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    Patch Notes 4.5 (Spoiler Alert)


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    • Admin

    Patch Notes 4.5 (Spoiler Alert)


    Make sure your client is up-to-date to the latest patch!

    There will be a manual patch available at the download section, drag and drop this into your client, overwrite all when asked.


    • Vulcanus dagger drop removed
    • Missing wing added to the market: Fallen Angel's wings
    • Templar Holy Ground skill solved
    • Green mana stones monster spawning Blessed Soul Pixies: Drops deco gear, items and Exp! Solved 
    • Solved visibility of the following items, level 170 Shield/Magic and nusylite's boots.
    • 5a9543dacb77b_level170shield.png.d0a664b33d59d2e02da1fb8d8bb44ff4.png5a9543d8d545e_level170magicshield.png.5e1277c22c03aeb8f762eba30d2bdd6e.png


    Pet Breeder

    •  level booster requires = Old 10M JP = New 5M JP.
    • Making it free like before, causes server to lag, some players were over using this option for leveling and reskilling pets...


    Item Dura

    • To prevent items from breaking the following measures have been taken. 
    • All items durability is reduced below 1.000 Dura.
    • This wil prevent the Repair all button from breaking items, that exceeded the amount of repair points in the chargestone.
    • Use Master hammers, remotly repair scrolls from lost child and town blacksmiths to repair dura and items.


    Improvement of following items!

    • Jolly Cloak = Old +2% All stats = New 4% All stats!
    • Golden Cloak = Old +25 All stats 10 Crit Power = New +50 All stats +20 Crit Power!
    • Dark deco Weapons = Old +1/2% all stats +1/2 Slots = New +2/4% All stats +2/4 Slots!


    Upcoming Dragon Weapon Skins!

    Had to decide to create new weapons, or just skins to make it fair for the people, who have already donated for +25 Weapons!

    The Dragon Weapon skins, wil be like the Dark Weapon deco item we have ingame, this wil equip as a deco food at the right section of your gear with same stats.



    Hopefully with the following changes, disconnections will be much less!

    • To prevent players from dcing in server boss events and fighting Titans(Bosses) because of skill graphics that become also huge on casting, we have to take action to solve this issue.
    • Titan/Arena Bosses size/scale reduced changed name into = Old Titan Yakros = New Boss Yakros 


    • Remember playing on Wifi network isn't stable enough to prevent you from dcing, so use a network cable instead!
    • If you can't use cable, try to buy a router with the newest mu-mimo technology, this is recommended on playing games on wifi!
    • Or try to disable background services, FAQ list for more info. Live scanners and background updating programs wil drain your bandwidth that cause your game to disconnect.


    New Server item auction (Only on Discord)

    We wil be auctioning items in the server - auction section at discord, so keep an eye! 

    • Everyone who joined our Discord chatt, is able to make an offer, player with highest offer wil obtain this item!
    • You can offer with the following currency Diamonds or T-Gold Coins!




    Referral system, invite your friends to join our forums, to receive special forum rank.

    • Remember they need to enter referrer forum username to receive 1 point.
    • Depending on the succes of this system, we might reward players with x amount of referrals!
    • Don't abuse this system, with spamm registrations!


    • User profile country flags


    • 1: Go to account settings


    • 2: Click on Country, select yours and click Save.



    Quick mentioning users

    • You can now mention players in our forums.


    • This wil send the user an mail, that they were mentioned in a post. (This option also works in Discord chatt)


    Users World Map

    • it won't display your exact adress location. It would be fun to see players in a world map, to help interact with people in your country, or maybe have friends near your place, that are also playing RappelzTournament (Upcoming feature!)



    Raffle Winners!

    Congratulations to our Winners of last week Raffle!

    1. @Jasonr34  Sword God of War
    2. @Eradicator  Likron Wings
    3. @milan Omega Wings


    ItemShop 25% Sale! 


    • Sale starts today 27-2-2018 until 06-3-2018
    • Up to 100+ Available donation methods!


    How to donate?

    1.  Enter email & username click proceed
    2.  Select payment methode.
    3.  Select item. Couponcode: RappelzTournament  25% Off -> Click Buy
    4.  Follow instructions...Complete payment.
    5.  Wait for payment approval.

    Wait patiently to receive items. Depending on payment. Items will be received within 24 hours.


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