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    Patch Notes 5.7 (Enchanting & Staging)


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    • Admin

    Patch Notes 5.7 (Enchanting & Staging)


      Time for +25 Weapons and Stage 5 Pets!:jawdrop:

      4th Week: June 5th - 12th
      Increased succesfull Enchantment & Pet Staging!



      • Npc categories reorganized/recoloured


        Preview Npc

        Recently added items now available

        • 2x New Cloaks
        • 5x New Wings
        • 7x Soulstones


        Trade 5k gold ingots for 1x Diamond.

        • Trade 20x Diamonds or 100 T-Silver Coins for the following Soulstones!


        • Flawless Wizard Stone 
        • Flawless Perception Stone
        • Flawless Spry Stone
        • Flawless Guardian Stone
        • Flawless Precision Stone
        • Flawless Valor Stone
        • Flawless Annihilation Stone


        The following events ended

        • 3x Exp Rate
        • Weekend Buffs
        • Monster Hunt


        Our network host is trying to solve their hardware firmware issues, we might get disconnection during their maintenance. 


        Free giveaway winner!

        Our Last week winner is from Facebook: Leonel Martin Condori 

        • 1x Wing of choice


        Chance to win free items & T-Gold coins, through our forum raffles & social media pages.

        Follow us, and make sure you won't miss it!

         facebook.pngFacebook  twitter.pngTwitter   instagram.pngInstagram 


        Donate for T-Gold Coins +25 Weapons, +25 Armors, Stage 3/5 Pets

        +10 Skill cards, Wings, Masks, Weapon Skins, Accessories, Cloaks, T-Gold Coins and more!




        • Up to 100+ Available donation methods such as:
        • Paypal, Credit Cards, e-Wallets, (Wechat) Bank Transfer
        • Cash and Prepaid (Mint) , Mobile and Phone (Mobiamo)


        How to donate?

        1.  Enter email & username click proceed
        2.  Select payment methode.
        3.  Follow instructions...Complete payment.
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