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    Patch Notes 2.4 (Halloween)


    halloween event


    • Lak - charge stone points exchange rate increased 
    • Hidden village pass warp location changed to horizon (Main City)
    • Reduced Titan kraken size
    • Notice message on GM login
    • Option added: Create Guild NPC,Tp Points NPC
    • Underground witch quest count fix
    • Boss rabbit egg drops removed.
    • Hidden Village pass added to starter pack.
    • Repair button only available at 100+ points.
    • Hector teleport quest bug
    • Jlv automaticly levels changing class.
    • Players name announced when killing Titans.
    • Person who kills Titan Gargam will spawn blessed pixies 2-4 at the players location.
    • Berserker skill bug fix Steel Presence Toggle: +50% Threat, +15% MAX HP, +15% Vitality. ( Need Client Patch)
    • Overlord miraculous recovery 4% Hp/Mp every tick ( Need Client Patch)


    More monsters added to dark sanc.

    darksanc spawns


    darksanc preview


    Crystal Golems spanwed back in veiled island

    veiled island boss locations

    crystal golems location

    Added Crystal Golem boss in veiled island

    beast golem new location


    Yushiva - The Ice Maiden

    • Slaying Yushiva, spawns Titan Gargam in the Horizon Lake.

    Titan gargam location

    Titan gargam preview


    Slaying Titan Gargam, spawns reward pixies + cast new Char/World buff.

    slain rewards

    immersed in battle effect

    Updated Titan Map

    titan location


    Npc text recoloured on some categories.

    Custom NPC: Tip Message added, to help our new  players on their adventure.

    1. Tip: Rupee cap is 100B, trade your gold for gold ingots.
    2. Tip: Complete Daily Quests for T-Bronze & Silver Coins. Exclusive items are sold in our ItemShop www.RappelzTournament.com
    3. Tip: Our custom all in one npc's are located in Horizon City.
    4. Tip: You can safe enchant gear up to +15. Our blacksmiths in town level your gear up to level 20!
    5. Tip: Chance to obtain Novice,Veteran and Commander Deco from Altar boxes or Titan Bosses!
    6. Tip: Daily Quests give you huge bonus gold,exp,T-Bronze,Silver Coins and scrolls to define gear.
    7. Tip: Equip the items you don't want to sell, and place valuable items in the warehouse
    8. Tip: Join our discord chat/teamspeak and stay up-to-date on the latest news.
    9. Tip: Our breeder in town will boost your pets free to level 170! P.S Player EXP gain decreases, if your pet is much higher than you!
    10. Tip: Your JP is capped at 50.000M JP, don't forget to trade me for Gold Ingots.
    11. Tip: Obtain Gen Points from Ursa Cavern. GP boxes can give you up to 250k GP!
    12. Tip: Rabbits in Gold Farming map drop silver and gold ingots!
    13. Tip: Leveling will reward you with more awesome items.
    14. Tip: Having a great idea or suggestion? Don't hesitate to contact us!
    15. Tip: Your feedback is important to us, Please let us know.
    16. Tip: Pets gain huge bonus stats at stage 3,4 and 5
    17. Tip: You can sell many items at once, at our custom npc
    18. Tip: Keep your account safe, never share items or account details with friends.
    19. Tip: Awakening stones, has high chance to give perfect stats!
    20. Tip: Player EXP gain decreases, if your pet is much higher than you!

    More Trade options added

    more trade options

    JP = Gold Ignots Trader

    jp gold ingot trader

    GP = Gold Ignots Trader

    • After trading gp points total amount won't show the decreased amount. Player has to relog to see update.

    gp gold ingot trader

    Gold= Gold Ignots Trader

    gold ingots trader

    New Class Card Npc - NPC Skill cards enchanted to +6

    new skill card npc


    (Warning) All in one seller, make sure to equip or put valuable items in the warehouse before using this option)

    • Sells all non dura and dura items below d3.  

    all in one seller


    Legendary Items added to NPC (Enchantment boosted) 

    legendary items


    Halloween Event! added to (Rabbit Gold Farming Map)


    halloween monster 4


    halloween monster 3


    halloween monster 1


    halloween monster 2


    Scarecrows,Zombie Sailor,Zombie Templeknight,Zombie HighPriest 

    Chance to drop: 

    1. Clay Keys
    2. T/Wcoin coupons
    3. Ancient Magic scroll
    4. Gold & Silver Ingots

    The Top 3 Players who collects most coupons at the end of event wins

    • 1st:  +25 Weapon of choice!
    • 2nd: +25 Nusylite Armor 1/4 Part
    • 3rd: Astray Dragon Cloak +25 All stats +200 P/M.Accurracy +10 Crit pwr


    Melee classes improved damage output. (Check video for +25 weapon dmg preview)

    Lvl 180 Weapons P.atk Boosted:

    1. Spear
    2. Axe
    3. Crossbow
    4. 1h Sword
    5. 1h Dagger
    6. 1h Axe
    7. 2h Sword


    From now on every upcoming week 1 class will have some skills improved, to keep up the mage dmg output.

    To make every class worth playing.

    We Start with DeadEye!

    1. Cry of Arrows cooltime reduced to 10 seconds
    2. Passives +200% agi/dex dot dmg increased to 400%
    3. Passive Boosts Posion Arrow
    4. Passive Boosts Piercing Arrow


    *Remember these changes are not final. And subject to change without prior notice.


    crystal of attack.png

    crystal of experience.png

    crystal of high speed.png

    crystal of luck.png

    crystal of niravana.png


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