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    Patch Notes 4.4


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    • Admin

    Patch Notes 4.4


    • Npc text edit.
    • Vulcanus decreased Hp -50%
    • Blessed soul pixies drops reworked
    • Templars provocation toggle Hate aura increased by 100x
    • Holy Ground reverted back to 30 sec
    • Corruptor Fear trap cooltime increased by 10/15 sec


    Drops solved

    • Cube Dungeon
    • Vulcanus Dungeon


    End of Valentine Event

    Red/Blue Rosses Trader

    Additional trade items added / purified pieces.

    • Trade 3x Red Rosses for Purified Pieces of Strength, Vitality, Dexterity
    • Trade 3x Blue Rosses for Purified Pieces of Agility, Intelligence, Wisdom



    • Arch Angel
    • Frost Queen 

    Overall stats Hp/Exp/Drops changed compared to Tomb of Behemoth Scout Creature.

    Cobra & 2Headed Cobra’s added to The Island of Forgotten Gods.


    ItemShop / T-Coin Trader

    New Item Sword God of War (Replace Wing Slot) 

    • +10% All stats +15 Atk/Cast Spd +3 Slots




    Green Mana Stones (Summoning Creatures)



    Interact with the green mana stones to summon Blessed Reward/Exp Soul Pixies.

    Chance to drop the following:

    • Decoration Armor Helm, Armor, Gloves and Boots.
    • Nimble, Punctering, Safeguarding, Primal, Eerie, Frantic and Braced.
    • Gold Ingots
    • Silver Ingots
    • Philosopher Scrolls
    • Rank 7 Invars
    • Unique Summoning Scrolls  


    We will be starting a new raffle soon, to win awesome prices!

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