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The Ares Update is Finnaly Live! - [NEW] Unique Reborn System, [New] Pets: Liquidlust, Behemoth and Two Headed Cobra, [NEW] Dungeons, Maps and Monsters, [NEW] Unique Ranked Weapons and Gold Star Version Pets, [NEW] Unique Ares Final Awakening, New Bosses and Champion Monsters and more! | Sign Up and join our Server Discord Channel | Active Server Development and Roadmap! | Weekend 2x EXP - DROP - BUFFS EVENT!! | Stay loged in to receive Spin Tokens! - Spin and Win @ the Event NPC in Horizon town or Laksy Town for awesome random prices | Level Cap Increased to lv 230! | Player Reborn Increased to 30! | [NEW] Custom Unique content! | Follow like and share our social media pages for free giveaways! | Weekly Boss Invasion Event - Time : 11-12 PM (CEST) | Event Hoster - [GM]Exterminator | Rappelz Tournament - OPEN WORLD ONLINE PC Games (Free to Play! the game that 50M people like!) Enjoy the Ultimate Gaming Experience in an EN classic Medieval Fantasy Anime MMO online RPG, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game with PvP and PvE combat action on private servers. [PC Best MMORPG 2023]. Rappelz Tournament - OPEN WORLD ONLINE PC GAME (Play the game that 50M people like!) Enjoy The Ultimate Gaming Experience in a EN Classic Fantasy MMO Online RPG PvP and PvE Private Servers | PC Best MMORPG 2023.
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All In One Information


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If your player is stuck:
If you disconnect or sometimes random it can be, that your All in One Teleporter Scroll (purchasable at Lost Child – Travel Items), doesn't work. Click the Return Scroll Button to receive 5 Scrolls and teleport back to town. At priest teleport you set your return point to Horizon/Laksy.
Broken Items:

The latest patch is missing please download it here ⁠🔶register-download

Cant action:
You got affected by the AFK Debuff / Star Buff This happens when you login (runs out after some sec) or didn't click YES when the AFK Security Pop up came up. Double click the Star Buff icon or use an All in One Teleporter Scroll and remove the AFK Debuff (on bottom)
.NET Framework 3.5
Don't forget to enable and install .NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0)
Click on windows search for windows features, click to open the windows features section, enable Net framework 3.5, click Ok to install, after restart the system. Also make sure to install the latest version of your video driver at AMD or Nvidia if you have one installed, use auto detect on their website if you've no idea how to find which Graphic card you got installed.

How to install .NET Framework 3.5 in windows 10


Video Drivers Official Site:


Account Recovery

If you lost your password or don't remember your accounts details anymore, please send me a private message through forums, email or discord with the following: Email: RappelzTournament@gmail.com

The following action is needed to verify that you are the owner of the lost accounts

Create a new account with a strong password here:


Create a random character and login once. Private message me the following details: 1: Character names of lost accounts. 2: Last logged in date ~ 3: Write down any details that should speed up the process to restore your account you can also send me old screenshots of your chars. 4: Please mention the newly created account or character name. Be patient until we contact you to help restore your account.

Never share account password with friends, Game Master will never ask for account passwords!
Every game has a step by step process, dont stop playing when you dont drop a pet or item in short time. Not everything is for free, quick and easy to get. YOU have to work for it too.
Leveling 1-150:
Login, select the server, create your character: IF YOU ARENT SURE WHAT TO PLAY, YOU CAN CHANGE CLASS AND RACE TOO. Priest teleporter, set return point Horizon and teleport to Horizon. Go to Trade Angel, grab All in One Buffs, equip possible weapons and armor, activate your loot pet in inventory. Go to the green marked locations, click the green mana stones and kill the pixies and continue. (Skill yourself and dont forget the job level.)
Green mana stones map location near Horizon Town
When you reached 150 and job lvl 10, go to the Job Supporter in town (East Horizon), select your class. Skill yourself and job level to 50. Again job supporter and select your class. Skill yourself and job level to 50. Again job supporter and promote for masterclass. Talk with abonimation girl and select your Masterclass. Talk to priest and teleport back to town. Skill yourself and job level as far as possible. You have all talent points too. JP wont be enough to be fully skilled. If you use the growth potion which helps you gaining more exp in level range 1-150 you dont have any effect when hitting 150. You cant use the next growth potion for 150+, because the other one has 1h cooldown.
First of all: Server is running with Epic 9.6 – with additional modifcations Some items and features are missing but a lot of others are inbound too.
In your inventory are a lot of free items. Some are timed. Check em out, put in warehouse or sell. If dont need. You need to identify some items before equipable. Use the large quillted bag, biggest bag in game.
Level Reward Boxes:
There is also a Level Reward Box for 50, 100, 120, 150, 160, 170, 180, 190, 200, 210. In the boxes 160 and 200 are 7day timed premium passes which gives you stronger buffs. Boxes only can be opened when same or higher level. Per each Reborn you get a new box-row. Be smart and dont open a 160/200 box if your premium pass has still a lot of time left. Full information whats in the boxes here, scroll down to Point 13


