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  1. Happy New YEAR!

    I wish everyone a happy and healty new year! I've had quite fun since the beginning of the server. Sure there were some minor, sad moments but It has been a great experience so far. I hope that funny and friendly atmosphere continues in 2018 and years to come. I wish to see new players as well as the old ones. Happy new year, everyone!
  2. I would like to know something

    You don't need arena points. The 1.000.000 ap items in NPC are just for people who want to check their stats. You can't buy those.
  3. Online Event (Suggestion)

    It seems promising and everybody can join. Good idea
  4. Event suggestion?

    @nagu I don't know. I logged in this morning and I was not in the guild. I thought I was kicked but turned out guild was no more but I plan to create a new guild after talking Dante
  5. Event suggestion?

    It seems like a guild war as far as I understand. There is an arena in which you can play team deathmatch, king of the hill and domination. I couldn't try it much though. The only thing about arena is parties are random selected. We can try this if you want. And InfernoFn guild is disbanded @nagu
  6. Forum Events

    I've been thinking some forum events. The events in game are pretty good but I think forum should be more active. So, I came up with two events for forum. Please bear in mind that they are kind of original and as far as I know they never implemented to any MMORPG. Prizes of Server I thought that choosing the "bests" of the server would make forum more active from time to time. Every month we can choose player of month, event of month, etc. Every year we can create o pool to choose: Best Player of the Year Best Event of the Year Best Guild of the Year Dream Party (like all-star teams in NBA) Most Friendly, Active, Joking, Troll, etc. Player And many more awards This could make people talk to each other. Thus, This can make forum more active than before. People, also, shouldn't be allowed vote for their characters. That would ruin the competition Interview In every month or so, admin would interview one willing player from game about every aspects of life like hobbies, daily routines, etc. If player doesn't want to be interviewed, then another player can be found. This interview could be posted as a video or as posted in forum in written form. This would, maybe, make some players curious about their on-line friends and make them read and/or comment the interview. These are my own ideas. Please take them as a suggestions. Regards, Pyrozen (Cyanide)
  7. Farming Set-Up

    @killwa44xx find someone from our clan in game or me (nick Cyanide)
  8. Helping Service

    Hello everyone, In order to keep people in game, I decided to boost people to level 150 at Dark sanctuary. Completely free and super fast. If you want to benefit from that you can: PM me in game (Nickname: Cyanide) Send a forum message, that includes your in-game nick, to me. Leave a reply to this topic including your in-game nick Have fun. Pyrozen (Cyanide)
  9. @nagu I think we should limit the amount of slaves instead of banning them. I don't know if it's possible or not. It also can improve cooperation between players. For example, let's say you have 2 gaia characters that give buff and I have 2 deva buffers. So, you will handle gaia buff and stuff whereas I will handle deva buffs and stuff.
  10. If I had reached 185+ level with my deva, I would definitely have better cards.
  11. I don't remember saying "he has done nothing". The server is way much better than it was at the start. I've been here from the day one and I literally witnessed the improvement. I'm saying there is still room for improvement. This server can be better and better. I was planing on playing cardinal on this server as I did on the previous Tournament server (where there aren't buff slaves as far as I can remember). However, people created buff salves to get buffs on this server. I even created a deva character. Let me as you a question. If I reached level 185 or something with my deva character, would you get buffs and heals from me or buff slaves?
  12. @Exterminator I've waited from the very first announcement on the facebook page (the one that says "We will be back this year". I'll gladly wait for improvement of the server
  13. Instead of banning the buff slaves, it should be limited (if possible). When I log in the game, I sometimes see, like, 10-15 characters in the town. I suppose lots of people is on, then I realize those are someones slaves. It, also, discouraged me from playing as a healer and I created a new character that I play now.
  14. I have been thinking about how the server can be improved for a couple of days. I really want to play in this server for a long time. So, I came up with some ideas about this topic. Advertisements & Promotions The server definitely needs more players. We have not enough players in server. People cannot form or find suitable parties for farming, raiding, etc. Sometimes I ask a question in the game, but can't get an answer. People cannot find someone to trade. Advertising and/or promoting the server can solve the problem as long as we keep the newcomers in the server. More Staff Only one admin cannot reach everywhere, answer every question and solve every problem. Recruited staff members can help the admin and people can reach these staff members when they cannot reach the admin. However, it's important to prevent staff members from exploiting their power. In order to do that, new members should be chosen carefully and the admin needs to have full authority. Buff Slaves Buff slaves should be banned from the server to encourage players that want to play as buffer/healer (like me). I know lots of people have these kind of "slaves". It can be useful time to time but it can be exploited like we saw it at the login event. People gained advantage by logging in with almost 5 different accounts. Banning the slaves or multi-launching will prevent these at least. Quests Most people (and I) like questing. It's good that quests give you a lot of money but they should also give more experience, job points and if possible some other useful items. Quests for special dungeons (like dark sanctuary) will make these dungeons more active. People also can gain experience from these quests when they can't join or find a party. Please bear in mind that these are my own ideas. I don't want to offend anybody or teach anything. I just want them to be taken into consideration. Have fun Pyrozen (Cyanide)
  15. The Best DP

    This is the best DP that I've been in this server. Thanks guys for everything

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