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    2. Hephaestus Content Update! [Full Patch Notes!]


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    Latest video guides

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    Marketplace discussions and more!


    Kicking off with 3x EXP Event!

    • Server Buffs
    • Login Event ( Spin Tokens New Items )
    • More events wil follow in the upcoming 4 weeks, so stay tuned for more!

    Social Media Giveaway

    • To Apply Like Share/Repost Chance to win  Yushiva's Belt and more!
    • Keep an eye on the upcoming social media post

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    ITEMSHOP +50% Extra Bonus Coins!

    Weekly screenshot Event!

    • Chance to win Blue Okami Mount!
    • To apply post your ingame screenshot showing your creative deco armor sets ^^
    • Last Week Screenshot Winner: 50 T-Gold Coins!





    Gear upgrade.png


    Hephaestus Forging Hammer.png

    Book of Seven Seals.png


    Existing Armor sets comapred and upgraded version, stats are random examples!

    Custom server Blessed Power of Change unlocking even more stats + Pet Skills on Armor parts, to equip on pets and make them powerful!

    Guardian Armor Upgrade stats.pngNusylite's Armor Upgrade stats.png

    Red Dragon's Armor Upgrade.pngBlue Dragon's Armor Upgrade stats.png


    Existing Accessories comapred and upgraded version, stats are random examples!

    Accessories upgrade stats.png


    Existing Armor & Accessories upgrades using the Hephaestus Forging Hammers!

    WARNING: If you use the The Hephaestus Forging Hammer or Book of Seven Seals on the items below your wil lose your Soul Stones and rolled awakening stats in the equipment!

    The following items can be enchanted with Hephaestus Forging Hammer or Re-sealed with The Book of Seven Seals:

    • Nusylite's Armors Set
    • Red & Blue Dragon's Armor Set
    • Guardian Armor Set
    • Accessories such as:
    • Kraken Earring
    • Cruel Tula Ring
    • Kainen Necklace
    • Fury's Pet Rings s1 & s2

    Optional: re-seal the upgraded version of your armor to try to get beter stats using Philosopher scrolls, Power of change and or Blessed Power of Change!

    • Book of Seven Seals, can't be used on Helmets.


    Yushiva's Accessories Set

    • 8+ Yushiva's Monster Type Belt's
    • Yushiva's Necklace
    • Yushiva's Earring
    • Custom made Yushiva's Diamond Ring ( Unlocking last set bonuss )


    Yushiva's Accessories set.png

    Yushiva's Accessories set preview.png


    New Boss Cards!

    Boss Cards.png


    Final Enchantment Transfer Scrolls!

    • +21, +22, +23, +24, +25 & Perfect Transfer scrolls
    • Transfering Enchantment and level of equipment to a different item!

    Final Enchantment Transfer Scrolls.png

    Perfect Weapon Enhancement Transfer Scroll.png


    Hector's Shreeder!

    • Able to de-combined existing +25 or to obtain +24 and +23 gear.

    Hector's Shredder.png


    New Diamond Quiver!

    Diamond Quiver.png


    Powerful Pet Artifact

    • You can unlock the stats using a Hephaestus Power of Change Artifacts
    • Unlocking great pet stats + 1 Pet Skill
    • Optional: Re-seal the artifact using Scroll of restraint: Artifact


    Artifact enchant 1.pngArtifact Re-Seal.png


    Scroll of restraint Artifact.png


    Pet Artifact Previews.png


    Pet level cap adjusted, possible to level pets past level 170!

    • Removed Pet level service, cause of increased cap limit and new items increasing pet experience
    • Purple & Red Crackers increasing Pet EXP Gain up to 200%!

    Animal Crackers.png


    Pet level Increase.png


    Soul Creature Selective Potion! 

    Soul Creature Selective Potion.png


    New Cloaks!

    Black, White & Sand Dragon's Cloaks.png

    Sand Dragon's Cloak of Devildom!

    Sand Dragon Cloak Preview.png

    Stats preview

    Sand Dragon's Cloak of Devildom stats.png

    White Dragon's Cloak of Devildom!

    White Dragon's Cloak preview.png

    Stats preview

    White Dragon's Cloak of Devildom +10.png

    Black Dragon's Cloak of Devildom!

