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The Ares Update is Finnaly Live! - [NEW] Unique Reborn System, [New] Pets: Liquidlust, Behemoth and Two Headed Cobra, [NEW] Dungeons, Maps and Monsters, [NEW] Unique Ranked Weapons and Gold Star Version Pets, [NEW] Unique Ares Final Awakening, New Bosses and Champion Monsters and more! | Sign Up and join our Server Discord Channel | Active Server Development and Roadmap! | Weekend 2x EXP - DROP - BUFFS EVENT!! | Stay loged in to receive Spin Tokens! - Spin and Win @ the Event NPC in Horizon town or Laksy Town for awesome random prices | Level Cap Increased to lv 230! | Player Reborn Increased to 30! | [NEW] Custom Unique content! | Follow like and share our social media pages for free giveaways! | Weekly Boss Invasion Event - Time : 11-12 PM (CEST) | Event Hoster - [GM]Exterminator | Rappelz Tournament - OPEN WORLD ONLINE PC Games (Free to Play! the game that 50M people like!) Enjoy the Ultimate Gaming Experience in an EN classic Medieval Fantasy Anime MMO online RPG, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game with PvP and PvE combat action on private servers. [PC Best MMORPG 2023]. Rappelz Tournament - OPEN WORLD ONLINE PC GAME (Play the game that 50M people like!) Enjoy The Ultimate Gaming Experience in a EN Classic Fantasy MMO Online RPG PvP and PvE Private Servers | PC Best MMORPG 2023.
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    [Preview]: Unlocked Reborn Aura - [New] Two Headed Cobra & Liquidlust Dragon Pet!

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    [NEW] Rappelz Tournament Client v7 Released!

    Includes the following:

    [NEW] The Beginner's Help Game Guide 50+ pages!

    [NEW] Daily | Repeatable | Time-Limit Quest List Cheat Sheet! 

    And More!

    Download links are accessible after logging in and signing up.

    How to setup Rappelz Tournament:

    • 1. Sign Up to our forums to unlock client download links, game account registration, discord invite link and more!
    • 2. Download the latest available Rappelz US client.
    • 3. Register a Game account.
    • 4. Once the client download is ready unzip to your desktop or document folder
    • 5. Ready to play launch the Multiclient launcher, you're able to launch more clients for buff slaves and more, welcome and enjoy stay!

    P.s Info: The forums account is separated from the game account, use your game account to login in-game.


    Server Discord Channel 


    FAQ Help

    Issue: I press on the launcher but nothing happens..

    • Solution: Make sure to white list the client folder in your antivirus or windows defender, sometimes it blocks the game launcher from running.


    Issue: I can't pass the game login panel, account works fine on the website?!

    • Solution: Make sure you register an game account ( Forums & game account are 2 separated accounts)


    Issue: Can't see certain items? empty strings, white dots:

    • Solution: You might be using the old client, make sure you download latest client posted here


    Issue: Dc / client crashes possible solutions: 

    1. Change game settings to low/med and switch on window mode (Optional disable players in town)
    2. Close the amount of background applications, that uses up all your network bandwidth.
    3. Connect to cable network instead of Wi-Fi, or connect to 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi instead of 5.0 Ghz Wi-Fi.
    4. If you are using Windows 10 version 1903+ uninstall all additional antivirus software, Windows 10 has it's own build in Windows defender and malware scanner, having multiply antivirus can slow down and eat up all your network bandwidth while scanning 24/7 while playing.
    5. Enable Game Mode settings on Windows 10/Antivirus before you start RappelzTournament



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    👻The Ultimate Beginners'
    Guide to Fast Level and more!!

    🎬 Gameplay Youtube [Preview]

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