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  1. Hello homikos,

    Welcome to RappelzTournament.


    Please feel free to browse around the forums.

    Here you can find some quick links, to get you started right away!

    1. Full Client Download: click here
    2. Registration for game account: click here
    3. Join our Discord channel to stay up-to-date and to get to know the others.:headbang:
    4. Game Guide / Walkthrough click here
    5. Server Rules click here

    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, we are online at discord and livechat to help you.


    Win items on Social Media Pages!

    • Chance to win free items & T-Gold coins, through our forum raffles & social media pages.
    • All you have to do is apply for raffle or like and share the post.
    • Follow us, and make sure you won't miss any!


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    Use Coupon code: RappelzTournament to receive 10% Off on top of the current sale in our Item Shop!:happybounce:


    20% OFF - ITEM SHOP


    Donate for T-Gold Coins, exchange them for the following items:

    • +25 Weapons, +25 Armors, Stage 3/5 Pets +10 Skill cards, Wings, Masks,
    • Weapon Skins, Accessories, Cloaks, T-Gold Coins and more!
    • For Item Shop Character items preview Click here

    How to donate?

    1. Enter your email, character name and click proceed.  
    2. Select Mobilepay or Paymentwall donation method.
    3. Follow the instructions and complete the payment.


    See you around!



    homikos joined on the 02/05/2019.

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