    Black Sand Dragon's Cloak.png

    Stats preview

    Black Dragon's Cloak of Devildom +10.png


    Brand new awesome cloaks!

    New Cloaks pics.png


    New Animated Wings! 

    Animated Wings.png

    Aluc's Dark Wings

    Aluc's Dark Wings.png

    Aluc's Desert Wings

    Aluc's Desert Wings.png

    Aluc's Devil Wings

    Aluc's Red Wings.png

    Aluc's Angel Wings

    Aluc's White Wing.png


    New Mounts!

    Okami Mounts.png

    Black Okami Mount

    Black Okami Mount.png

    Blue Okami Mount

    Blue Okami Mount.png

    Green Okami Mount

    Green Okami Mount.png

    Pink Okami Mount

    Pink Okami Mount.png

    Red Okami Mount

    White Okami Mount.png

    Armored Unicorn Mount

    Armored Unicorn.png

    Desert Camel Mount

    Desert Camel.png

    White Camel Mount

    White camel.png

    Red Sheep Mount

    Red Sheep Mount.png

    Blue Sheep Mount

    Blue Sheep Mount.png



    New Deco Shields:

    Deco Shields.png

    Red Dragon Splendor Deco Shield

    Red Shield.png

    Blue Dragon Splendor Deco Shield

    Blue Shield.png

    Black Dragon Splendor Deco Shield

    Dark Shield.png


    New Deco Sets with random stats

    Cheerleader Deco Set.png

    Cheerleader Set.png

    Cheerleader Set prev.png


    Fury's Pet Ring exchange script adjusted

    • Trade 500 Dark Souls + Fury's Pet Ring s1 for s2 version with increase overall stats!


      New T-Silver & T-Gold Coin Quests

      New Quests.png

      The Hunting Challenge

      • Task: Slay 500 Marked Monsters in the Abyss Challenge
      • Reward: 50 T-Silver Coins ( Repeatable )


      The Boss Challenge:

      • Task: Slay 5x Marked Bosses in The Abyss Challenge, Tower of Time or during GM Boss Events!
      • Reward: 5 T-Gold Coins!


      New Titles!

      New titles.png

      Abyss Conqueror

      • +50 Crit Power
      • Task : Kill 20k marked monsters in The Abyss Challenge!


      Meet me at Death Match!

      • +100 All stats +100 Luck!
      • Task: Slay 100 Death Match Bosses



      • +25k Max HP & MP
      • Task: Slay 25x Primal Screams Boss Summons ( Event Bosses )


      World Boss Challenger

      • +750 P & M Accuracy 
      • Task: Slay 25x Ultimate Witch 
      • Emmanuel Raymond 15x
      • Mephisto 5x


      Reborn Update

      • Reborn limit increased by 5 making it max 20x Reborn!


      New Rewards to The Reborn System:

      • Added Hephaestus Forging Hammer

      Cost: 1x Reborn Token

      • White Dragon's Cloak of Devildom ( Melee )

      Cost: 3x Reborn Token

      • Magic Black Dragon's Cloak of Devildom ( Magic ) 

      Cost: 3x Reborn Token

      Increased buffs stats untill Reborn 20!

      Reborn bufgfs.png


      Transmogrifying Charm!

      You can now mix and match deco with gear, you can also reset transformation at the Event NPC in Horizon

      Reset transformation.png


      New +25 Weapon Enchantment option available now!

      • Exchange 100 T-Gold Coins and Enchant your Weapons to +25 Lv 20 at The Event NPC in Horizon

      Gear Enchanter.png

      Abyss challenge Update!

      • Added 4th Floor of Abyss with new monsters

      Halloween mob.jpg

      • Mass monster spawn schedule set to 30 min
      • Added custom spawns see below,  to prevent dungeon being empty, after the mass spawn schedule is in "cooltime"
      • The further you go in the dungeon the higher the spawn cooltime of monsters are, so if you want fast spawns take the first spots near the spawn location.

      Abyss Challenge custom spawns.png



      NPC's Reworked! 

      • It's now possible to navigate much faster through all the options.
      • Able to quick exchange spin tokens or buy items repeatedly ( before every action closed the NPC )
      • Text and descriptions corrected
      • Added ranks to weapons armors etc, to give you an idea whats beter compared. ( The higher the rank shown in , [II], [III], the beter the item.



