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Our Picks

Top content from across the community, hand-picked by us.

Upcoming Project Exodus
Project Exodus includes the following:

Repacked client, with tons of stuff including new hunting maps, monsters, items and much more!
Game performance, prevent game crashes client bug fixes.
Editing npc decorations, fieldprops, layout.
New launcher, for auto client patching.
Server side bug fixes, recoding existing code, implementing new code.

Stay tuned for more info!

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Happy Valentine's Day! [Hunt Event]
Hunt Event

You will find Arch Angels & Frost Queen around the Rappelz World.
Kill them for the following drops:

Purified Pieces
Red & Blue Roses
Exchange them at the Event NPC for a Valentine Ring or Purified Pieces!

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T-Coins Event!
Time to start Farming T-Coins!

Obtain even more from Quests, Dailies, Arena Bosses, Spin tokens and for staying logged in every 2 hours!
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Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas to everyone!

Join our Active in-game Events

Login rewards: Receive Spin tokens & Christmas Coupons for being online every 2 hours.
Hunt Snowmans & Reindeers around the world for drops and exp!
Enjoy many additional Server Buffs and character buff npc.
2x Server Exp
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Weekend Boss Spawn Event 2x Exp & Server Buffs!
Happy Weekend!

Boss Spawn Event
2x Exp & Server Buffs!
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Weekend Buffs!
Enjoy your weekend with us!

Server buffs enabled!
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3x Exp Event!
2nd Week Event Active: May 22th - 29th
3x Server Exp Rates!
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2x Server Exp & Server buff Weekend!
Enjoy your weekend with us.

2x Server Exp & Server buffs!
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2x Exp & Server Buffs!
2x Exp & Additional server buffs enabled until next maintenance!

Group up with our new players!
Exp penalty changed from 15 levels difference to 60 level difference without decreasing party exp!

Party Exp Boost!

Party of 2/8 Players Exp 160%
Party of 3/8 Players Exp: 170%
Party of 4/8 Players Exp: 190%
Party of 5/8 Players Exp: 200%
Party of 6/8 Players Exp: 230%
Party of 7/8 Players Exp: 280%
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Patch Notes 7.3 (Easter Event)
The Island of the Forgotten Gods monsters replaced with 3 different types of Rabbits.

Teleporter Easter Event Island.
Droping the following items:

Non dura/Silver/Gold ingots
Purified Pieces
Easter Eggs HP/MP & Buff a low chance to drop Buff Eggs!

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2x Exp / Buff Weekend Event.
2x Exp / Buff Weekend Event.
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Patch Notes 7.2 1/2 (New Year)
I would like to start and thank everyone for joining our server.
We had a mixed last year, with ups and downs, but we manage to slowly climb back up and bring more and more players to our server.
Let this New Year to be better than last year, to improve the server even more -
release tons of new stuff and give you guys a enjoyable place to play and meet new friends!
Thanks especially for the people who donated so far to support the server, I really appreciate it!

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Weekend! (Spamm AOE Skill!)
Enjoy your weekend with us!
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Patch Notes 7.1 (Christmas Event)
Patch Notes 7.1

Enable Christmas decorations
Enabled Snow decorations
New Client/login background banner & music
Return of the all in one class buffer as requested
Arena solved PVP bug
Blue eyed weapons increased base P/M.atk
Re-enabled Spin Tokens ( re-rolled rewards )
Updated reborn count ranking
Npc wearing christmas deco

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3x Exp Enabled!
Enjoy 3x Exp! & No cooltime on AOE skills until tommorow maintenance!
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Patch Notes 7.0 (Thanksgiving & Black Friday Sale!)
It's time to hunt Turkeys!

Find and kill Turkeys in around the Rappelz World, to obtain event items!

Turkeys have random respawn timers!
Chance to drop:

Evil Turkey Box containing random consumables.
Turkey looter
Rank 7 Invar's & Amalgam's
Relic keys
Relic chests

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Weekend Exp & Server Buffs Event!
Come enjoy your weekend with us, starting today!

2x Exp Enabled
Additional server buffs
20% P.Atk & M.Atk Heavens + Crit Power
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Patch Notes 6.9 (Server Changes Part 3)
Char Buffer option removed from NPC & Premium Pass.

To push players towards partying for buffs and to make certain buff classes worth playing.

Spin tokens can't be obtained anymore, Token exchange option will still be available( will return in the future with new rewards )
Item 1m AP Preview Shop removed, for item stats and preview, join our discord channel.
Homonculus Heart also added as consumables (Lost Child)
Lowered exchange rate of diamonds 20/1 for 1x Flawless Stones

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Weekend 2x Exp  & Server Buffs
Come enjoy your weekend with us!

2x Exp Enabled
Additional server buffs
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Patch Notes 6.8 (Server & Class Balancing Part 2)
Labyrinth(Cube) Level Requirement Old = Lvl 190+ New = Lvl 150+
Ursa Old Lvl 195+ = New Lvl 155+
Vulcanus Old Lvl 180+ = New Lvl 100+
End of Halloween monsters [Event] Map
Npc Description edit
Clay boxes still available for purchase at the Event Npc
All Monster HP/Health Points decreased by 50%
Void Mage : Heed of Conjuror resolved
Store mode enabled back in Flea Market

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2x Exp & Buff Weekend!
Enjoy your weekend with us!

2x Exp & additional server buffs enabled!
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Patch Notes 6.7 (Server & Class Balancing Part 1)
Server & Class balancing!

The following changes, are made to work towards a re-balanced server.

To make PvP work and to prevent some classes being OP compared to all other classes.

Arena Duel/Pk Resolved.
Reverted Magic Artifact back to 40%.
Added level Requirement to warp locations.
Removed option to trade tokens for Swimsuit Decorations.
Clay boxes now available through Event NPC

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Server Buffs! (Oracle class Boost)
Server Buffs untill monday!

Physical Awakening
Magical Awakening
Godly Protection!

Oracle class skills adjustment, give it a shot!
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Patch Notes 6.6 (Halloween Event)
The following monsters will be spawning around the Rappelz world.

Zombie Sailor
Zombie Templeknight

Chance to drop:

Refined clay key
Solid Clay Key
Clay Key of Peace
Clay Key of Sharpness
Wcoin coupons
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Weekend Buffs + 2x Exp Rate!
Weekend additional server buffs + 2x exp rate!
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    Coming soon.

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