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A free to play open world MMORPG on PC that combines pet taming, leveling and action combat system.
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Many different classes to choose from, multiple ways to build your character and pets with tons of unique custom items!
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We strive to improve the gaming experience for our newly joined members and existing players with end game content releases.
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As you continue your journey, you’ll unlock more skills, pets, reborn system, and other rich features that bring the world alive.
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Whether you want to skim along the surface or dive deep into character, pet builds or grind and farm you way towards end game content is up to you.
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  • The Ares Update is Finnaly Live!
  • New Pets, Map, ranked Weapons, Final Awakening and many more to come!
  • Active Server Development and Roadmap!
  • Daily ÊXP | Drop - Server Buffs!
  • Stay loged in to receive Spin Tokens!
  • Spin and Win @ the Event NPC in Horizon town or Laksy Town for awesome random prices
  • Level Cap Increased to lv 230!
  • Player Reborn Increased to 30!
  • Custom content
  • Follow our social media pages!
  • Weekly Events!
  • Time : 10 PM (CEST)
  • Event Hoster
  • [GM]Exterminator
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      4th Week: 2x EXP [Event!]
      2x DROP WEEKEND!

      🌋Vulcanus Update is live!
      Upcoming Epic 9.8 Pure White Weapons!

      NEW! Ares Final Awakening is live!

      Permanent Server Buffs
      Login Event
      [Daily] EXP & DROP BUFFS
      [Daily] 1-2 Hourly Powerful Server Buffs
      Online Spin Tokens Every 1 Hour!

      Actively hunting monsters in custom maps Lv 150++ will be rewarded!
      Treasure Koala, Event Chest, EXP Pixies, Hector Boss might spawn nearby for a limited time>br> New!! The Power of The Gods!
      During your adventure on hunting monsters around the world, your character will obtain one of Blessings for a limited time!

      GM Event: Thursday Server Time: 22:00 CET

    Our Picks

    Top content from across the community, hand-picked by us.

    Vulcanus Update Release! [Full Patch Notes]
    Vulcanus Update!
    Custom made Vulcanus Deco Items with set bonus effects, skill cast on hit, random stats including crit power and more!
    Equiping more armor parts unlock the set bonus even further!
    Set contains of Lava Helmet, Armor, Gloves, Boots, 2h Weapon / 1h Weapon + Shield and Lava Wings.
    The materials needed to get each part is shown below
    Currently you can exchange materials obtained from The Vulcanus dungeon for new items!
    Hector in Horizon / Laksy Town will help you exchange the materials for the new items!

    The Power of The Gods!
    During your adventure on hunting monsters around the world, your character will obtain one of Blessings for a limited time!
    Blessing By The God Hephaestus Godly Armor
    Blessing By The God Ares Immense Power
    Blessing By The Goddess Artemis Grace Blessing
    *[Now checks if the player has Grace already activated, adds Everlasting Love instead to increase Item Drop Rate!
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    4. [NEW!] Ares Content Update is Finally Live! [Full Patch Notes]
    The Ares Update Release!

    Max Level Cap Increased to lv 230!
    Level 220 & Level 230 Reward Box Unlocked
    Starter Pack Timed Liquidlust Pet for 2 Weeks for newly and existing players!
    [Daily] Char & Pet EXP & Drop Buff item inserted to all players, you can use this item every day 24 hours cooltime
    See your inventory when logged in with the New Ares Client!

    Advanced Reborn / Prestige
    Reborn 21th - 30th Unlocked
    Required Player Lv 230, talk to the Trial Guardian to reborn your character to reset it back to level 1
    You will obtain Advanced Reborn Token +1 Reborn Crown
    This unlocks even greater and newer buffs, from all stats increase, stack-able buffs, aura effects and AOE dot effects.
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    3. Artemis Content Update! [9.6+ Pets] [Full Patch Notes]
    Upcoming youtube video!

    The New Pets can be tamed in the following locations:
    Death Gladiator (Horizon Arena, Abyss Challenge 2)
    New Wind, Forest & Ethereal Pixie (Laksy Field near Blue Pixies)
    Crystal Golem, Slaughter, Hector and Ice Spider (Remains of The Ancients)
    Liquidlust ( Dragon Nest )

    Where do these New Empty Pet Cards drop?
    In The Abyss Challenge 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Stage. 

    New Boss Cards!

    Available through Reborn Token Rewards, T-Gold Coin NPC, Golden Spins or by Boss Drops:
    Devil Reviac Card
    Crazy Hagen Card
    Yushiva Card
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    2. Hephaestus Content Update! [Full Patch Notes!]
    Hephaestus Full Client!

