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  • The Ares Update is Finnaly Live!
  • New Pets, Map, ranked Weapons, Final Awakening and many more to come!
  • Active Server Development and Roadmap!
  • Daily ÊXP | Drop - Server Buffs!
  • Stay loged in to receive Spin Tokens!
  • Spin and Win @ the Event NPC in Horizon town or Laksy Town for awesome random prices
  • Level Cap Increased to lv 230!
  • Player Reborn Increased to 30!
  • Custom content
  • Follow our social media pages!
  • Weekly Events!
  • Time : 10 PM (CEST)
  • Event Hoster
  • [GM]Exterminator
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    Patch 3.6 (Login Event)


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    • Admin

    Patch 3.6 (Login Event)




    • Godly protection world buff lowered
    • Boss Event teleporter added.
    • Event monster wave added to Boss Event.


    GM Event NPC

    • Added event monster spawner in horizon.


    Text edit description

    • 250x Wcoin Santa beard = Santa Claus Hat!
    • Gift coupons visual text changed from 25x = 15x


    Revive with full health 100% Max HP

    • Dungeon Raid
    • Duels
    • Resurrection skills


    Snowmans & Reindeers

    • Decreased Exp
    • Increased HP


    Chaos necklace bug fix.

    • Can't remove from equipped window


    Players who hunt down Titans receive additional items

    • Helm, Boots, Gloves, Armor Awakening stones
    • Armor Sealing scrolls


    Stay logged in for additional items!

    • Helm, Boots, Gloves Awakening stones
    • Armor Sealing scrolls
    • Quick, Wind, Spell Gladiator's Potions
    • Silver Coins
    • Free weekly Premium pass for everyone!

    (Select your character before using to gain 10% Exp/Lak/Jp + All buffs from NPC)


    Exp Rate increased to 100%:typerhappy:


    Add us on different social media sites Facebook/Twitter and Instagram to win T-Gold Coins and more!

    • Win free T-Gold coins gold.jpg.88b593571c12108f286da18929144afe.jpg.6c5f3387165cb9cdc3026c2181d40e36.jpg

    Keep an eye on the social media pages! Soon there will be a new giveaway!


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