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Step 1: Download Full Client v3

RappelzTournament Epic 9.1 -9.5 v3

Included all patches up to 3.2  -  05/12/2017

 Mirror 1: MediaFire (Recommend) 

Mirror 2: GoogleDrive

Mirror 3: Mega


Step 2: Game Account Register click here



Step 3: Install Winrar or Winzip (Client Extraction tool)

Winrar Download 

Mirror 1: MediaFire (Recommend)

Mirror 2: GoogleDrive

Mirror 3: Mega





Step 4: Start RappelzTournament Launcher

Game launcher


 How to start Multiclient? 

Start the following .bat launcher.




FAQ List Game Guide/Walkthrough!

A must have for new and existing players, answering tons of questions. 

Boss,Titan locations monster drops and more!

Click Here!


Old Tournament guild icons ^-^

 Mirror 1: Mediafire (Recommend) 

Mirror 2: GoogleDrive

Mirror 3: Mega

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Let's go

Edit: It's a good thing that turned on my phone's e-mail notification.  xD

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