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  1. Hide & Seek event and more

    Since Arjunan got Permanent Ban our Premade are leaving , wanna do some event on leaving ..
  2. Hai Everyone, I got a suggestion about a event. Player who had played on Sap**** server or Zes** would know what Spin is . I will explain for the people who dont know what spin is ...... soo when we are online on the Server and Exterimanator can decide when he want to give spin.. Its like who ever on get 1 or more Spins Since Exterimanator can decide. After we receive the spin we can use them in Spin Section in Forum and get some Cool rewards(It will spin 2+ times and at the end you will get the price where the Mark is. Btw there will be 6 awards on the spin circle but you only get the price where the mark was ) . And my suggestion for Spin reward should be like Unique gifts and some random gifts like (T-coins (5-10)/ S1-S5 pet any type / or some of the tcoins item / and some Basis item for the Unlucky guys :P) it would be nice when you can get them here in forum it would be great .. whoever like this idea should thumb up so Exter can work on it hehe.
  3. PIC Event

  4. Patch Notes 2.7 (Unleash Your True Power)

    Sorry i read the message rong and commented :). But still can you please fix Merc next update so that merc can use skill while using bow ?
  5. Picture Event

    Picture Event
  6. Swing.jpg

    Google link please
  7. Rappelz Picture Event

  8. Picture Event

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