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    • Admin

    Patch Notes 3.3 (Holiday Events  - Weekly updated)


    • Awakening random stats increased.
    • PvP damage reduced 50%
    • Forum Reputation and Activity Ranks added, New/Active/Established/Senior/Veteran Membercommon_mark_rank_monster_13(ascii).png.b27831d85f0e41a62d337209f020bdaa.pngcommon_mark_rank_monster_14(ascii).png.81ffd568bf0008c3a4646d2aeaf0d018.pngcommon_mark_rank_monster_15(ascii).png.7058292a3578c3427072f207b108d00d.pngcommon_mark_rank_monster_16(ascii).png.00d8c037eb163fb6fe1384fd3e4836e0.png
    • Arena Bosses Attack/Magic points decreased 25% Attack speed decreased 30%




    • Refill your survival packs and get ready for the upcoming weeks!



    Santa has prepared events for your Holidays!

    Let's kick off our christmas event's starting with! 

    5th - 31th December:evil-snowman-smiley-emoticon:

    • Snowmans spawn all around the Rappelz world!
    • Drops Belt/Helm Awakening stones, Armor Sealing scrolls, purified stones & wcoins.


    12th - 31th December

    • 50% Server Exp Rate Increase!
    • Wcoins Trader is back! -Trade wcoins for Boots Awakening stone or Armor sealing scrolls!
    • The Tomb of Behemoth! - Elite Monsters chance to drop Gloves Awakening Stone 
    • Arena Monsters! - Chance to drop Boots & Helm Awakening Stone!


    Next 19th - 31th December

    •  Enabled Christmas Event Click here
    • Login event
    • Reindeers added to dungeons
    • Wcoin trader Santa hat Christmas Cloak Perm Christmas Weapons 
    • Christmas present containing Improved santa sets beard, rudolph set and more


    26th - 31th December

    • Click here
    • Login event with additional items and drops added to existing monsters.


    30 & 31th December

    • Click here 
    • Increased server rates Exp 3x - Pet Staging -  Item enchantment!
    • Stay loged in to receive even more items!
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