Spin Tokens:
Per each 2hour logged in you get a spin token which can be used at the Spin and Win Trader. You can obtain various items and by chance a premium pass too. Dont waste ur spin tokens too. You can trade 25 tokens for +23 armor/weapon food for upgrading or a Joker card.
Use the higher rank equipment. You can get free 30day timed +25 Nusylite Set at Trial Guard when hitting 180. Till that point you can use your masterclass set, buy or farm distorted set, farm at gold lvling and buy nusylite parts from players / Auction House. Weapons which drop in Abyss can be identified with a philosophers scroll to obtain higher stats. Once identified, it cant be reset. Every class needs different stats, check out guide videos here (some parts are not up to date) 1h Weapons can have max 20 Crit Power, 2h 40Crit Power, Shield 36 Crit Power (but takes long to get a perfect weapon with the right stats like above)


Go to Lost Child NPC and buy Perfect Chaos Stone Package and 10x Ancient Chaos Stones. Go to Merchant and buy Catalyst of Stabilization. Open your inventory, combine your necklace with the Catalyst to get the chaos stone. Combine the chaos stone with the package and afterwards with the single ancient chaos stones to make it +10 lvl 10. Combine necklace with chaos stone and equip the necklace. Monsters can drop lak, and most use to sell that lak is at lak trader. Now you can earn 8,25b for a full lak necklace.


Skill Cards:
At Lost Child you can buy +6 Skill cards for 500m each. Max is +10 you can obtain by combining it, +12 Cards can be bought in Cash Shop


+21- +25 Enchanting:
You need Amalgam or Invar to combine 2 weapons or armor of the same enchanting rank to have a chance to a higher. As higher, as lower the chance of success. Rates are +21 90% +22 80% +23% 80% +24 70% +25 60% for example: 2x +24 rank 7+ 1 invar/amalgam same rank7 for chance 1x +25


Yushiva Set:
Earrings and Necklace can be dropped in Abyss 4 or bought from other players. Yushiva Belt can be bought at NPC 100TGOLD, won by golden Spin, or bought from other players. Yushiva Ring can only be won by golden spin or bought from other players, but the ring is very very rare.
Elite Boss Souls
At Event NPC you can trade 50 Souls for +20 Food Weapon/Armor or 125 Souls for +21 food weapon/armor


+99 Flawless Soul stones:

Trade 500 Gold ingots /50b at Trade Angel for 1 Diamond. Lost Child, Flawless soul stones, click the one you need and trade 1 Diamond for the stone.
Job Points:
Once you skilled out you will still earn a lot of JP. Trade them at Trade Angel for Wcoins. Those can be traded at Event NPC for Awakening Stones and Sealing Scrolls to receive higher stats on your equipment. You can trade JP at Pet Trader for additional Pet JP too. Advice: only do that when pet is stage 5 and you can fully skill it.
Leveling 150+:

You can level with the mana stone pixies, Dark Sanctuary, Gold leveling, Remains of the Ancients. When your strong enough you can go and lvl in Abyss too. Sure it will take a lot of time, after the first reborn it will be easier too. Teleport to the dungeons/field locations by 2 ways: Dungeon teleporter / priest teleporter: Entrance of Dungeon/Field Location All in One Teleporter: Boss room, Field Boss location

Blessed Power of Change +1 Skill list for All Classes Armors & Pet Artifacts

-P.s customized stuff will be coming in the Ares Update, once the update is finish this post will be updated


