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  1. Patch Notes 1.9 (Item Shop)

    Ty exter for the enlightment, sorry for the mess
  2. Patch Notes 1.9 (Item Shop)

    Damn, do u know that you can earn tcoin from questing ? And all im asking is, will there be a +10 cards npc that uses tcoin to buy them ? I didnt ask ask, "hey make +10 cards npc"
  3. Patch Notes 1.9 (Item Shop)

    Ok cards aside Player who buy equips with cash get lvl20 equip, player who doesnt, player who make their own equips can make only lvl15 equips How is this not p2w ?
  4. Patch Notes 1.9 (Item Shop)

    Well then its gonna be p2w server Let me know if u can make +10 card without sprotect And people who buy +25 weapon get it at lvl20, those who doesnt just able to make them till lvl15.
  5. Patch Notes 1.9 (Item Shop)

    Ty for update Will +10 cards available in game to buy with tcoin ?
  6. Patch notes 1.8 (Improvement)

    thank you for the update, just would like to report/comment/opinion the weapon food we get from trading boss soul is +20 undefined weapon, so its not possible to use it. and would like to suggest to add option for +20 def food too. the JP to gen trade is very nerfed prices for amal/invar is too much nusylite set and 180 blue weapon cant be level up master class helmet (feral)cant be used as def food thats all for now, thank you
  7. Patch Notes v1.7 Epic 9.5 Content!!

    Loving the updates, thank you exter. 1 question, is the prices fixed ? for new items
  8. LvL Guide 2-150

    Ok its time to implement level restriction on custom dungeons :kappa:
  9. hi ex, some minor request can we have 100% enchant rate on extreme power for making strike/def cube, soulstone, potion etc. idk about other but i personally use them to create strike/def cube because they just stacking from the farm loot. would be nice if they dont fail to make cube,stone, etc. Thank you.
  10. Maintenance 29th august [Delayed]

    when is the planned maintenance ? or is it done ?
  11. Bugs List / Status Updates

    please fix r7 amalgam/invar...it supposed to be 100% success as the description say..this is very crucial :3

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