    Kicking off with 3x EXP Event!
    Server Buffs
    Login Event ( Spin Tokens New Items )
    More events wil follow in the upcoming 4 weeks, so stay tuned for more!
    Social Media Giveaway
    To Apply Like Share/Repost Chance to win  Yushiva's Belt and more!
    Keep an eye on the upcoming social media post
    Discord Channel
    Join our Discord Channel for the latest news and upcoming spoilers!
    1k+ Players already joined ↴
    Discord Channel https://discord.gg/fpwExmR
    ITEMSHOP +50% Extra Bonus Coins!

    Weekly screenshot Event!
    Chance to win Blue Okami Mount!
    To apply post your ingame screenshot showing your creative deco armor sets ^^
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    Patch Notes November 19th
    We hit 100 Online players last weekend thanks to The Exodus Update!
    Keep Inviting your friends to join the new content more is coming! ^^

    Increasing drop chance T-Gold Coins Town World Bosses T-Gold Coins 34% - 54% Tower of Time World bosses T-Gold Coins 50% - 70%
    Changed horizon teleport locations to safe clean location ( Prevent players to dc/crash on teleporting back and forth )
    Removed some laggy bugged creatures from server Replaced Genie lv 1, turtle, skele type as Tower of Time bosses...
    Removed white dots/bugged items
    Elite bosses"Tit ans" And World bosses drop bug fixed, increasing new weapon, T-Silver Coins and T-Gold Coins drops!
    Reduced the avoid value compared to m.avoid so melee classes won’t miss that much on New World bosses

    Thank You for Playing at RappelzTournament!

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    Patch Notes November 12th
    3x EXP Boost & Party Exp Boost up to 120% with 8 players!

    New weapons Improved P/M Attack Power!
    Player Reborn Max limit increased & New exchangeable rewards!
    World Of Styx Portals reduced the casting time to warp
    World Bosses Solved drops: Higher chance on dropping T-Gold Coins and random New weapons!
    Abyss Challenge NPC removed player killing on interacting, edited npc description.
    Reduced the amount of EXP gained from Reward/Blessing Pixies
    Teleporter npc back end script editing to prevent game crashing on warping ( Test )

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    The Exodus Update! Full Patch Notes
    The Exodus Update includes the following:

    Repacked client, with tons of stuff including new hunting maps, monsters, items and much more!
    Game performance, prevent game crashes client bug fixes.
    Editing npc decorations, fieldprops, layout.
    New launcher, for auto client patching.
    Server side bug fixes, recoding existing code, implementing new code.

    Stay tuned for more info!

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    Patch Notes 7.3 (Easter Event)
    The Island of the Forgotten Gods monsters replaced with 3 different types of Rabbits.

    Teleporter Easter Event Island.
    Droping the following items:

    Non dura/Silver/Gold ingots
    Purified Pieces
    Easter Eggs HP/MP & Buff a low chance to drop Buff Eggs!

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    Patch Notes 7.0 (Thanksgiving & Black Friday Sale!)
    It's time to hunt Turkeys!

    Find and kill Turkeys in around the Rappelz World, to obtain event items!

    Turkeys have random respawn timers!
    Chance to drop:

    Evil Turkey Box containing random consumables.
    Turkey looter
    Rank 7 Invar's & Amalgam's
    Relic keys
    Relic chests

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    Patch Notes 7.1 (Christmas Event)
    Patch Notes 7.1

    Enable Christmas decorations
    Enabled Snow decorations
    New Client/login background banner & music
    Return of the all in one class buffer as requested
    Arena solved PVP bug
    Blue eyed weapons increased base P/M.atk
    Re-enabled Spin Tokens ( re-rolled rewards )
    Updated reborn count ranking
    Npc wearing christmas deco

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    Patch Notes 7.2 1/2 (New Year)
    I would like to start and thank everyone for joining our server.
    We had a mixed last year, with ups and downs, but we manage to slowly climb back up and bring more and more players to our server.
    Let this New Year to be better than last year, to improve the server even more -
    release tons of new stuff and give you guys a enjoyable place to play and meet new friends!
    Thanks especially for the people who donated so far to support the server, I really appreciate it!

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    Patch Notes 6.8 (Server & Class Balancing Part 2)
    Labyrinth(Cube) Level Requirement Old = Lvl 190+ New = Lvl 150+
    Ursa Old Lvl 195+ = New Lvl 155+
    Vulcanus Old Lvl 180+ = New Lvl 100+
    End of Halloween monsters [Event] Map
    Npc Description edit
    Clay boxes still available for purchase at the Event Npc
    All Monster HP/Health Points decreased by 50%
    Void Mage : Heed of Conjuror resolved
    Store mode enabled back in Flea Market

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    Patch Notes 6.9 (Server Changes Part 3)
    Char Buffer option removed from NPC & Premium Pass.

    To push players towards partying for buffs and to make certain buff classes worth playing.