All Classes and Pets +1 Skills from BPOC in equipment results

Holy Warrior

+1 Armor Mastery +1 Two-Handed Sword Expert +1 Dual Sword Expert +1 Shield Mastery +1 Divine Smash +1 Stun Mace +1 Stun Mace Perfection +1 Divine Cross +1 Shield Smash +1 Shield Charge +1 Offense Breaker +1 Defense Breaker +1 Mental Breaker +1 Active Guard +1 Provocation +1 Divine Flare +1 Divine Cluster +1 Fighter Weapon Mastery +1 Shield Blow +1 Shield Strike +1 Restrain +1 Blessing +1 Deflecting Shield +1 Shield of Revenge


+1 Physical Breaker +1 Soul Breaker +1 Heaven's Madness +1 Judgment of Heaven +1 Holy Aura +1 Spell Intercept +1 Hate Aura +1 Exalted Protection +1 Holy Cross


+1 Imbued Light +1 Holy Ground +1 Onslaught +1 Exalted Protection +1 Righteous Purpose +1 Salvation +1 Zeal +1 Sacred Aegis +1 Crusade +1 Devout Fury +1 Glorious Wrath +1 Sword Mastery +1 Mace Mastery +1 Spear Mastery +1 Frenzied Charging +1 Piety +1 Stalwart +1 Vigor +1 Quick Mending +1 Thorned Shield


+1 Dual Strike +1 Wild Stream +1 Laser Blade +1 Divine Crash +1 Mighty Crash +1 Divine Flash +1 Judgment Buster +1 Judgment of the Goddess +1 Light Speed


+1 Immortality +1 Invigorating Essence +1 Deathblow +1 Invigorating Aura +1 No Mercy +1 Desperate Deflection +1 Frantic Defense +1 Reckless Vivacity +1 Remorselessness +1 Unstoppable Force +1 Guiding Light +1 Invincible Strength +1 Hawkeye +1 Killing Spree +1 Lust for Blood


+1 Creature Healing +1 Creature Resurrection +1 Mental Support +1 Breeder Weapon Mastery +1 Eternal Lifeguard +1 Celestial Offering +1 Strength Support +1 Vitality Support +1 Intelligence Support +1 Organic Resistance +1 Inorganic Resistance +1 Spirit Resistance +1 Elemental Resistance +1 Divine Claw +1 Creature Restoration

Soul Breeder

+1 Dual Summoning +1 Wrath of Heaven +1 Celestial Sanctuary +1 Strength Boost +1 Vitality Boost +1 Intelligence Boost +1 Wisdom Boost

Master Breeder

+1 Empowering Scent +1 Rejuvenating Roar +1 Grim Desire +1 Bestial Cry +1 Summon Mastery +1 Healing Wave +1 Mass Soothing +1 Glacial Whorl +1 Defense Mastery +1 Trait Mastery +1 Potency +1 Feral Aspect +1 Breeder's Synergy +1 Critical Resonance +1 Frozen Core +1 Mortal Coil +1 Mind Maul +1 Primal Concentration +1 Expert Caretaker


+1 Cold Bolt +1 Divine Nova +1 Minor Shining Weapon +1 Rock Pin +1 Earthquake +1 Snow Slide +1 Shining Armor


+1 Magical Requisition +1 Inner Light +1 Rainbow Field +1 Sustained Restoration +1 Mighty Energy Beat +1 Arctic Blast +1 Mass Restoration +1 Seraphic Remedy +1 Celestial Protection +1 Vortex Magic +1 Frigid Breeze +1 Binding Ward +1 Endless Winter +1 Brisk Reprisal +1 Celestial Protection Enhancement


+1 Mass Healing +1 Touch of the Goddess +1 Miracle +1 Shining Armor +1 Mass HP Regeneration +1 Mass MP Regeneration +1 Mass Bless Armor +1 Mass Bless Weapon +1 Mass Bless Magic Armor


+1 Guardian Angel +1 Brilliant Harmony +1 Radiant Flare +1 Mass Repentance +1 Heaven and Hell +1 Hymn of Focus +1 Dignity +1 Rapture +1 Divine Recovery +1 Spiritual Destruction +1 Angel's Deception +1 Premonition +1 Holy Protection +1 Heavenly Grace +1 Kismet



