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    Patch Notes 3.0 (Thanksgiving Event)


    • Tomb of Behemoth Jp gain increased x2 !
    • Emmanuel Raymond boat quest Hp decreased
    • Honey Bread/Water can be used while standing..


    thanksgiving event


    Find and kill Turkeys in Dungeons or Arena, to obtain event items!

    Turkeys have random respawn timers!

    Chance to drop:

    1. Evil Turkey Box containing random consumables.
    2. Turkey looter
    3. +25 Nusylite's Lv 20 Helm, Armor, Gloves, Boots 3 days duration!
    4. S-Protect
    5. Rank 7 Invar's & Amalgam's
    6. Relic keys
    7. Relic chests


    New Arena Boss Huge Turkey.

    turkey boss

    • Oforia Arena boss replaced with Turkey Boss!


    New Items added to Travel items (Lost Child in Horizon)

    Scroll of SoulStone

    • Opens Soulstone NPC anwhere in map, to socket items.

    Scroll of Repair

    • Opens Blacksmith NPC anwhere in map to fully repair items.

    Scroll of Breeding

    • Opens Breeder NPC anwhere in map to level pets anytime!

    New Omega Wings

    • +10% All stats +15 Atk/Cast Spd +2 Slots

    Omega Wings front

    Omega Wings Back


    giveaway winner

    Social media giveaway: 50x gold icon T-Gold Coins!

    • Winner Facebook= Alisa Yu***** 
    • I was on Rappelz since most commonly pets are just blue/red pixies, pantera and poultry. Wolf is also cute! Lol. Halkman is super rare to tame and cerberus are the most cool pet in the game xD damnit, too old ?


    Add us on different social media sites Facebook/Twitter and Instagram to win T-Gold Coins and more!

    • Keep an eye on the social media pages! Soon there will be a new giveaway!


    Don't miss our Black Friday Sales started today!

    Black Friday



    • End of Creature Taming Event
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