      • Removed main launcher from client ( To many reports getting blocked by antivirus etc, run bat launcher file instead )
      • Fieldprops: removed interacting in horizon, to prevent players to go in "collect state" misclicking on floor.
      • Added missing skill cards to Lost Child
      • News ingame pages updated
      • Player Ranking updated
      • Adjusted PVP damage
      • Adjusted dura decrease on equipments
      • Renamed certain items and Bosses
      • Updated client files to retail like skill effects, inventory gui and many more
      • Moved certain items to corrected inventory windows
      • Moved certain items to different cooltime groups
      • Inventory Ruppee limit increased to 999.999.999.999
      • New White dragon monster and pet Skin!
      • Decreased the amount of drops from Blessed Pixies
      • Renamed Blood Cloak to Hector's Cloak
      • Npc names corrected
      • Lunacy pet become extra smelly now
      • Monsters types adjusted to field and Bosses
      • Size adjusted of boss event spawns
      • Updated GM NPC
      • Removed new items from all in one seller ( To prevent them acce being sold )
      • Edit game billboard with The New Hephaestus banner
      • Adjusted monster levels
      • Adjusted Mounts speeds
      • Removed certain item transmog options that aren't working atm.
      • Increased Bosses HP
      • New Client Wallpaper
      • New Client login Banner
      • Changed Village Guardian Name into Trial Guardian
      • Removed Town walking Guardians
      • Improved obtainable Awakening stones random stats!
      • Edit Readme client file with some info for 
      • Added 4x Flawless single trade option 
      • T-Coin Trader Name corrected
      • Updated Abyss Challenge map files
      • Copied all T-Silver qeusts to Trial Guardien in Horizon Town
      • Yushiva Boss Card corrected given stats
      • New buff states Showing Exp, Drop Rate Active Events etc
      • Yushiva's Belt dura increased
      • Lak to Rupee increased exchange rate, edit npc
      • Reduced the amount of kills required for Tomb of Behemoth T-Silver qeust
      • Post reborn system explained with visual buffs, rewards etc click here


        Solved Bugs:

        Weapon Glow.png

        • Weapons Glow fixed
        • Deco not showing on characters only character selection
        • You can now mix and match deco with gear, you can also reset transformation at the Event NPC in Horizon
        • Invisible Bosses some are solved and some of them replaced 
        • Abyss challenge texture corrected
        • Awakening stones enchantment bug solved sometimes not interacting
        • Book of Seven seals bug solved 
        • Solved certain mounts not being visible
        • Solved bug on certain combination and enchantment items
        • Removed bugged files from client
        • Solved server crash on + 1 skills on certain items
        • Itemeffects issue corrected on many items
        • Nusylite's Boots not showing solved
        • Solved text description errors on certain items
        • New Armor set itemeffect and set bonuss corrected
        • Devine nova perm cooltime solved
        • Solved crit power missing on certain weapons
        • Reborn buffs corrected based on reborn count 
        • New Deco text and stats corrected
        • Solved Pet Artifact skill crash
        • Shields not showing enchant stats
        • Snowman effect corrected
        • Reborn buff NPC
        • Pet belt stats visual text corrected to given stats
        • Pet artifacts corrected Magic & Melee stats


        Known Bugs:

        • After killing certain monsters it shows that i'm losing exp ( Visual Bug it does increase exp) ( Open )
        • Player Stats get negative stats ( Visual Bug doesn't effect atk ) ( Open )
        • Haste of Conjuror: Can only cast 1 instant skill ( Open )
        • Corpse Mine ( Open )
        • Deadeye: Thunderbolt Arrow in the description say "+5225 additional damage"but it only causes +1425 damage, this is a error? ( Open )
        • Reborn Ranking list isn't up-to-date (This updates during weekly restart/maintenance)


             Item, States and Skills Changes

            Items and skills effects has been adjusted improving their damage by level enchant or skill card dmg increase, 
            dot overall dmg, buffs and de-buffs values, stats increase, switching certain buffs to different groups making them stackable etc.
            It's way to much to list every single change here, so enjoy testen!