+1 Energy Mastery +1 Defense Practice +1 Spinning Blow +1 Storming Serial Cut +1 Log Split +1 Wind Cut +1 Blasting Rock Cut +1 Arrow of Delay +1 Heat Shot +1 Spiracle Shock Shot +1 Freezing Arrow +1 Spiracle Charge +1 Provocation +1 Energy Charge +1 Spiracle of Vitality +1 Loading Restrain +1 Fighter's Combat Skill +1 Archery practice +1 Dual axe training +1 Two-Handed Axe Training +1 Archery Training +1 Barbarian Rage +1 Poison Arrow


+1 Behemoth Force +1 Earth Shatter +1 Hysteria +1 Spiracle Rush +1 Zephyr Strike +1 Berserker Rage


+1 Resonance Shockwave +1 Penetrating Shot +1 Double Shot +1 Fire Pillar Shot +1 Icicle Snare +1 Snare of Lightning +1 Snare of Corrosion +1 Trap of Flame +1 Vision of Prey +1 Mysterious Energy +1 Essence of Steel +1 Prey Upon the Weak +1 Tireless +1 Effortless Skill +1 Strategic Agility +1 Frozen Armor +1 Victory Cheer +1 Natural Leader +1 Archer Training +1 Rebound +1 Spiracle of Dexterity +1 Spiracle of Agility +1 Steel Cage +1 Lightning Fury


+1 Endless Energy +1 Rally +1 Spiracle Rush +1 Spiracle of Dexterity +1 Spiracle of Agility

Spell Singer

+1 Bears Four Leaf Clover +1 Armor Mastery +1 Creature Mastery +1 Creature HP Expansion +1 Creature MP Expansion +1 Creature Regeneration +1 Pass Damage +1 Unity of Force +1 Unity of Vitality +1 Unity of Mentality +1 Unity of Intelligence +1 Anger of the Wild +1 Threat of the Wild +1 Threat of Spirit +1 Harmony of Life +1 Beast Disguise +1 Soothe Creature +1 Creature Purification +1 Anger of Spirit


+1 Dual Summoning Control +1 Seal of Gaia +1 Girl Bears Four Leaf Clover +1 Beast Shockwave +1 Paragon of Anger

Beast Master

+1 Soul Harmony +1 Howl at the Moon +1 Field of Clovers +1 Summon Mastery +1 Deep Connection +1 Frightful Howl +1 Domestication +1 Rend and Tear +1 Bloody Aftermath +1 Savage Frenzy +1 Sanguine Bond +1 Overrun +1 Pack Runner +1 Creature for all: Fortune Clover +1 Aspect of the Beast +1 Feral Regeneration +1 Spirit Link
Battle Kahuna
+1 Thunderstorm Slayer +1 Rain of the Spirits +1 Gravity Amplification +1 Huge Volcanic Eruption

War Kahuna

+1 Enchanted Slash +1 Lucid Dream +1 Impaling Power +1 Blessing of Purified Water +1 Swift Enchanter +1 Symbiosis +1 Endless Luck +1 Exhilaration +1 Beast's Wrath +1 Expert Combatant +1 Leviathan's Torrent +1 Merciless +1 Nature's Rage +1 Thicket Armor +1 War Palisade +1 Prismatic Soul +1 Protector's Force +1 Arcane Swell +1 Focused Gust


+1 Explosion of Petrifaction +1 Root of Mother Nature +1 Eternal Pillar of Fire +1 Vacuum Shock Shot +1 Poison Healing +1 Resurrection Sorcery +1 Essence of Life +1 Tears of Gaia +1 Deadly Petrifaction +1 Yak Advent +1 Spirit of Restoration +1 Spear of Flame +1 Reflection of the Soul +1 Gale of Reflection


+1 Spiritual Attunement +1 Elemental Devotion +1 Angelic Mist +1 Ponder +1 Ancestral Vessel +1 Flamemonger +1 Tectonic Spike +1 Bleak Squall +1 Mental Link +1 Versatility +1 Earthly Presence +1 Tidal Trance +1 Heavenly Power +1 Arcane Swell +1 Focused Gust +1 Mirrored Swiftness +1 Breath of Life +1 Cyclone Lord's Blessing +1 Healing Gust +1 Angel's Force
+1 Armor Mastery +1 Cross Bow Mastery +1 Cross Bow Expert +1 Avoidance Expert +1 Charge Stab +1 Dark Strike +1 Bloody Blade +1 Head Breaker +1 Critical Shot +1 Double Impact +1 Assassin Impact +1 Hunter Impact +1 Concentration +1 Quick Pace +1 Sleeping Dust +1 Oblivion +1 Drain Arrow +1 Assassin Weapon Mastery +1 Dual Blade Expert +1 Dual Shot +1 Thrust Arrow +1 Piercing Arrow +1 Cursed Arrow


