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  • Stay loged in to receive Spin Tokens!
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  • Level Cap Increased to lv 230!
  • Player Reborn Increased to 30!
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    3. Artemis Content Update! [9.6+ Pets] [Full Patch Notes]


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    Artemis Preview.jpg


    Download our latest Game Client

    click here


    Server Discord Channel:


    Latest server News

    Full Patch Notes

    Upcoming spoilers 

    Latest video guides

    Class Guides

    Marketplace discussions and more!


    Can't login with your account or need help?

    • Don't forget to join our Discord channel for latest news and upcoming update spoilers!

    Discord Channel https://discord.gg/fpwExmR


    Beginner Set

    • Beginner Ergon Crator Armor Set and Belt Added to new players, old players can also obtain these items only once through the Trial Guardian NPC in Horizon. To give you a taste of +4 added Skills through equips!
    • You can also get +1 from certain pets such as Death Tyrant Awakening buff
    • Additional skills Bonus on Distorated Space Armor, Nusylite's Set, Blue/Red Dragon's Armor and The Guardian Armor Set by enchanting them with Blessed Power of Change obtained from Spin Tokens or drops from the Abyss Map Monsters!


    The New Pets can be tamed in the following locations:

    • Death Gladiator (Horizon Arena, Abyss Challenge 2)
    • New Wind, Forest & Ethereal Pixie (Laksy Field near Blue Pixies)
    • Crystal Golem, Slaughter, Hector and Ice Spider (Remains of The Ancients)
    • Liquidlust ( Dragon Nest )


    Where do these New Empty Pet Cards drop?

    • In The Abyss Challenge 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Stage. 



    New Boss Cards!

    Available through Reborn Token Rewards, T-Gold Coin NPC, Golden Spins or by Boss Drops:

    • Yushiva Card
    • Ent Card
    • Cruel Tula Card
    • Lion Card
    • Barga Card
    • Kraken Card
    • Wooden Devil Card
    • Devil Slaughterer Card
    • Stone Gargoyle Card
    • Magma Golem Card
    • Crazy Hagen Card
    • Devil Reviac Card


    New Discord Groups added:

    Discord Channel https://discord.gg/fpwExmR

    • To Apply please send me a pm through discord


    Experienced Players 

    • To Apply you need to be experienced with the latest content and be active for atleast 3+ Months and be helpful with answering player questions. 

    Content Creators 

    • You can apply for this group by creating server video's on youtube weekly/monthly


    Update Changes:

    • All classes expect pet classes are re-worked with feedback of active experienced players, to create a balance between power and tankiness. ( We are currently working on the pet classes to improve certain passives, active skills, more details wil be post in our discord channel! )
    • Abyss 3 Challenge monsters spawn amount adjusted, all spots now have 20 active monsters.
    • Forest Pixie Wild Rose duration increased
    • Most custom monsters in our dungeons and fields got their size/scale reduced to prevent lag spikes when killing in them in groups.
    • Monsters in dungeons range is increased, they come to you in groups without having to lure them in small groups anymore ( Less manual lure = increased kill speed result in more exp p/hour )
    • Using third party tools to afk level/farm = permanent bann.
    • Wind and Ethereal Pixies Tame rates wil be increased compared to Unique Hector, Golem & Slaughter.
    • Ice Guardians replaced by Ice Spiders monsters to prevent huge lag spikes on group skill animation.
    • Additional slaughter added to The Remains of Ancient
    • New Wind, Forest and Ethereal Pixies added to Laksy Field near Blue Pixies.
    • Slaughter evo 1-3 issue solved ( Please use the tamed ones as food for staging, or trade me ingame for new working ones )
    • Hector Skills issue solved ( Use a Pet Respec potion to reset it skills, make sure you have the latest patch )
    • Base New Pet Stats Missing Solved
    • Class, Pets and Monsters Skills animation solved - Reported Slayer Hellstorm & Apocalypse animation bug solved
    • Red, Blue and Green Pixies from Arena Boss, TP Mana Stones and During Events are updated, their names and model effect switched to Ethereal, Wind and Forest Pixie.
    • Grandmaster Hector missing skills are added ( Please use Re-spec potion to reset skills)
    • Resized Evo 1, 2 and 3 of New Pets
    • Implemented latest retail pets such as Gladiator, Hector, Slaugher, Golem new colourful Pixies and more custom pets added to our server!
    • Backend and monsters, pet motion and visual effect bugs solved
    • Tons of pet skills implemented and updated to 9.6 passives, active skills, dual unities etc


    New Pets Soul type removed, you get a normal version with increased stats on succesfull taming.