            • Log Split, Deep Evasion, Drain Arrow, Sudden Rush, Provocation
            • Snare of Corrosion, Cry of Arrows, Acid Spray, Enchanted Water Skill, Fireshield, Mind Crisis
            • Lion's Claw, Immersed in Battle, Blood Rain, Surging Storm
            • Rising Stone, Mystic Effect, Unity: White Dragon
            • Unity: Death Tyrant, Fairy Queen's Blessing
            • Blessing of Light, Unity: Blight Ogre<blight, Unity
            • Undine, Shield of Revenge, Zeal, Fervor, Blood Aura
            • Spirit Aura, Aura of Halisha, Creature for all: Fortune Clover
            • Divine Purpose, Asuran Haste, Adrenaline
            • Envenomed Weapons, Impaling Power, Blessings of Salvation
            • Veteran Senses, Guardian Angel, Miracle of Life, Grim Attrition
            • Heavenly Restoration, Murderous Intent, Dark Powers
            • Debilitated, Critical Frost Arrow, Frost Arrow, Rend and Tear
            • Def Increase Aura, HP Recover Aura, Military Discipline
            • Intense Authority, Intense Aura, Warm Authority, Warm Aura
            • Power of Attack, Power of Defense, Pluto's Malice, Pluto's Greed
            • Pluto's Fame, Pluto's Shame, Dark Spirit: Stun Resistance
            • Dark Spirit: Petrifaction Resistance, Dark Spirit: Hold Resistance
            • Replenishing Mana, Vigorous Arms, Amplified Spells, Guarded Mind
            • Detecting Weaknesses, Bullet Step, Platinum Skin
            • Bullet Hands, Quick Potion, Wind Potion, Spell Potion, Death Tyrant Potion
            • Baphomet Potion, Blight Ogre Potion, Undine Potion, Feral Cry, Disguise <Yeti>, Disguise <Salamander>
            • Transformation<Rabbit>, Disguise <Crystal>, Transformation <Ghost>
            • Defense Power Degrade, Accuracy Degrade, Harmony of Life, Zephyr Strike, Wind Cut, Shadow Wound
            • Flame Burn, Restoration, Holy Aura, Ice Arrow, Curse of the Dead Spirits
            • Gigantic, Vampiric Rage, Thunderbolt Wind Cut, Cursed Arrow, Fire Storm, Touch of the Goddess
            • Shield of Revenge, Unity of Force, Unity of Vitality, Unity of Mentality
            • Unity of Intelligence, Acid Swamp, Corruption, Harmony of Life, Beast Disguise, Soul Harmony
            • Destroyed Resonance Lasting Effect, Acquired Magic, Drained Magic
            • Refreshing Triumph, Demonic Howl, Order of Alacrity, Steel Presence: Vitality, Minor Restoration
            • Fortune, Bee drink, Energy of Fire, Energy of Wind, Energy of Water
            • Energy of Gold 1,2,3,4 and 5, Blue Pixie Potion Lasting Effect, Siren Potion Lasting Effect
            • Salamander Potion Lasting Effect, Hawk Man Potion Lasting Effect
            • Kentauros Potion Lasting Effect, Angel Potion Lasting Effect, Cerberus Potion Lasting Effect
            • White Dragon Potion Lasting Effect, Mystic Koala Potion Lasting Effect
            • Wolf Potion, Gnoll Potion, Octopus Potion, Naga Potion, Genie Potion, Pantera Potion Lasting Effect
            • Poultry Potion Lasting Effect, Tortus Potion Lasting Effect, Orc Potion Lasting Effect
            • Yeti Potion Lasting Effect, Skeleton Potion Lasting Effect, Red Pixie Potion Lasting Effect
            • Harpy Potion, Impact Amplifier, Mirror Amplifier


            Class balancing ( Skills Update )

            To give you an idea how the Skills Cast/Dmg Range are adjusted now see the list below:


            AoE Range.png


            • Piercing Arrow stack 5 (increased base and dot dmg)  
              Poison Shot stack to 7 (increased base and dot dmg)
            • Crossbow Master Skill P.Atk increase +5 = 500 up to 10k on Lv 20
            • Cascade of Darkness
            • Vengeance Shot
            • Hail of the Underworld