+1 Assassin Impact +1 Deadly Dancing +1 Sonic Blade +1 Apocalypse +1 Shadow Stab +1 Shadow Crash +1 Shadow Wound +1 Fatal Wave +1 Crimson Turbulence +1 Sudden Rush +1 Distortion of Rage +1 Shadow Rush +1 Cloak of Shadow +1 Blinding Dust +1 Assassin Weapon Mastery +1 React +1 Sonic Cross


+1 Thunder +1 Thunderstorm +1 Dusk Gaze +1 Smoke Bomb +1 Hellstorm +1 Pact With Darkness +1 Envenom +1 Twilight Strike +1 Phantasm +1 Gloom Aura +1 Adrenaline +1 Short Fuse +1 Shadowforged Plating +1 Phase Blades +1 Poison Mastery +1 Death's Respite +1 Dark Binding +1 Unshakable +1 After Image +1 Surefooted +1 Debilitating Blows

Shadow Hunter

+1 Provoke Shot +1 Poison Shot +1 Bolt of Destruction +1 Stun Shaft +1 Blinding Shot +1 Vengeance Shot +1 Hail of the Underworld +1 Cascade of Darkness +1 Defect Aiming +1 Burning Style +1 Agile Style +1 Dusk Style +1 Subtle Enmity +1 Spiral Arrow +1 Cry of Arrows +1 Thunderbolt Arrow +1 Rapid Fire


+1 Shadow Orb +1 Frost Arrows +1 Veteran Senses +1 Demonic Howl +1 Wild Instinct +1 Unpredictable +1 Deep Focus +1 Lightning Reflexes +1 Combat Prowess +1 Attunement of the Damned +1 Bodkin Arrows +1 Stopping Power +1 Iron Will +1 Booming Voice +1 Wolf's Guile +1 Feline Haste


+1 Corruption +1 Creature Mastery +1 Creature HP Expansion +1 Creature MP Expansion +1 Creature Regeneration +1 Pass Damage +1 Creature Soul Transfer +1 Power Support +1 Combat Support +1 Creature Intimidate +1 Creature Stability +1 Lion's Claw +1 Creature MP Extract +1 Bloody Arrow +1 Summoner Weapon Mastery +1 Spirit Support +1 Magic Support +1 Creature Life Transfer +1 Creature HP Extract +1 Scream of the Underworld +1 Blood of the Underworld

Battle Summoner

+1 Dirk Tornado +1 Seal of Halisha +1 Blood Aura +1 Spirit Aura +1 Aura of Halisha +1 Might of the Underworld +1 Dual Summoning


+1 Dirk Hurricane +1 Desperate Blow +1 Armageddon +1 Inferno Fire Arrow +1 Order of Alacrity +1 Miraculous Recovery +1 Aura of Inspiration +1 Fervor Aura +1 Summon Mastery +1 Rapid Miracles +1 Unholy Synergy +1 Mastermind +1 Raze +1 Electric Synergy +1 Swift Impact +1 Hopelessness +1 Blood Synergy

Chaos Magician

+1 Dark Spiral +1 Thunder Slayer +1 Fire Blast +1 Heaven's Breaker +1 Neutralize Magic +1 Magic Skin +1 Heed of the Conjuror +1 Haste of Conjuror +1 Dispel Magic +1 Spell Breaker +1 Meteor Shower

Void Mage

+1 Apostle of Darkness +1 Suppression +1 Abyssal Grip +1 Sadism +1 Sharp Tongue +1 Crystal Aura +1 Shock Therapy +1 Inferno Fire Arrow +1 Maelstrom Bolt +1 Dark Renewal +1 Grim Attrition +1 Time Lapse +1 Temporal Mastery +1 Tempest +1 Chain Lightning +1 Chrono Shift