    Spin tokens can't be obtained anymore, Token exchange option will still be available( will return in the future with new rewards )
    Item 1m AP Preview Shop removed, for item stats and preview, join our discord channel.
    Homonculus Heart also added as consumables (Lost Child)
    Lowered exchange rate of diamonds 20/1 for 1x Flawless Stones

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    Patch Notes 6.5 (New Items & Battlefield of the Ancients!)
    All in one seller now removes also stacked items.
    Horizon main teleporter changed spawn location.
    Horion return scroll returns the player in random coordinates.
    Npc description edit.
    Premium pass chance to randomly cast higher buffs on player.
    New Level 220+ Battlefield of the Ancients Teleport location.
    New Fairy Wings & Valento Wings.
    New Ying-Yang Cloak.
    New Ninja Mask.

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    Patch Notes 6.6 (Halloween Event)
    The following monsters will be spawning around the Rappelz world.

    Zombie Sailor
    Zombie Templeknight

    Chance to drop:

    Refined clay key
    Solid Clay Key
    Clay Key of Peace
    Clay Key of Sharpness
    Wcoin coupons
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    Patch Notes 6.7 (Server & Class Balancing Part 1)
    Server & Class balancing!

    The following changes, are made to work towards a re-balanced server.

    To make PvP work and to prevent some classes being OP compared to all other classes.

    Arena Duel/Pk Resolved.
    Reverted Magic Artifact back to 40%.
    Added level Requirement to warp locations.
    Removed option to trade tokens for Swimsuit Decorations.
    Clay boxes now available through Event NPC

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    Patch Notes 6.1
    Login message window edit
    Changed to amount of TP gained from master class 3 = Max!
    Perfect Chaos stone package removed from NPC until further notice.
    Item Shop Character Preview added to Forums & Discord
    Rerolled Spin & Win Items

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    Patch Notes 6.2
    New Abyss Dungeon
    Only the thoughest players may survive this dungeon, so be well geared before entering!

    Drops: Random items

    Low chance for a Pandora Box
    Low chance for a Dark Souls collect these (more details will be post in next update)

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    Patch Notes 6.3 (1st Anniversary)
    We will be holding the following events:

    1st week: 3x Exp Event & Server Buffs!
    2nd week: Increased succes chance equipment & Pet staging
    3rd Week: Monster Hunt
    4th Week: ( Daily Gm Events! ) Prize Pool 500+ T-Gold Coins!

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    Patch Notes 6.4 (Random Boss Summoner)
    Last week Event Winners Announced!

    1st Heraziel Points 197 Points! 100 T- Gold Coins
    2nd Ryokun 54 Points 50 T- Gold Coins
    3rd BootySweat 43 Points 25 T- Gold Coins
    Nica 33 Points
    UltimateEvoker 28 Points
    Feyre 18 Points
    xXDrooms 15 Points
    Taghassian 12 Points

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    Patch Notes 5.8 (Brand New Forums!)
    Forums update

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    Patch Notes 5.9 (Summer Time)
    Enjoy our Upcoming Events during this Summer! (More details coming soon)

    Event Hoster : [GM]Pyrozen (Cyanide) or [GM]Exterminator

    2x Server Exp & Server Buffs active now untill next maintenance!

    Required Client Patch (Soon Available)

    Npc's clothing changed to fit our summer party, wings and deco weapons.
    Homonculus Heart added to job supporter for a fixed price, also as a winning price at Spin & Win!
    World Boss P & M.def Increased by 10x ( To make them "Hard to kill" )
    Level Cap raised from 200 = 220!
    Auto message description and timer changed.
    Hardware Firmware update
    Horizon return pass reduced cooltime
    Circus Bosses (Stage 4) Level increased - Mephisto - Lilith - Soul of Lunacy to keep them droping belts and rings.
    Premium pass description edit.
    New Wings corrected names.
    Aura of Halisha and Might of the underworld added to missing card NPC.

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    Patch Notes 6.0 ~ 3000 Forum Members!
    First off, I would like to thank everyone for joining RappelzTournament!
    We'll be soon hitting 3000+ registered forum members!
    We had some ups and downs in the last few months, but we managed to keep the engine running.
    Over the last year I've received tons of feedbacks and suggestions, how to improve the server even more.
    I've so many ideas written down, some ideas seems impossible to implement now, i'm sure with pratice and experience in coding skills this should be possible!
    Besides being busy with my real job, next to this server. Slowly more and more interesting stuff wil available in our server, to give you guys a server to enjoy playing on.
    I'm very excited for the upcoming months and many years that may follow.
    As they say: Be patient. Great things take time and empires aren't built in a day.
    Thank you again for being part of our community!

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    Patch Notes 5.4 (Ramadan Events)
    To kick-off our Ramadan, we planned 4 weeks of events starting today!

    During these weeks we wil also be holding GM Events in game, to win T-Gold coins and more!

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    Patch Notes 5.5 (3x Exp Event)
    Patch Notes 5.5 (3x Exp Event)
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