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    • Admin

    Patch Notes 2.8 (Boss Arena)


    • PvP Damage Increased.
    • Auto notice message Tool/Lua script.
    • Pk Disabled excluding Horizon Field.
    • Replaced Horizon Stage 4 Bosses with Stage 1.
    • Energy of Gold not activating bug solved.
    • Energy of gold duration bug reduced to 2hours.
    • Boss Cards Durability x2.
    • Blood Brothers added to Dune Cliffs.
    • Grace skill reduced cooltime Old 5 Hours - New 1.5 hours
    • Amplifiers Old 1 hour - New 2 hours duration.
    • Artifact M.Atk 4% Increased to 400% to make mage/Heal pet more usefull.
    • More items added as preview T-Coin Trader.




    Boss Arena Available every 3 Hours.

    • Location = Horizon Arena:  Available also through Teleporter (Boss Arena)
    • Containing stages with Improved bosses.
    • Slain a Boss, Spawns next Boss + Exp Pixies - Blessed Reward Pixies as a reward. 
    • Blessed Reward Pixies : Silver, Gold Ingots, Philosopher scrolls, R7 Amalgam, Unique Summoning scrolls.
    • Exp Pixies give additional Experience.


    Reorganized NPC's

    Weapons, Armors, Monster star ranking categories added to NPC's

    • Showing you which item is best and which monster map contains stronger monsters.
    1. *******
    2. ***** 
    3. ****
    4. ***
    5. **
    6. *



    Nusylite's Mask +1 All Stats +10 Crit Power





    New Items!

    New Deco Jolly Cloak  +2% All Stats +1 Slot



    Skills update.

    • Cloak of Shadow Skill reduced cooldown
    • Occultism Wis=Hp/M.Atk Increased
    • Wild Instinct Dex/Agi = Increased Max HP
    • Thorned Shield slightly increased atk.spd.
    • Righteous Purepose (Heart of Prayer) P.Atk bug solved
    • Assassin Shadowforged slighty increased Max HP
    • Assassin Shadowforged Max Hp bug solved.


    Possible solved awakening item not reacting to enchant.

    • if it's stil not working for you, try multiply times enchanting. 


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    Winner from Facebook:

    Leonel his favortie pet = Ninjas!:skull2:



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