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    Patch Notes 4.0 (Reborn System)

    Reborn system


    New Reborn system:

    • Achieving level 200, you have an option to reset your character back to level 1.
    • Reborning a character, gives you the following item:
      • 1xreborn crownReborn Crown. 
      •  1xtokenReborn Token.
    • There is no limit on how many reborns.
    • This item  is character bind to prove that you have rebirthed the character!
    • Reborning wil benefits from obtaining exclusive items such as new wings & accessories. 

    Our future patches wil make the Reborn System more advanced, to unlock additional skills and more... So stay tuned!


    The Reborn system is located at the Event NPC in Horizon.

    reborn menu

    Additional buffs available for Reborned players:

    We start by testing the following skills.

    • Stun Resistance
    • Petrification Resistance
    • Hold Resistance


    Remember after reborning, you can only claim 1 reward! So choose wisely.

    • 1x tokenReborn Token wil be spend, claiming the reward.

    reborn reward


    Finnaly New Accessories named as the Fearful Titans!

    • Yakros Ring, Kraken Earring & Kainen Necklace
    • They can also be awakend to become even more powerfull!
    • There is a low chance to obtain them from the following Titans Yakros,Kraken,Kainen.

    yakros ring icon kraken earring iconkainen necklace icon

    yakros ringkraken earringkainen necklace


    wing of likron icon Wing of Likron:

    • +10% All stats +15 Atk/Cast Spd +3 Slots
    • Can be obtained from Reborning your character at level 200.

     wing of likron front

    wing of likron back



    • Player & Pet damage reduction, to stop 2/3 Hits from been killed.
    • After ressurection you wil receive Aura of Protection for 30 seconds to give you time to rebuff or flee for your life:bucktooth:!



    • Launcher & Game music enabled.
    • New Players notice message added, to show that they joined the server.
    • Existing Players login message when they log back in.
    • On login window with additional information wil be shown as below. 



    To make these new items also available for players, who aren't able to play much daily or weekly, to benefit the new wing and accessories.

    • We added them also to the ItemShop.
    • They can be worn at level 170.


    We have added bundles to the itemshop to make 1 donation for more items at once.

    • Bundle 1:    +25 Full Armor set & Weapons (Small discount)
    • Bundle 2:    10x +10 Skill cards (Free 1x +10 Skill card)
    • Bundle 3:    Cloak,Wings & Mask (Small discount)
    • 450 T-Gold Coins (20% off)

    itemshop ITEM STOP

    How to donate? choose from the following donation methodes.
    paymentwall mobilepay

    • Enter email & username, click proceed
    • Select from over 90+ payment methodes.
    • Select which item you like to buy.
    • Follow instructions...Complete payment.
    • Items will be received within 24 hours. (depending on payment)



    • Mail: RappelzTournament@gmail.com
    • Game: [GM]Exterminator
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