    • Death Gladiators Pet
    • Liquidlust Pet
    • Hector Pet
    • Crystal Golem Pet
    • Bloodthirsty Slaughter Pet
    • Ethereal, Wind and Forest Pixies Pet
    • Ice Spider Pet

    Soul types wil be reworked and released in a future patch

    • You can use Tamed Soul types as food to stage normal version to get stage 1-5


    The following monsters added:

    Dragon Nest 

    • Liquidlust monsters added with fast respawns

    Remains of The Ancients Additional Bosses added with fast respawns

    • 2x Crystal Golem 
    • 2x Bloodthirsty Slaugterer
    • 2x Hector


    Abyss Challenge 3 

    • Dragons Visible range increased so all spots wil be farm able without having to pull like dark dragon area.
    • Certain monster name edits scale/size editing wil be coming in the next client patch 


    The following New Empty Pet Cards and T-Protects drop from Bosses & Abyss Challenge Monsters [All Floors]
    Taming Locations:

    • Death Gladiators Pet = Abyss Challenge 2 ( Near The Huge Tree ) / Tower of Time Boss Spawns / GM Boss Spawn Event
    • Liquidlust Pet custom Pet = Betrayal Skill Summon / Tower of Time Boss Spawns / GM Boss Spawn Event
    • Hector Pet = Remains of The Ancients / Tower of Time Boss Spawns / GM Boss Spawn Event
    • Crystal Golem Pet = Remains of The Ancients / Tower of Time Boss Spawns / GM Boss Spawn Event
    • Bloodthirsty Slaughter Pet = Remains of The Ancients / Dark Sanc / Tower of Time Boss Spawns / GM Boss Spawn Event 
    • Ethereal, Wind and Forest Pixies Pet = Green TP Quest Mana Stone Summons / Arena Boss / GM Boss Spawn Event
    • Ice Spider Pet = Remains of The Ancients


      We are currently recruiting new staff members

      • To be able to help our players in game with questions, discord and forums, we are looking for 2 more Test Game Masters.
      • Please read before applying.
      • Currently available positions

      Test Game Master: 0/2

      • *Required Rappelz Experience for atleast couple months well known with the latest update
      • *Required Atleast daily/weekly 3x 3+ hours available in game.
      • Receives [TGM] Name Tag.
      • Tasks: Mainly helping players in game with questions and reporting bugs to the server admin.

      Possible Promotion to Game Master [GM] 

      • Don't expect any Free Items or T Gold-Coins for any of these positions.
      • If you take your position serious, this is not something you should ask for.
      • Every staff position has their own benefits and rewards for being part of the staff.

      How to apply?

      • Copy the following fields in the message
      • Application must contain the following fields.
      • Main In-game Character Name:
      • Name:
      • Age:
      • Time Zone:
      • Languages:
      • Applying staff position:
      • Years of Experience:
      • Why we should recruit you for this staff position?

      Send this mail to rappelztournament@gmail.com


        Social Media Free giveaways!

        To apply like share/repost our latest post on our facebook or twitter page:



        Exclusive only trough Golden Spins :

        Gladiator, Liquidlust and Hector Gold Rank from Golden Spins get additional skills unlocked at s0 compared to normal version, stage 3 and stage 5 unlocks even more buffs, unity and or heals depending on pet. 



        ITEMSHOP [EVENT!] Up to +30% T-Gold Coins on certain donations!

        • Get Some Bonus T-Gold Coins While You Can!


        How to donate? 

        Donation Method 1. [Paypal]

        1. Scan the following barcode with you mobile phone
        2. Click the banner or image to enter the paypal donation page.
        3. Donate for the amount of T-Gold coins you'll like to have.


        • 20 T-Gold Coins for $10  
        • 50 T-Gold Coins for $25  
        • 100 T-Gold Coins for $50  
        • 200 T-Gold Coins for $100  
        • 500 T-Gold Coins for $250 -/ US $200 = Save 20%
        • 1000 T-Gold Coins for $500 -/ US $350 = Save 30% 


        • Stage 5 Tier 2-5 Pet for $25 
        • Stage 5 T6 or Unique Pet for $50.00 
        • +12 Skill card Any Kind for $20 

        Donation Method 2. [Paymentwall/MobilePay]

        1. Select payment method.
        2. Enter your Email address + Character Name and click proceed.
        3. Select the Item or amount of T-Gold Coins you want to donate for.
        4. Click Buy and Complete your payment.


        RappelzTournament Excel sheet

        • Itemshop prices, stats and additional item info guides!


        Excel sheet.jpg

        Itemshop bundles?

        • Donate the total amount through the above method

        After donating please send me details about which bundle you donated for and additional details related to the items you like to have.
        For Example

        • Donated Amount:
        • Payment Email:
        • Active Character Name:
        • Donated for mention which items:
        • Bundle 1: Nusy Set & +25 Weapon [Name which Weapon]
        • Bundle 2: 6x +12 Skill Card [Name the S-Cards]

        Contact us for your donation status 

        Please be patient for a reply 

        • P.s There might be delay cause of different Time-Zones, i'll contact you within 24 hours.

        Thank you in advance!



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