            • Wild stream Skill Dmg Range to 20m, dot  duration 11 sec changed to 6 sec duration dot dmg ticks 2 sec to 1 sec



            • Shuddering Flame Range Increased + Dmg Boost
            • Huge Volcanic Eruption DMG Increased, reduced cooltime
            • Rain of Spirit Ticks Increased from 1x to 6x ( Added 60sec Cooltime cause of heals)
            • Enchanted Slash Increased DMG
            • Impailing Power bug solved


            • Shining Cross
            • Mass Repentance DMG Increased
            • Radiant Flare Base DMG & Dot Increased



            • Corpse Mine Increased DMG Range
            • Corpse Hp Drain Increased gained HP ammount
            • Fear Trap Increased Effect Range
            • Explosion Trap Increased Effect/DMG Range
            • Trap of Flame Increased Effect/DMG Range
            • Lightning Trap Increased EffectRange

              Scent of Death Passive

            • Old If target Hp is under 30% P/M and skill damage is increased by 20% upgraded 
            • New If target Hp is under 75% P.Atk & M.Atk and skill damage is increased by 30%


            Void Mage

            • Dark Spiral
            • Firestorm: Increased Damage
            • Firefield: Increased Damage
            • Lightning Field: Increased Damage
            • Grim attrition: Increased max level limit ( Before 420% )



            • Hellstorm: Range increased 3m to 20m
            • Apocalypse: Range increased 3m to 20m
            • Envenomed weapons solved m.atk boost
            • Benefit from DE (Crossbow Master Skill P.Atk increase +5 = 500 up to 10k on Lv 20)
            • Smoke Bomb Increased Effect Range 



            • Whirlwind Assault Range increased 3m to 20m
            • Hellfire Flame Range increased 3m to 20m
            • Zephyr Strike Range increased 3m to 20m
            • Earth Shaker Range increased 3m to 20m
            • Shuddering Flame Range increased 3m to 20m
            • Wave Cut Skill Dmg Range to 20m (Straight line Range)
            • Removed Energy Cost on Skills
            • Benefit from MM Fighter's Combat Mastery  Skill P.Atk increase +6 = 600 up to 12k+ on Lv 20 



              • Mental Link passive nerfed from 3% each lv increase wis/int from pet to 1% each lv increase wis/int from pet.
              • Root of Mother Nature



              • Removed Energy Cost on Skills
              • Fighter's Combat Mastery  Skill P.Atk increase +6 = 600 up to 12k+ on Lv 20 
              • Steelcage:
              • Fire Pillar Shot:
              • Resonance Showave: Decreased Cooltime by 50%)



              Righteous Purpose:

              • Old: Increase P.Atk and M.Atk by 4% every level
              • New: Increase P.Atk and M.Atk by 8% every level

              Devout Fury:

              • Old: Increase P.Atk and M.Atk by 4% every level
              • New: Increase P.Atk and M.Atk by 8% every level

              Heaven's Madness: Increased DMG Range
              Judgement of Heaven: Increased DMG Range



              • Celestial Protection: Cooltime reduced from 600 sec to 190 sec -lv3 enhancement reducing it by -150 sec making it 40 sec cooltime! state duration increased 5 = 10sec base
              • Arctic Blast: DMG & Dot Increased
              • Rainbow Field: Increased DMG Range



              • Armageddon Range increased 16m to 20m (Replaced Stun Effect with Fire Ball dot dmg) duration increased from 3 sec = 10 sec
              • Cooltime changed from 12 sec = 3 
              • New update items should increase pets strenght significantly!



              • Wave Cut Skill Dmg Range to 20m (Straight line Range)
              • New update items should increase pets strenght significantly!


              Master Breeder

              • New update items should increase pets strenght significantly!


              All Classes:

              • Skill Cast Range on Healing & Buff skills will be increased


              Boss Skill

              • Meteor Skill range increased to 100m


              If you find any bugs or overpowered skill/dot damage, please report this so we can solve this asap.

              The changes might not be final and may change without prior notice
              We are trying to fair balance classes to make it fun to play all the classes in our server.


              Spin Tokens

              • Blessed Power of Changes all Classes added to the reward list!
              • So make sure to stay logged in to receive tokens to get these rewards and stay unlocking greather powers!