+1 Mana Burn +1 Stench of Armistice +1 Mind Crisis +1 Stench of Frailty +1 Wide Windy Shackles +1 Fog of Horror +1 Shadow Atrophia +1 Petrified Stench +1 Corpse Mine +1 Fear Trap +1 Steadfast Shadowflame +1 Strength of Darkness +1 Shield of Nightmare +1 Explosion Trap +1 Lightning Trap


+1 Undying Terror +1 Epidemic +1 Putrefy +1 Void Swarm +1 Scent of Death +1 Vampirism +1 Hunger for Blood +1 Stroke of Genius +1 Occultism +1 Shadoweaving +1 Envision +1 Vengeful Spirit +1 Soul Plague +1 Intuition +1 Inferno Fire Arrow

Pet Treasury Scroll

Chance to obtain rank based additional stats, +1/2 pet skills & legendary item effects The higher the item rank the higher the chance of obtaining Epic, Legendary or Mythical Skills Rare 25%, Epic 50%, Legendary 75%, Mythical 100%
[Rare]Creature Skill +1 Ancestral Force • [Rare]Creature Skill +1 Demonic Onslaught • [Rare]Creature Skill +1 Equivalent Exchange • [Rare]Creature Skill +1 Feline Fortitude • [Rare]Creature Skill +1 Gale Force • [Rare]Creature Skill +1 Heaven's Assault • [Rare]Creature Skill +1 Incarnation of Flame • [Rare]Creature Skill +1 Mana Injection • [Rare]Creature Skill +1 Molten Skin • [Rare]Creature Skill +1 Ogre's Fury • [Rare]Creature Skill +1 Painful Aria • [Rare]Creature Skill +1 Pillar Crush • [Rare]Creature Skill +1 Rapid Fire • [Rare]Creature Skill +1 Sharpened Claws • [Rare]Creature Skill +1 Solid Body • [Rare]Creature Skill +1 Timing Attack • [Rare]Creature Skill +1 Wind Blossom • [Rare]Creature Skill +1 Wind Lash • [Rare]Creature Skill +2 Ancestral Force • [Rare]Creature Skill +2 Demonic Onslaught • [Rare]Creature Skill +2 Equivalent Exchange • [Rare]Creature Skill +2 Feline Fortitude • [Rare]Creature Skill +2 Gale Force • [Rare]Creature Skill +2 Heaven's Assault • [Rare]Creature Skill +2 Incarnation of Flame • [Rare]Creature Skill +2 Mana Injection • [Rare]Creature Skill +2 Molten Skin • [Rare]Creature Skill +2 Ogre's Fury • [Rare]Creature Skill +2 Painful Aria • [Rare]Creature Skill +2 Pillar Crush • [Rare]Creature Skill +2 Rapid Fire • [Rare]Creature Skill +2 Sharpened Claws • [Rare]Creature Skill +2 Solid Body • [Rare]Creature Skill +2 Timing Attack
 [Epic]Creature Skill +1 Blood Rain • [Epic]Creature Skill +1 Fire Bird • [Epic]Creature Skill +1 Hell Breath • [Epic]Creature Skill +1 Infernal Magma • [Epic]Creature Skill +1 Opera of Ruin • [Epic]Creature Skill +1 Overrunning Slash • [Epic]Creature Skill +1 Rising Stone • [Epic]Creature Skill +1 Rune of Decay • [Epic]Creature Skill +1 Storm of Ruin • [Epic]Creature Skill +2 Blood Rain • [Epic]Creature Skill +2 Fire Bird • [Epic]Creature Skill +2 Hell Breath • [Epic]Creature Skill +2 Infernal Magma • [Epic]Creature Skill +2 Opera of Ruin • [Epic]Creature Skill +2 Overrunning Slash • [Epic]Creature Skill +2 Rising Stone • [Epic]Creature Skill +2 Rune of Decay • [Epic]Creature Skill +2 Storm of Ruin • [Legendary]Creature Skill +1 Unity: Mystic Koala • [Legendary]Creature Skill +2 Unity: Mystic Koala • [Mythical]Creature Skill +1 Elemental Harmony • [Mythical]Creature Skill +1 Master Devotion • [Mythical]Creature Skill +2 Elemental Harmony • [Mythical]Creature Skill +2 Master Devotion


When your pet is higher than you, you wont get any experience. (Recall after reborn) Right click on pet skill in tool bar is auto attack.


Taming pets:

As higher the rarity of the pet, as lower the chance to tame. So make sure you have a high taming card and taming skill level. Additional you might use taming rings and bpoced gear with taming skill.


