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  1. Event suggestion?

    wtf what happened to them?
  2. Event suggestion?

    i have an idea for a pvp event the probleme lies on reward as for tag it will be "Last mens Standing" cuz its a group event.... its like a dungeon siege get a an empty dungeon get 2 groups and let them fight in the dungeon as for getting dungeon N8ArmieZ will do the work, we will own a dungeon as for dungeon the 3 last dungeon are good cuz they have only one way to core and for the ppl that want participate for the dungeon and making groub we have the guild restore time so thats not a probleme we can make 2 groups at weekend but we need another guild "maybe the one from DanteFn" that did the timeattack on the dungeon where N8ArmieZ own the winner get the rewards like +8+9 skill cards or the wing u gave for LMS but this time for the winning group the think is for making it fair as Admin u make the team who join N8Armiez guild and to the guild from DanteFn its just a thought cuz nobody is doung dungeon sieg nowaday so it may chance for this event everyone will like it cuz its group pvp they wont no i wont join cuz i m low and i have low equipment while is a 1v1 pvp they know sure i will lose... with this idea everyone will join cuz the more u r.. u r more powerful so
  3. Staff Recruitment! (Open)

    na i dont want be gm i just want the TGM is not like GM its just like testing and reporting u dont have aproval to use gm tool only to testserver....
  4. Staff Recruitment! (Open)

    hi Exter i ll go for TGM Name: Nagu --- in game name " Shasu " Age: 31 Time Zone: +1 GMT Languages: German Applying staff position: TGM Years of Experience: i started playing retail in epic 3 Why we should recruit you for this staff position? "cuz i m the best" just kidding almost i know every places in rappelz and i m always helpful for new players i helped them lvling gave them money and gears/items and friendly i think i m suitable for this position...
  5. Ajunan

    hahah song from my favarite movie
  6. @Pyrozenhi bro u know me and arjunan would love to have a oracle in a DP cuz of the heals the aoe dmg and buffs so dw about leaving out some classes out af a dp in a way every classes have their positiv and negative greetings from Shasu
  7. Shas-2.jpg

  8. Hello nagu,

    Welcome to RappelzTournament. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

    nagu joined on the 09/08/2017.

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  9. Welcome nagu

    Hello nagu, Welcome to RappelzTournament. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. nagu joined on the 09/08/2017.

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