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    Patch Notes 3.4


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    • Admin

    Patch Notes 3.4


    • Improved Awakening stone stats!
    • Reindeer decoration creatures added in Horizon Town
    • Enabled Christmas town decoration.
    • Nusylite's Mask Upgraded: 2% all stats +20 Crit Power




    Wcoin trader 

    • Added Trade 5x Wcoins for helmet awakening stone!
    • 250x Wcoins for Santa Claus Hat +3% All stats + Crit Power!
    • 150x Wcoins Christmas Cloak 2% All stats!



    Reindeers spawning inside dungeons, hunt them to receive the following:


    Change to drop Purified Pieces, Wcoin coupons and Rudolph Nose 1% all stats +5 Crit Power!


    Login Event

    • Stay loged in to receive Christmas Tickets tickets.png.9fcd8cfcc21bc559bf2e5685620dcb86.png 


    • Trade Christmas tickets for Gift coupons!5a395800ccba2_gifticon.png.13c0ee462af1f649a1342d056c02974f.png

    Gift coupons can be traded at the Event NPC in Horizon (Santa)



     Trade gift coupons 

    • Christmas presents present.png.a4c35d8bf8b9dc6816918ac9564cd4ee.png




    • Red Candy 3k Hp recovery = 300k recovery ( 20% all Stats Heaven's Blessing 2 Hours )
    • Green Candy 1.5 Hp/Mp recovery = 150k recovery ( 15% all Stats Heaven's Blessing 1 Hours )
    • Yellow Candy 3k Mp recovery = 300k recovery ( 5% all Stats Heaven's Blessing 30 Minutes  )


    Permanent Christmas deco! (+1/2% All stats +1/2 Slots!)

    • Happy Christmas One-Handed Long Sword
    • Happy Christmas Two-Handed Long Sword
    • Happy Christmas Dirk
    • Happy Christmas Spear
    • Happy Christmas Two-Handed Axe
    • Happy Christmas One-Handed Mace
    • Happy Christmas Two-Handed Mace
    • Happy Christmas Longbow
    • Happy Christmas Crossbow
    • Happy Christmas One-Handed Staff
    • Happy Christmas Two-Handed Staff
    • Happy Christmas One-Handed Axe
    • Happy Christmas Shield
    • Happy Christmas Magic Shield



    Holiday Events updated  Click here

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