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    • Admin

    Patch Notes 2.5 (Dark Deco Weapons)


    Be careful what you wish for...Cause you just might get it!:jawdrop:

    dark deco weapons


    • Added Dark Deco Weapons in game
    • Item Repair script edit. (Prevent items from breaking after repair)
    • Old Scroll for boosting = New Scroll for Power of Soul, opens Power of Soul NPC anywhere in the game.
    • Removed and replaced existing buged Mirror/Impact Amplifiers.
    • Yushiva now spawns 2 Titan Gargarms 1 in Horizon Lake + Room next to Yushiva location.
    • Abhuva respawn timer reduced Old 1 hour = New 10 min
    • Pk Mode Disabled in Halloween Map
    • Wcoin coupons now tradeable/Sellable!
    • Putrefy skill cast bug
    • Reduced Titan Size Kraken,Shaman,Ice Maiden
    • Tamed Mystic koala stackable bug.
    • Disabled repeatable quests on certain quests


    Weapons/Armors level reduced.

    Now you can equip the Nusylite's Armor + Blue Eyed weapon on pets to!

    • Blue eyed weapons Old Level 180 = New Level 170 (Like Retail)
    • Accessories Old Level 180 = New Level 170 (Like Retail) 
    • Distorted Space's Armor Old Level 170 = New Level 160 (Like Retail) 
    • Nusylite's Armor Old Level 180 = New Level 170 


    +1 All skills Added to the following items!

    • Distorted Space's Gloves 
    • Distorted Space's Boots
    • Nusylite's Gloves  
    • Nusylite's Boots


    Drop Chance Increased:

    • Tomato's
    • Astray Dragon Cloak


    Reduced respawn timer for the following Monsters: Old 30 Minutes New 10 Minutes!

    • Taranida
    • Crustalino
    • Likirus
    • Cursed White Dragon
    • Ashmaw the Devourer
    • Sand Lord Kynish
    • Aurumis
    • Gatekeeper of Crystals
    • Barikan
    • Icescale
    • Terjahn
    • Draka
    • Shier
    • Deathwhisper
    • Elite Iceskin Boar Orc
    • Mourg
    • Phylla
    • Obsidikar
    • Howling Banshee
    • Wailing Banshee


    This week Voidmage:

    • Heed of Conjuror Duration  increased 1+ Hours
    • Spirit of Fire Duration  increased 1+ Hours
    • Spirit of Lightning Duration increased 1+ Hours


    Event NPC Maya

    This NPC is made especially for holding upcoming event's!


    Forums Social media Registration:

    • Now you are able to login and register using your existing social media accounts: Facebook/Twitter/Google+
    • If you already have an existing account on forums, you can link your Social media account to create and share topics directly on social platforms.

    social media sign up

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