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  4. Akkira

    Best friend.jpg

  5. Akkira

    Me and my pets.jpg

    Hope i will win the screenshot event with my dual pet ah ah ah
  6. i just downloaded the game and the game is not on fullscreen. just a box and i cannot click next to choose my race at the start of the game. help please

  7. moode256

    Shower Of Blood

    Shower of Blood
  8. Alshammy

    blackpanther (1).jpg

  9. Alshammy

    blackpanther (1).jpg

  10. Alshammy

    blackpanther (1).jpg

    @admin admin can you approve this thank you
  11. Alshammy

    blackpanther (1).jpg

  12. Pray for COVID. by Mercurio

    © Mercurio

  13. mightypula


    OjoWhiteWiz of Eternals, Long Live The King!
  14. i kept dc while playing after i started playing this rappelz in this server...what is wrong with this game???

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    2. Inspira


      i did...but lemme try equip with another weapon in case

    3. Inspira


      stil dced zzZZZZzzzzzzzz

    4. Exterminator


      Try the dc solutions on discord channel:

      Don’t forget to join our discord channel:
  15. hey I cant log in. It says ID or password is wrong. but they are okey...


  16. hey need help 


    i cant find my ID to my Game Account ive made a new yesterday but i like to play my old character

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    2. BenglBeatz


      New Account: BengL

      New Game Account: VegasChino

      New Character: BengLBeatZ

    3. Exterminator


      Hi there,

      I've found your old accounts:





      Please use the same password you use for: VegasChino to acces your old accounts listed above.

      Welcome back and enjoy your stay!

    4. BenglBeatz


      thx so much my old account is back 

  17. Hello, I created an account and I am trying to login to the game but after entering the correct login and password it still pops up that the wrong password or login so I created a second account and it's the same, what should I do about it? Please help.

    1. Exterminator


      Please register your game account here:


  18. Sheyk


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