Belt Pets:
Belt pets are very important too. Check the class Guide topics for the right setup (not always up to date)


Pets Leveling & Staging:

Pets only level regular to 170, afterwards very small amount exp. Pets can be lvl boosted from 116 to 5 levels below your characters level at the Breeder NPC for Character JP. You can delevel your pet too for Character JP. Higher level, lower chance to fail the staging (recommended to stage 190+ pets for closely no fail) Higher Stage Pets benefit from Increased P.M Accuracy, Attack, Defense, Health Points and overall Stats! • S0 = 0% = 30% • S1 = 3% = 60% • S2 = 6% = 120% • S3 = 10% = 200% • S4 = 14% = 280% • S5 = 20% = 400%

Reborn System:
At level 200 you can do a reborn, so your level is reseted to level 2. Items you had equipped don't give the effect till back on level. If you login, you have to equip it again when on level. You get a reborn crown per reborn, which isnt tradeable. You can grab 2h buffs at Trial Guard. Per reborn the buffs gives +30 stats, max +600 at reborn 20. Additional there are some other buffs. For each reborn you get a reborn token, which can be traded for: 1 token wings (10% stats) /cruel Tula ring (5% stats) / kraken earring (2%stats), Hephaestus hammer 3 tokens Boss card, wings (15% stats), P. Atk Devildom Cloak / M. Atk Devildom Cloak, Fury Pet ring s1 (5% Stats and add a lvl to all skills of pet) My recommendation for beginning: Cruel Tula Ring (1), Cruel Tula Ring (1), 15% Wings (3) Why? Yushiva Earring with Reduce DMG Type, Yushiva Necklace with Increase DMG Type help you more that stats rings. You are having free 30d timed 10%wings which can be traded from a new char to warehouse. So you have some time to save up for the 15% wings – or be lucky and receive from golden spin.
Reborn Buffs up to 21 stats preview
Arena Points:
I'm sure you will find the preview NPC with a lot of cool stuff for 9.999.999 AP. Thats only a preview. If you wanna farm AP, through daily quests you will need 10years to have the amount to buy something.


Ingame currency which can be obtained by daily quests (Underground, Circus, Boss quests), rare drop rate in Battlefield of the Ancients and Abyss Hardmode. In Volcanos dungeon the random spawned boss at volcanos level can drop TSILVER. Don't sell your Tgold Tsilver, Tbronze to others, you will need it too. There are Golden Spins which can be bought 1 for 50TGold or 11 for 500TGold. Spin em and have a chance to rare exklusiv items like Guardian Set Parts


Changing Class/Race:
At level 170 you obtain 1x Homonculus Heart as a reward or buy it at Job supporter NPC


Quick seller
Trade Angel in Horizon or the Trial Guard next to Pet Trader in laksy Abyss all in One seller – all Abyss equip parts will be sold (below +11) All in one seller – all equip parts will be sold Remember equip your items that you don't want to sell or place them in your warehouse to prevent them for being sold.



Choose your Title Camper as main title to reduce a lot of damage. Currently Sub titles give lower stats.
Class Guides:
Check out the class guides in the topics section and discord server.

Chat commands Command Effect

!message message is broadcast to the entire server, and everyone who is online can view it. $message message is routed to the ad channel and appears as cyan. #message message is routed to the party channel and appears as lime green. It is only visible to members of the party. %message message is sent to guild channel, violet, and is only visible to guild members. 'message message sent to siege party, only helpful in timed attacks and dungeon siege Party Commands'
/pcreate NAME creates the party NAME. NAME is invited to the party with /pinvite NAME. NAME is kicked out of the party /ppromote NAME Hands over control (unconfirmed) /pdestroy disbands the party /pleading with you to leave the party
/stand character rises /sit character falls /character gestures for welcoming / character gestures for cheer

Guild Commands (only the guildmaster has access to them)
/ginvite NAME welcomes NAME to the guild /gkick NAME kicks NAME out of the guild /gpromote NAME promotes NAME to guildmaster /gdestroy NAME destroys NAME The guild is destroyed (DO NOT USE!)
Commands for Siege and Timed Attacks
/screate NAME creates a name NAME siege party. /invite_gp NAME invites a guild member to be the party leader of the siege team Alliance
NAME /invite NAME guild is invited to the alliance /gakick NAME is kicked from the alliance /gadestroy destroys the current alliance /galeave?? exits the present alliance Misc.
/shop /union opens the player store window /position opens the combine window Shows your map coordinates.


