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  1. Helping Service

    Sorry Cyanide I know you mean well but I have to disagree from power leveling players, thats the whole point of playing rappelz to kill mobs, to level, to do quest, for the venture, if a player gets power leveled to 150, their missing out on all that and alot turn into beggars, I learnt that from other servers so I dont do it no more....I say let them level them selves as it wouldn't take long anyways on here, and if they cant do that then they aint a true rappelz player to begin with. Just my opinion, I dont mind helping players out as you have already saw, but I wont power level them...
  2. Arjunan

    nice pic
  3. Staff Recruitment! (Open)

    am Kind of wondering why you all are posting on forum, says to send here, maybe he dont want everyone knowing your info.. Quote: Send this message to RappelzTournament@gmail.com or Click Here.
  4. Post your screenshots! [Weekly Event]

    you dont have to post them in both spots
  5. Fantasy

  6. Tournament.jpg

  7. On these honey breads and honey waters is it possible to make them usable while standing?
  8. Post your screenshots! [Weekly Event]

    I was under the impression it had to be a print screen pic, a monster on your keyboard is not a print screen, but i may be wrong. but i see now i guess... Quote: How to participate? Create cool printscreens and post it here or in the forum gallery.
  9. Post your screenshots! [Weekly Event]

    where do you see that and for what pics
  10. makes no sense, if I am soloing I will need my wk, magus, vm and cardi, I I do a bm for good measures, there is not one thing wrong with me having those slaves, now of course if you would rather I delete them and quit thats fine....I didnt make them to end up using a blessing piece...not gonna happen its kind of hard to limit or ban any slaves on a server like this...its encouraged not making them turn away from it. see what owner says but I believe your thinking is wrong
  11. then gogogo you would be my buffer/healer :)) i also like the idea about a buff piece that buffs with all the altered pieces in game with 1 click....and an npc for buffs not needed, he had the buff blessings for that, and an npc with high buffs I disagree, this would be a bad move...people with buff slaves that would no longer need? not a good idea, they would probably just quit...imo
  12. Well naturally we would need heals from you if your in our party, my slaves are not in party in dps....we would probably use your buffs if you have cards on them if not I would set my buff slaves somewhere to buff as they all have +7 cards on them....
  13. Where you been Pyrozen, hes been adding and Improving all along, he has done alot already, not sure of that one, and if you choose to play a healer thats your decision, has nothing to do with people having buff slaves or needing a healer in party, there still needed. I have buff slaves myself, a magus, a wk, cm, bm, cardi, I play a templar but I am sure my buff slaves is not hurting you in any way. but if buff slaves are removed, how is this going to help? you may want to look through these patch note while your thinking he hasnt done much http://www.rappelztournament.com/forum/18-patch-notes/

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