      🌋Vulcanus Update is live!
      Upcoming Epic 9.8 Pure White Weapons!

      NEW! Ares Final Awakening is live!

      Permanent Server Buffs
      Login Event
      [Daily] EXP & DROP BUFFS
      [Daily] 1-2 Hourly Powerful Server Buffs
      Online Spin Tokens Every 1 Hour!

      Actively hunting monsters in custom maps Lv 150++ will be rewarded!
      Treasure Koala, Event Chest, EXP Pixies, Hector Boss might spawn nearby for a limited time>br> New!! The Power of The Gods!
      During your adventure on hunting monsters around the world, your character will obtain one of Blessings for a limited time!

      GM Event: Thursday Server Time: 22:00 CET

    Our Picks

    Top content from across the community, hand-picked by us.

    Patch Notes 5.6 (New Items)
    Artifact of Attack M.atk reverted back to 400%.
    Reuploading Full Client & Manual patch, with the latest update.
    Changing host from US to europe, to solve game lags.
    Setting up ddos protection, to mitigate the impact of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.
    Mobile verification is required in order to chat in our discord channel (To keep the bad guys out :) )

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    Patch Notes 5.7 (Enchanting & Staging)
    Time for +25 Weapons and Stage 5 Pets!

    4th Week: June 5th - 12th
    Increased succesfull Enchantment & Pet Staging!

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    Patch Notes 4.9 (Announcement)
    Dear RappelzTournament players,

    As part of the community, we ask you to offer help to our new joining players and answer their questions or guide them through discord or FAQ forums page, this has a great impact on them, to make them feel welcomed, and take the adventure to learn more about the server. It's something we all should do more. Ignoring these players wil make them check the server like 20/100% and leave, without knowing that there is much more to find out in our server.

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    Patch Notes 5.0
    Upcoming Development Roadmap/Plan.

    To find out what is coming next in RappelzTournament, we will be posting a list of upcoming and future plans for this server.
    Only major project wil be listed at the roadmap, small patches to solve bugs and changes, wil be in our weekly/biweekly patches.
    To give you an idea, like adding customized new pets, expanding and unlockable skill trees, balancing classes, redesigning deathmatch/battle arena and much more.

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    Patch Notes 5.1
    End of 2x Exp Event
    End of additional Server Buffs
    World Boss Rabbit disabled
    Arena Boss Rabbit replaced with Oforia Boss
    The Island of the Forgotten Gods, rabbits replaced with Angels and Water Elementals

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    Patch Notes 5.2 (Ursa Cavern)
    Horizon return pass: reduced cooltime 15 min = 5 min
    Training Scarecrows HPx 100
    Trainee Island map fully disabled PK
    Decreased chance to drop silver invar/amalgam from titans
    Decreased chance to drop silver from Arena bosses
    Monsters total defence decreased, to make melee classes hit more on world bosses, titans etc.

    Ursa Cavern update

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    Patch Notes 5.3 (Login & Exp Event)
    Login Event until May 3th!

    Receive free items for staying loged in every 1 hour!
    72% M.Atk & P.Atk Server buff!

    Exp Event until May 15th

    Party Exp Increased up to 8 players!
    Level difference penalty changed 15 to 60 Levels!
    2x Exp Server Rates

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    Patch Notes 4.6 (Dragon Weapons/Mask)
    Added Dragon Weapons & Mask (Same stats like Dark Deco Weapons & Nusylite's Mask)
    Essence of Invulnerability (cooltime reduced compard to immortality)
    Arena Soul of Lunacy reduced chance to fear 20% = 10%

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    Patch Notes 4.7 (Events)
    Rules: PVP Event with the 2nd job only (no masterclass allowed)

    1st Place 30 T-Gold Coins,
    2nd Place 20 T-Gold Coins
    3rd Place 10 T-Gold Coins

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    Patch Notes 4.8 (Easter Event & Skills Update!)
    The Island of the Forgotten Gods monsters replaced with 3 different types of Rabbits.

    Teleporter Easter Map Event.
    Droping the following items:

    Non dura/Silver/Gold ingots
    Purified Pieces
    Easter Eggs HP/MP & Buff a low chance to drop Buff Eggs!

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    Patch Notes 4.5 (Spoiler Alert)
    Vulcanus dagger drop removed
    Missing wing added to the market: Fallen Angel's wings
    Templar Holy Ground skill solved
    Green mana stones monster spawning Blessed Soul Pixies: Drops deco gear, items and Exp! Solved
    Solved visibility of the following items, level 170 Shield/Magic and nusylite's boots.

