Collection of Information

By using RappelzTournament online site, products, and services, users agree that RappelzTournament collects and processes the personally identifiable information they provide by creating a Game account, by purchasing or selling subscriptions, or during any exchange with RappelzTournament in connection with the use of their Game account. RappelzTournament will not share any personally identifiable information with other parties. RappelzTournament also processes anonymous data, aggregated or not, in order to analyze and produce statistics related to the habits, usage patterns, and demographics of users as a group or as individuals. Such anonymous data does not allow the identification of the users to which it relates. RappelzTournament may share anonymous data, aggregated or not, with third parties.

Chat Forums, Etc.

RappelzTournament's products or services may provide chat, forums, bulletin boards, or instant messaging tools to users. Any information that is disclosed in chat, forums or bulletin boards should be considered public information, and users who message one another may not know each other personally. RappelzTournaemnt has no obligation to keep private personally identifiable information that a user makes available to other users or the public using these functions. Users should exercise caution when deciding to disclose personal information in public forums. Users should also be aware that game play information disclosed during multiplayer game play (e.g. player name and current player statistics) is public information and may be displayed to other users.


Contacting RappelzTournament

If you have any questions or complaints about this privacy policy, or the privacy practices of RappelzTournament, please contact us here

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