              Gold Spin token

              Trade 50 T-Gold Coins for a Golden Spin & Win 

              Gold Spin Token.png

              Gold Token price reduced by 50%!

              • Sale Get 11 Tokens for the price of 10!

              Added tons of exclusive update items such as:

              New Cloaks same stats as existing T-Gold, but different looks

              The following cloaks do have different stats 10 - 20% Attack increase and more stats!

              • +20 Sand Dragon's,
              • +10 White Dragon's
              • +10 Black Dragon's Cloak of Devildom 

              4 New Animated Wings!

              • Aluc's Desert Wings
              • Aluc's Dark Wings
              • Aluc's Devil Wings
              • Aluc's Angel Wings

              Hephaestus Forging Hammers

              • Book of Seven Seals 
              • Diamond Quiver
              • Advanced Deco set ( Higher Random stats )
              • Yushiva's Diamond Ring ( Unlocking last set bonuss )

              New Mounts!

              • Armored Unicorn High Mov Speed
              • Desert Camel Mid Mov Speed
              • White Camel Mid Mov Speed
              • Red Sheep Mid Mov Speed 
              • Blue Sheep Mid Mov Speed
              • Black Okami High Mov Speed
              • Red Okami High Mov Speed
              • Blue Okami High Mov Speed
              • Pink Okami High Mov Speed
              • Green Okami High Mov Speed

                  3 New Deco Shields

              • Dragon Blue, Red and Black Splender Shields


                T-Coin Trader

                Added couple more NPC's in different towns, to prevent all players moving to Horizon for exchange / Spins.

                Added New Cloaks

                • Kainen Cloak Cost: 50 T-Gold Coins
                • Mephisto Cloak Cost: 50 T-Gold Coins
                • Medusa Cloak Cost: 50 T-Gold Coins
                • Witch Cloak Cost: 50 T-Gold Coins
                • ( Optional higher rank cloaks available only through Golden Spin )
                • +20 Sand Dragon's, +10 White Dragon's and +10 Black Dragon's Cloak of Devildom
                • Perfect Enhancement Transfer Scroll
                • Powerful Pet Artifacts + Hephaestus Blessed  
                • Hephaestus Forging Hammer
                • Book of Seven Seals


                  ITEMSHOP [EVENT!] Up to +30% T-Gold Coins on certain donations!

                  • Get Some Bonus T-Gold Coins While You Can!


                  How to donate? 

                  Donation Method 1. [Paypal]

                  1. Scan the following barcode with you mobile phone
                  2. Click the banner or image to enter the paypal donation page.
                  3. Donate for the amount of T-Gold coins you'll like to have.


                  • 20 T-Gold Coins for $10  
                  • 50 T-Gold Coins for $25  
                  • 100 T-Gold Coins for $50  
                  • 200 T-Gold Coins for $100  
                  • 500 T-Gold Coins for $250 -/ US $200 = Save 20%
                  • 1000 T-Gold Coins for $500 -/ US $350 = Save 30% 


                  • Stage 5 Tier 2-5 Pet for $25 
                  • Stage 5 T6 or Unique Pet for $50.00 
                  • +12 Skill card Any Kind for $20 

                  Donation Method 2. [Paymentwall/MobilePay]

                  1. Select payment method.
                  2. Enter your Email address + Character Name and click proceed.
                  3. Select the Item or amount of T-Gold Coins you want to donate for.
                  4. Click Buy and Complete your payment.


                  RappelzTournament Excel sheet

                  • Itemshop prices, stats and additional item info guides!


                  Excel sheet.jpg

                  Itemshop bundles?

                  • Donate the total amount through the above method

                  After donating please send me details about which bundle you donated for and additional details related to the items you like to have.
                  For Example

                  • Donated Amount:
                  • Payment Email:
                  • Active Character Name:
                  • Donated for mention which items:
                  • Bundle 1: Nusy Set & +25 Weapon [Name which Weapon]
                  • Bundle 2: 6x +12 Skill Card [Name the S-Cards]

                  Contact us for your donation status 

                  Please be patient for a reply 

                  • P.s There might be delay cause of different Time-Zones, i'll contact you within 24 hours.

                  Thank you in advance!


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