Server Discord Channel

Join our Discord Channel for upcoming update spoilers, the latest news and directly chat with our staff & community.

You can find class discussions, builds, video guides, support help and more
 3.000+ Members already joined 

See you at discord!

Discord invitation banner


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  • Our picks

    • Class Balancing 5-15 Live [Latest Updates see our Discord!]
      Hate Aura
      (PVE/PVP) [Active-Skill]
      [NEW] Monster Pull Effect Range Increased [Significantly] by +300% 40m!

      For the latest balancing classes full details can be found in our discord channel!
      Following Classes are Re-Balanced 10-11-2023
      [NEW!] Overlord 
      More Upcoming!
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    • Vulcanus Update Release! [Full Patch Notes]
      Vulcanus Update!
      Custom made Vulcanus Deco Items with set bonus effects, skill cast on hit, random stats including crit power and more!
      Equiping more armor parts unlock the set bonus even further!
      Set contains of Lava Helmet, Armor, Gloves, Boots, 2h Weapon / 1h Weapon + Shield and Lava Wings.
      The materials needed to get each part is shown below
      Currently you can exchange materials obtained from The Vulcanus dungeon for new items!
      Hector in Horizon / Laksy Town will help you exchange the materials for the new items!

      The Power of The Gods!
      During your adventure on hunting monsters around the world, your character will obtain one of Blessings for a limited time!
      Blessing By The God Hephaestus Godly Armor
      Blessing By The God Ares Immense Power
      Blessing By The Goddess Artemis Grace Blessing
      *[Now checks if the player has Grace already activated, adds Everlasting Love instead to increase Item Drop Rate!
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    • 4. [NEW!] Ares Content Update is Finally Live! [Full Patch Notes]
      The Ares Update Release!

      Max Level Cap Increased to lv 230!
      Level 220 & Level 230 Reward Box Unlocked
      Starter Pack Timed Liquidlust Pet for 2 Weeks for newly and existing players!
      [Daily] Char & Pet EXP & Drop Buff item inserted to all players, you can use this item every day 24 hours cooltime
      See your inventory when logged in with the New Ares Client!

      Advanced Reborn / Prestige
      Reborn 21th - 30th Unlocked
      Required Player Lv 230, talk to the Trial Guardian to reborn your character to reset it back to level 1
      You will obtain Advanced Reborn Token +1 Reborn Crown
      This unlocks even greater and newer buffs, from all stats increase, stack-able buffs, aura effects and AOE dot effects.
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    • 3. Artemis Content Update! [9.6+ Pets] [Full Patch Notes]
      Upcoming youtube video!

      The New Pets can be tamed in the following locations:
      Death Gladiator (Horizon Arena, Abyss Challenge 2)
      New Wind, Forest & Ethereal Pixie (Laksy Field near Blue Pixies)
      Crystal Golem, Slaughter, Hector and Ice Spider (Remains of The Ancients)
      Liquidlust ( Dragon Nest )

      Where do these New Empty Pet Cards drop?
      In The Abyss Challenge 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Stage. 

      New Boss Cards!

      Available through Reborn Token Rewards, T-Gold Coin NPC, Golden Spins or by Boss Drops:
      Devil Reviac Card
      Crazy Hagen Card
      Yushiva Card
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    • 2. Hephaestus Content Update! [Full Patch Notes!]
      Hephaestus Full Client!

      Kicking off with 3x EXP Event!
      Server Buffs
      Login Event ( Spin Tokens New Items )
      More events wil follow in the upcoming 4 weeks, so stay tuned for more!
      Social Media Giveaway
      To Apply Like Share/Repost Chance to win  Yushiva's Belt and more!
      Keep an eye on the upcoming social media post
      Discord Channel
      Join our Discord Channel for the latest news and upcoming spoilers!
      1k+ Players already joined ↴
      Discord Channel https://discord.gg/fpwExmR
      ITEMSHOP +50% Extra Bonus Coins!

      Weekly screenshot Event!
      Chance to win Blue Okami Mount!
      To apply post your ingame screenshot showing your creative deco armor sets ^^
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