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    Patch Notes 4.6 (Dragon Weapons/Mask)


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    • Admin

    Patch Notes 4.6 (Dragon Weapons/Mask):jawdrop:




    • Added Dragon Weapons & Mask (Same stats like Dark Deco Weapons & Nusylite's Mask)
    • Essence of Invulnerability (cooltime reduced compard to immortality)
    • Arena Soul of Lunacy reduced chance to fear 20% = 10%


    Pk Rules updated

    Not following these rules wil result into warning or account bann strikes.

    • Added Pking not allowed during events like boss event in Horizon Lake.
    • Pk camping players updated, there must be 30 minutes between third and fourth pk on same player. 
    • You can Pk players up to 2 Times max without getting reported.
    • Warning abusing this method wil result into bann strikes, if you get reported with multiply screens.


    Solved Npc Buff remover

    • Magic Skin
    • Neutralize Magic
    • Beast Disquese
    • Soul Harmony


    Oracle skills changes (Testing phase)

    • Guardian Angel spammable effect duraction increased 15 - 30 min
    • Radiant flare  swtiched to AOE compared to Rainbow Field
    • More changes in the upcoming days.



    • Weekly Reward
    • Player with fasted clear time wil be rewarded a random gift (Next week maintenance will show winner)
    • Removed soul needed to enter floors.


    Updated existing Wings 

    Intense Aura P & M.Atk Increased 500 + 10x 100 = 1.500

    • Lamia Wings
    • Angelic Wings
    • Dark Wings
    • Omega Wings
    • Likros Wings
    • Sword God of War


    T-Coin Shop Updated

    • Added Sword of God of War
    • Premium Pass
    • Dragon Weapon Skins
    • Dragon Mask


    The following items will be also available through the T-Coin Trader ingame!

    New Intense Butterfly Wings (Same stats like Likron Wings):squee:


    New Dragon Weapon Skins & Mask Added..

    • 1 Handed Mace


    • Magic Shield (can also be used as normal shield)


    • 2 Handed Mace


    • 2 Handed Axe


    • 2 Handed Spear


    • 2 Handed Staff


    • 2 Handed Sword


    • 1 Handed Axe


    • 1 Handed Sword


    • 1 Handed Dirks


    • Bow


    • Crossbow "Rocket Launcher":skull2:


    • Shield



    • Dragon Mask (Same stats like Nusylite's Mask)



    Player World Map.

    Add your country location to our players new world map, to find any RappelzTournament players near your place, to make new friends! :typerhappy:





    • Donate for T-Gold Coins or exclusive items!
    • Up to 100+ Available donation methods


    How to donate?

    1.  Enter email & username click proceed
    2.  Select payment methode.
    3.  Follow instructions...Complete payment.
    4.  Wait for payment approval.

    Wait patiently to receive items. Depending on payment. Items will be received within 24 hours.


    Remember any changes within our patches, can possibly be reverted back, without prior notice.

    To prevent huge impact on the overal gaming experience.


    Enjoy your stay with us!

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