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  1. PVP Tournament! 30th September!

    You know it's hilariously shameful when a merc 2 shots range classes like a marksman or DE that actually specialize in bow use! Anyway GL to whoever participates. I'm hoping I could watch some of this on the sidelines. I'm too damn laggy to even try out.
  2. Our Plug DJ

    This is cool
  3. DC problems

    The ddos attack seems specific and in a certain time zone. I always get hit at a certain time in the afternoon local time. Seems like someone's put "autopilot" on the DC lagfest But yea wish this would get fixed soon.
  4. Some things I want to add too that might be good for the server in the future: More rupee questings: I'm probably one of the minority who enjoy this neat feature of tournament but it's really refreshing to have to go through the old quests that we all used to do just to get level 150 and MC, or doing the full VI quest line for the IM pet. Sense of adventure and having fun with other players is what I miss about rappelz. Maybe expand on this more and create a new area/dungeon or a custom map zone of your choosing with custom made quests that are super hard to do solo and have to party up to finish. This is going to be time consuming I know and could be a big resource sink but maybe advantageous in the future if it could be done successfully. Def make tournament stand out from other pservers. Grinding rupees route - Going the good old fashioned grinding route with 100bazillion mobs per hour for some of cold hard cash aint gonna cut it in the current state of this server. 1. Drop rates are really bad, even with luck pot. 2. There aren't that many good farming spots beyond level 160+ or 170++ (except UG stage 3-4). 3. The current Witch and VI quests net me more rupees than farming 1hr with field mobs 10x over. So I could just reroll toons and redo witch quests infinite times. Lak use - This one is common and I've seen it in other servers. I'd like to use it to convert stuff like JP, AP, or GP or maybe a custom currency later who knows. Just something to do with it so there's a reason for us to level it to 50k lak or higher. Buff durations: Buffslaves is def the way to go to max stat gains. But currently the duration of 30mins with class buffs is pretty low considering the grind which can take longer than 1hr. I suggest increasing it somehow to atleast 1hr or more. Pieces are fine I think. Not sure about others if they are 30mins too. Gear variations: Making lower ranks weapons and armors available is great for starting players. It def helped me alot with my first char along with non dura r7 for dura food/+20 needs etc. But making Bestial fully available with no other higher set to grind or reach was not a good decision. Good news is you need a good bestial set to do circus, UG stage 4 and the 2 other custom maps so it's not total overkill. But we still need more gear variation. If the only set that people are running around with is bestial then it's going to get boring fast. Cube drops a few of the mc dura d1 or d2 i think. Maybe make a separate dungeon that drops all types of MC dura d3 for pve/pvp experiments. I know not many pservers have this feature and could be one more thing to make tournament stand out. Higher gear set for level 170++ or even higher - May be a good idea for higher level players to keep them going. Could increase level requirement to 180 or 190 if you want but just a set better than bestial with some interesting stat rolls that can mix things up in pve and pvp. This could be a solution to the pvp issue mentioned here but idk. It's hard to balance pvp in crappelz since the stats are stupid op with some classes and super up with others. Increased party exp: I've been noticing a trend lately with the other pservers that increases exp rates when in party, which is a cool idea and can be fun when combined with really good and challenging content in higher levels. A way this could work is change a few mechanics in your 2 new custom maps to be super hard for soloers "forcing" them to party up and kill stuff together. Ofcourse great exp rates isn't the only thing that will keep this going. custom rewards will have to come with it. End boss (if any) could drop a low chance of T-pros, e-pros, e-reps, TDs, wings etc. The regular hard mobs could also drop something unique (go crazy with ideas). Whatever that will give good incentive to party up and work together. This can be really good pve end game for rappelz tournament imo. This could also help the lowbies pre 150 to help level faster with groups reducing that grind time for those who want to get to 150 fast. PvP incentives - Currently pvp is off in this server (just one server atm). We all want to try out our new imba stats and pwnz some nubs with 1-2shots (even tho this is stupid) but it's hilariously fun! ;D jks. No really we need more incentives to pvp but like jildegan says we need balance. Not sure how exter is going to find a solution to that since bestial stats is super OP but gl finding one. As for PvP ideas, expand it from just arena (since you need arena for AP points even tho zero people use it = very little AP gain). Maybe create a custom pvp mode? Probably too time consuming i think. PK zones like hori field is something people will settle for I guess but something more could be fun. Just a thought. *Cash shop* - I would heavily advice using care in implementing a cash shop system in this server. Almost 99% of the pservers out there have cash shop features which we all know is for one sole purpose -> to fund the server's online status lol... (and money for exter's pocket). And hey that's not a bad thing. The guy's gotta eat and he needs resources to keep this server up. The only things that I want to see in cash shops are cosmetics, non timed items and other extra non-game changing stuff (like locks to protect loss of equip if we ever have that feature here for pve/pvp) or pet name changes, char name change etc etc. Just DON'T PUT GEARS, STONES, OP BUFFS, UPGRADES, & and all that crap that will ruin the game as seen in SO MANY pservers in the past. Follow this suggestion and you will be fine with a cash shop feature for tournament. I probably have more but this is all I can think of now. Hope all this helps. It's a good server (better than zesua). Just the lag/dcs and rollback sux. GL keeping the server active.
  5. Game walkthrough

    Just want to point out some of the quests don't show the custom rupee rewards. But Witch quests 50-138 work as well as full VI quest line. That's as far as I've found.
  6. DC problems

    any closer to finding a fix?
  7. DC problems

    It's probably just the client. Something screwy in the resource files. I get the "unexpected error" dc every hour or so, not so bad as some get here (I feel for you). As far as this recent ddos DCs go this week it hasn't affected me much, but I play at a diff time zone. Not sure if these guys attack in a specific time. Hopefully exterminator will find a good fix.
  8. Server status. (DDOS attacked)

    Yep just got in. Hope it holds! Thx boss
  9. Server status. (DDOS attacked)

    welp, talk about bad timing. Just found this new server today but can't start due to login issues. Curious how much money it would cost to up the server defense against DDos...?
  10. Welcome cgs

    Hello cgs, Welcome to RappelzTournament. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. cgs joined on the 08/12/2017.
  11. Hello cgs,

    Welcome to RappelzTournament. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

    cgs joined on the 08/12/2017.

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