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    Patch Notes 4.3 (Valentine & Skill Changes)
    Removed Snow...
    Teleporting to rondo changed coordinates
    Rondo Guild official Resha Npc replaced to correct coordinates (Was inside buged building)
    Remove char buffs npc bug (Solved)
    Reborn buff added Heaven and Hell 20%!
    Reordered Npc's
    Vulcanus dungeon party mode disabled
    Allsellers Npc excluded custom items... to prevent them from being sold.
    Backend Npc's coding to reduce game lag.
    Removed on login message
    Auto Notice message edit
    Cube dungeon entrance level 195 changed to level 190+
    Disable Christmas Npc
    Quivers added to starter pack

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    Patch Notes 4.4
    Npc text edit.
    Vulcanus decreased Hp -50%
    Blessed soul pixies drops reworked
    Templars provocation toggle Hate aura increased by 100x
    Holy Ground reverted back to 30 sec
    Corruptor Fear trap cooltime increased by 10/15 sec

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    Patch Notes 4.0 (Reborn System)
    New Reborn system:

    Achieving level 200, you have an option to reset your character back to level 1.
    Reborning a character, gives you the following item:
    1xreborn crownReborn Crown.
    1xtokenReborn Token.
    There is no limit on how many reborns.
    This item is character bind to prove that you have rebirthed the character!
    Reborning wil benefits from obtaining exclusive items such as new wings & accessories.
    Our future patches wil make the Reborn System more advanced, to unlock additional skills and more... So stay tuned!

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    Patch Notes 4.1 (Auction Broker)
    Auction Broker (solved)

    Items bought from auction becoming undefined and losing their awakening when reloged (solved)
    Text npc strings edit.
    Reorder npc categories
    Stage 0 Pets Increased stats +30%
    Buying confirmation added to most items sold from custom npcs

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    Patch Notes 4.2 (Rework Cube & Vulcanus Dungeon)
    Buff & Exp Event Extended until 6th February!

    Drop Event started!

    Mercenary Divine Flash increased cooltime (prevent perm blind)
    Party entry added to Vulcanus dungeon
    Cube dungeon removed required party message.
    Increased Tomb of Behemoth Elite souls drops Mystery arena boxes.
    +21 Weapon/Armor food items added to Elite Soul trader
    Vulcanus & Butkadah Boss removed from fields

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    Patch Notes 3.9
    Announce notice message removed from opening Tier 6 pet boxes
    Pk mode enabled on most of the maps excluding Towns / The Tomb of behemoth

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    Patch Notes 3.7 (Weekend Event!)
    To make your weekend complete: Our Server Rates will be increased! So be sure you won't miss it!

    Exp Rate 3x
    Creature Staging
    Item enchantment

    Pet PVP dmg increased

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    Patch Notes 3.8
    Event NPC christmas decoration replaced with darkcaster/wings.
    Added to event npc - Trade wcoins for Armor Awakening stones.
    Premium pass Use on click (Without selecting char)
    Tomb of behemoth Elite monsters chance to receive Glove Awakening stone
    Arena bosses chance to receive Boots or Helm awakening stone
    Titan world bosses receive Armor awakening stone on kill
    Edited npc text descriptions
    TGM char protection buff enabled
    Remove beast disquise buff options added to ArchAngel

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    Patch Notes 3.4
    Improved Awakening stone stats!
    Reindeer decoration creatures added in Horizon Town
    Enabled Christmas town decoration.
    Nusylite's Mask Upgraded: 2% all stats +20 Crit Power

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    Patch Notes 3.5 (Christmas Presents)
    Christmas Event
    Snowmans & Reindeers

    Increased chance to drop items.
    Wcoins max drops increased.
    Hp/Atk/Def Decreased
    Christmas presents added to Event NPC

    Trade Gift coupons for presents!

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    Patch 3.6 (Login Event)
    Godly protection world buff lowered
    Boss Event teleporter added.
    Event monster wave added to Boss Event.

    GM Event NPC

    Added event monster spawner in horizon.

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    Patch Notes 3.0 (Thanksgiving Event)
    Tomb of Behemoth Jp gain increased x2 !
    Emmanuel Raymond boat quest Hp decreased
    Honey Bread/Water can be used while standing..

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    Patch Notes 3.1
    Evasion stats fix.
    Lv 1-195 Monster P/M Accuracy decreased.
    Mithril Quiver Price enchant bug.
    Gender change potion.

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    Patch Notes 3.2 (Snowtime)
    Patch Notes 3.2 (Snowtime)
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