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    • Admin

    Patch Notes 2.9


    New Server Rules:
    - By playing on this server you accept all the following rules.
    - Be respectful towards other players and staff.
    - Global Chat = English only.
    - No cheating / exploiting / third party software such as Automated Bots or Scripts. (Only multiclient allowed)
    - No harassment / abusive language / discrimination.

    Player PK:

    1. Camping not allowed (PK player over and over again)
    2. Using feathers to enable PK in (PK disabled maps). 

    Not following these rules may result into 1, 3, 7 Days or Permanent Bann!


    creature taming event

    • Creature Taming Rates Increased for 1 week!


    • Added Pet buff 3% Hp Absorb on basic attack
    • Ancient Magic key reduced Silver/Gold and scroll from UG chests
    • Boss Arena Taranida resize and text edit.
    • Hector Boss Tameable in ROA & Horizon Dune Cliffs
    • Added missing Red & Blue LV 8 enhanced (Consumables)
    • Pet Items transfered to (Right Archangel)
    • Assassin impact & Barbarian Rage duration increased from 10m = 1+ Hour
    • Mithril Quiver upgraded cost bug solved.
    • Emmanuel Raymond level & stats reduced (Boat Quest) 
    • Missing PW gear from drops mage/Warrior Armor in forbidden land
    • Missing skill cards added to Card npc Blinding dust, Mysterious Energy
    • Templar thorned shield atk spd buff
    • Slayer Shadowforged Hp increased


    Tomb of behemoth:

    • Monsters Hp and Exp increased x2
    • Reduced amount of monsters spawned in room 40+


    Arena Bosses:

    • Chance to drop 5-10x silver iconT-Silver Coins!



    • Chance to drop 10-25x silver icon T-Silver Coins!
    • 1-3x Amalgam/Invar


    Our current Staff Team:

    • Admin: Exterminator / [GM]Exterminator
    • Moderator: [MOD]Cyanide 
    • Test Game Master: [TGM]Liberte 


    Staff Recruitment:

    More available Staff position such as Server Developer, Lua - Coder, Photoshop Designer, 3D Modeller and more TGM.

    We are currently looking for a TGM in different time zone +-5/6 GMT.


    Social media winner

    • facebook icon: Doruk (Void Mage ofc) 50x gold coin icon T-Gold Coins!

    Keep an eye on the social media pages! Soon there wil be a new giveaway!


    Our Winner from Weekly Screenshot event!

    • Renjii Reward: 10 Skill Card

    renjii winner

    Apply for the weekly Screenshot event! Click here

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