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  1. Some Song for Playing (EDM, Trap, etc.)

    Few german Rap: 1. 2. 3. 4. Let me know if u need more from this btw got france rap and other music ideas to like rock/trap/dubstep whatever is needed ;D
  2. Swing.jpg

    ty, it was alot of work to get the perfect move into a screen , but it should look as simple as possible.
  3. The Buff Bosses

    Hey there, my suggestion today is about buffs ok i know u did alot of work to increase every buff to 1 hour + and thats realy nice ! ty for that, its very usefull ! now you all asking why new buffs or change them.. there is my suggestion and its just an idea i have for a better game experience.. ok lets go... there could be 3 bosses i would like to call them the deva = gives every deva buff thats possible ingame, the asura = gives every possible asura buff and the gaia that gives every possible gaia buff. the buffs are at max lvl (bear skin belt,dt buff and max skill card) and same duration we have atm. maybe the pets have changed buffs like windweapon (normal 12-13% atk.speed/cast.speed) now 20% the huna buffs gives +60 deva blessings +400, insight +210, etc.. how to get these pets? in my opinion they should be rar, very rare so damn rare that everyone realy want it. there could be a event every week or at the weekend, where one of these bosses arrive at city ruins for 4-6hr, now everyone is able to tame these pets with unique soul taming cards. they are bosses, no easy killing solo, a party is needed to kill it. maybe there is another big boss to kill fot the taming cards. the buff bosses could drop usefull things too (t-pro/s-protect, special accsesorys (tell us in komments what drops u like ) the cd of the pets should be at instant respawn, maybe 2 min because its a limited time they are here in 1 week. maybe fridays the deva visit the server saturday the gaia visit us and at sunday the asura or every weekend anoter idk its your desicion. the big boss we have to kill for the taming cards (if u want it this way) is a event boss too, 1x every week but drop the tame cards (each kind) 5-8 times and gives nice exp too.its just an idea idk if this is possible for you exter, if anyone have a suggestion about this feel free to tell us
  4. Dungeon.jpg

    Do u know what Dungeon it is ?
  5. Patch Notes 1.9 (Item Shop)

    nice ty exter, but many asked about the buff duration ? its annoying to buff every 30mins in a dp, the time of buffs should be 1hr and 10min. min
  6. Better gaming experience

    in my opinion it would realy help alot to a the buffs u get from buffslaves to the npc i think its ok to add the buffs at max lvl whitout cards and dt awakening and pets should get them too and it would help everyone to increase the duration of the buffs to 1hr or 1,5 because u cant even use 1x stamina whitout rebuffing thats so damn annoying after we can do dps together. i think altread peaces would help too i like them because they give % not +×× its better for pvp balance because u can have diffrent stats and push them more with the %tage its my opinion. idk the +3 at skills helmet but it sounds usefull for everyone so +1 to that, and i got a other suggestion about cubing gear.. its soooo frustrated after farming hours to get gp and cash for cubing the eq to +25 but u get so many fails at +22/23 and to get +24 is very hard ! i my opinion it should be easyier to cube the gear to +25 because its a private server. and for the skill cards we need the card protect. back to the buffs.. i think we need a reason to farm for because there are not many ppl farming because of quests and jp trade but thats ok i like it realy maybe u could add some special drops like some bufffragments to kombinate them to get the buffs we told about above. there could drop t-pro wit low rate/skillcard protect, almagan,invar, summon scrolls maybe deco sets with empty slots for tds but only avalable with farming and timed... what else do u like could drop only by farming. next thing is the pvp in my opinion rappelz is a game with pvp function and it should be used there should be a open area pk allowed bit u can add farm areas where pk is not allowed or the tameplaces and you should add pk rules too like not pking 1 person 3 or more times in a row and give them time to answer or move away it would help the game experience too thats my opinion. And in the new dungeon there should be something dropable too maybe a special box and u need 6 of them to get another special item like deco,buff something, usefull things like +20 food gear.
  7. LvL Guide 2-150

