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  1. Hello! Well hope ya'll doing fine. dear Exterminator, i want to report some things and request some change in the system. 1. PvP: Damage seems to be 100%.. every class will be able to 1 shot in pvp, we need it balanced. 2. Dungeon: ROA (Remains of the ancient) seems really stupid to go there since the whole dungeon is full of pillars that keep debuffing with -85% mov speed, i like the way you want to make it hard but that's just useless and annoying, no reason to go ROA, not drops, too much bosses around and as i said before that useless pillars... 3.Items: we're still missing items like Soul respect potion / pet unity potions.. it's hard to tame a unique as i see also hard to get good skills, with adding Soul re... don't mean that getting perfect pet's will be easy it's hard still get the perfect stats so isn't about make things impossible just make it hard but fun. 4. Farm spots: what about this we need to make quest to get rupees..... should be better if we get a dungeon like cube but to get rupees. we need also a big bag... i'm really glad because you launch the server but, all i see is uncomplete server that isn't ready to be played already we got 175+++ players and the highest equipment that we already have is Bestial since the other gears are just useless with bestial inside. and well i hope we get it fine soon, remember i'll be here to help as i can if you want some ideas i'll be able and happy to help take care. att: Jildegan- SAMA
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    just want to show this awesome awaken that i get !! +41 atk speed ^^
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    fixed ty
  4. Game walkthrough

    done, and still can't log i write the acc inf and don't get any message.
  5. Game walkthrough

  6. Welcome Jildegan

    Hello Jildegan, Welcome to RappelzTournament. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Jildegan joined on the 06/29/2017. View Member

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