    ty for kompleting
  8. LvL Guide 2-150

    Cheers everyone, here is a guide from my side in my opinion and the best way i lvled up from lvl 2 -150 and 160+ my first char was an corruptor i stared and trainee island and did some quests to get the quest rewards after a few quest i got lvl 20 (range2 gear) from the npc in horizon and bring them to +15 lvl 10 and awakening + shards now u can deal some dmg for this range now u need to buy ss and growth get some buffs maybe ask some1 with buffslaves, teleport to moon kill a monster outside to get lvl up now u can hit the monesters inside too u can reach lvl 50 with 3-4 mobs now u can buy got alot of empty t2 cards go tame the first usefull pets for belt! acc,m.acc, deff,atk, m.atk , etc. btw u can get a r2 belt from hector id remember exactly but i think its about the accsessory sets. if u want u can get your r5 gear (lvl100) cube it to +15 use awakening and shards they are very important in this range ! try to get the highest stats whats possible (1h 500 p./m.atk , 2h 1000p./m.atk) awakening is a roulett because u have 1 try but its better to use this 1 try instead of no stats. now u should be around lvl 50 with the first beltpets ...( u cant use them right now because to get belt skills the pets need lvl 45 and 90 ) but u got them and u can lvl them up later to have a easy start for farming and all the stuff... now teleport to ml 1 and kill this fliying ugly fish u will reach lvl 60+ keep killing some mobs until u got lvl 65-70 noe do the same in cv (kill the miniboss and some mobs to lvl90) u should do some dailys too for the money! best quest start with red farm and reinke after this u can start wq1 if u are at lvl 70 with the quest u reach lvl 90 too. if need help for a boss ask in all chat there is always some1 whos helping. if u got up to lvl 100 farm infront of sanct u get some cash gear to sell and get nice exp with growth and grace aaaand u can start lvling your beltpets too until u got 105 u can enter sanct and start killing the mobs there maybe with strong gear and some beltpets u can try hidden sanct. reach 130-135 and u can start farming at crystall vally to lvl up the beltpets and get stuff to sell. now u should have some gear from sanct with diffrent stats they are usefull for the class u play go cube it again to +15 awak and shard oh and stones i frogot. now with the new r6 (120) gear u can try toe or hidden toe ( heal pet is very usefull with +15 staff and mw + erarrings with m.atk, awake and shard the pet gear and use int,matk stones in it). kill mobs until u get 150 now do the masterclass at horizon and do the wq2 to get money dor your mc gear. with 150+ u should farm at kaia lake for beltpets, gear for selling and stuff u will reach lvl 155 fast at kaia lake.if u got your mc gear, belt pets and a healpet try labyrinth or farm until u got enought gp for e-protect to cube your gear on +20. now u can try dark sanct too i know as corruptor is very easy to kill this dogs because u have traps and dots and some usefull stuns but there r other classes too they might be to weak at the start ( first char) for dark sanct so try to get a party and kill there or go labyrinth try the toe dungeons to get stronger and farm farm farm lvl 160 is fast at this server too. ok but if u wont do all this stuff because you r bussy or just want a 2nd 3rd... char ask a mage char or a charakter with dot skills about helping u to lvl up or u use multiclient and lvl yourself with this . create a party use ss and growth teleport with the new char to dark sanct and just chill there do nothing. now the guy whos helping or your mainchar pulls a dog hits him with dots and give him hold,stun or something thats holding the mob near your new char and teleport to hv before the dog dies now the new char should be lvl 142, repied this for another 3-4 times and u have a new 150 char to 160 i think u need another 10-20 mobs dont know exactly. maybe its not perfect or everything works that easy i told u but its a little help to know how to start but now have fun !
  9. New Dungeon / Farming place

    i think about a farm zone with monsters like in ursa if u teleport at this zone with lvl 100 the monsters are in range for lvl 100 cahrakter if u teleport at this place with 150 the monsters are lvl 150 and there are normal drops like if u farm everywhere but there could drop diffrent letters like "GenPoints" or "Arena Points" and if u kombinate 1x G,e,n,p,o,i,n,t u get a some gen or arena points for the kombination means u can add more items with genpoints and arena points like some special buffs and some eventbuffs. timed items idk.. maybe some of u have another idea. the next szggestion in my opinion is to give party exp bonus and add a dungeon a new dungeon with monsters they r only can killed in a party monsters u need a tank for a healer and dds means u have to play with others again and dont do everything solo in this dungeon should be a boss that dont 1hit everyone but is hard to kill but not alot of annyoing mobs around it... adds are ok but to much give lagg and just annyoing.. a boss with alot of hp if u kill this boss the server gets special buffs for 4h or 8 idk how u like it maybe a day or just 2h...and this boss also spwan chickens this chickens can be killed to drop something very special like a nice deko (nothing unreachabl) just same stats as every other deko but a special look idk how u want or maybe the drop pieces of eq and u need 5 pieces to kombinate and get a special ring for mages and another 5 pieces to get a ring for meele classes and a neck. too.. back to the farm zone... there should be a quest to get t-coins like the dayli quests u have to kill 500 monster to finish the quest but can be done over and over again if this is to fast for u u can do more kills needed or just give bronze t-coins but ppl have a reason to farm and at this farm area u cant pk means u can allow pks at the server and some pvp loving ppl like me can do pvp things cuz rappelz is a pvp game if ppl wont pvp its ok they can farm at this area and we need pvp rules to not pk at taming but in my opinion every player should have some respect to the others there are things like pking at taming.. idk how to say its just very weak!! if the opponent cant defend itself everynoob can pk ... so i hope everone have some honor and respect to eachother... bit if u add pvo rules with timed bans u would help the pve players too and to tame mino,drill,bapho etc there could be a very rar drop chance of the summonscrolls at the farm area so there is another reason for farming there.. its just a suggestion and its my opinion nobady have to agree with it and idk how possible everything is but would be fun aaaand there could drop some diffrent items that are cs items on te retail like fairy bittles, 15% buff fragments 20h luna chip and others almagan and invar with rare chance and a very very rare chance to get a fragment to kombinate with other fragments maybe 3 or more to get +10 skill cards or just by killing the boss i suggested in this thread
  10. PVP Tournament! 30th September!

    its useless to do a pvp event because atm everyone 1hits everyone there is nothing about skill... my opinion
  11. Cant Login

    lol.. sure, i created 2 accounts
  12. Cant Login

    Could someone answer me ?! i would like to join the server...
  13. Cant Login

    Greets, I can´t login, too. The Loginscreen is coming up and i tipe my Id and pw press enter and : Cant connect to Loginserver (10107). useing Windows 8
  14. Welcome 3ka

    Hello 3ka, Welcome to RappelzTournament. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. 3ka joined on the 07/05/2017. View Member

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