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Rappelz Tournament: The Beginner’s Game Walkthrough and Help Guide [Clean Text Version]


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  • Admin


The Beginner’s Game Walkthrough and Help Guide

How to start, fast leveling spots, info cheat sheet, tips and more!

 Full version can be found inside the latest v7 full client sign up to download!



1)  Select Class and Race

1.       Choose a character you like to play, every class has its own pros and cons.

2.       We’ve currently Re-balanced some of the classes already shown below tweaking their skills!

3.       You can see more details post in our discord channel:  

Additional  information below to help you choose your character based on:

Range-Melee/Magic, DPS, Tanky, Healer/Party, Pets based, Buffslaves etc etc.








v  Melee

v  2x 1H Sword DPS [1vs1]

v  2x 1H Daggers [AoE/DoT]





v  Ranged Melee DPS [1vs1]

v  Axe 2H/2x Axe 1H [AoE/DoT]




v  Ranged Melee [AoE/DoT]

v  Mace 1H + Shield 

v  Puller Group Monster [Tank]



v  Ranged Melee DPS [AoE/DoT]

v  [Crossbow]

      Buffslaves - Player/Pet Buff




v  Ranged Melee DPS [AoE/DoT]

v  Longbow

      Buffslaves - Player/Pet Buffs



v  Ranged Melee [AoE/DoT]

v  Spear/ 2x Sword 1H [1vs1]



v  Ranged Magic DPS [AoE/DoT]

v  [Staff + Magewall]

      Buffslaves - Player/Pet Buffs





v  Ranged Magic DPS [AoE/DoT]

v  Axe 2H

      Buffslaves - Player/Pet Buff



v  Magic Range DPS [AoE/DoT]

v  Staff + Magewall

      Buffslaves - Player Blessing

v  Player/Pet Heals



Ranged Magic DPS [AoE/DoT]

[Staff + Magewall]

      Buffslaves - Player/Pet Buff




v  Ranged Magic DPS [AoE/DoT]

v  Axe 1H + Magewall

      Buffslaves - Player/Pet Buff

v  Player/Pet Heals




v  Magic Range DPS [AoE/DoT]

v  Staff + Magewall

      Buffslave [Party]  

v  Player/Pet Heals




v  Ranged/Melee DPS [AoE/DoT]

v  [Main Pets Mastery]

v  [Staff/Dagger + Magewall]

v  Buffs Creatures [Party]




v  Ranged Melee DPS [1vs1]

v  Axe 2H/2x Axe 1H [AoE/DoT]

v  [Main Pets Mastery]

      Buffslaves - Player/Pet Buff



v  Range/Melee DPS [AoE/DoT]

v  [Main Pets Mastery]

v  Pet Healing



2)  Let’s Start! Priest Teleporter

You start off by talking to the Priest Teleporter NPC.

1.       Click on Return Point Set to Horizon to save your location.

2.       After click on Horizon Main City to Teleport.


3)  Player & Pet Buffer NPC

Take buffs at the Trade Angel in Horizon / Laksy Town, see the location on the map.


4)  Buy Boss Card & Buff Potions

1.       Buy Boss card and some consumable buff pots from the Lost Child in Horizon/Laksy suggest (Ashmaw or Soul of Lunacy or one of the Boss Cards listed below)

2.       (The reason I suggest this Ashmaw drop's their M. Def/P. Def so you will kill them quicker which means you will level easier till you need higher gear)


Boss Card Recommendations

a.       Ashmaw Card: Your attack have a chance to de-buff reducing P .Def & M. def

b.       Soul of lunacy Card so you can trigger on healing as you as attack for more survivability.

c.       Mephisto Boss Card Critical Power +50 & Rate +10 if you like glass cannon type play ^^

d.       Soul Seeker Card Increase Chance to obtain a Movement Speed Buff help you rush through the map like a mad man!

5)   Head to North of Horizon and find Green Mana Stone

To see the closest Mana Stones see the right image.

  Across the bridge once you’ve found a green mana stone do the following mentioned below.


1) Open your inventory by pressing [I] Hotkey to open your inventory stash

1.       Click on the consumable tab and find the Impact/Miror of Amplifier item.

2.       Use The Impact of Amplifier or Mirror of Amplifier.

3.       Use The Growth Potion, Stamina Saver, World Blessing Items

4.       Next follow to activate The Grace Skill on your first page of Skill Tree


2) Open the Skill Tree by pressing [K] Hotkey and unlock the following Grace skill in the top right.

1.       Just unlock it and raise the level using some of your character JP that are given free on character start. (JP can be farmed slain monsters to unlock skills and level them)

2.       Next drag the Grace skill to your Hotkey Bar and activate it!


That’s how you stack EXP to make leveling much easier ^^ You can buy Growth Potion, Stamina Saver, World Blessings at the Lost Child NPC in Horizon/Laksy City. For Grace silvers to activate the Grace Skill Merchants in any City sells them.



3) Interact with the Green Mana Stone and kill The Wind Fairy

1.       The Green Mana Stone will summon a Wind Fairy, now kill the Pixie to obtain tons of EXP!

2.       Don't panic from the pixie level it won't harm you, this is in order to give players experience and drops even on higher level players.

3.       You’ll reach somewhere between 155-165 after killing the Wind Pixie!



*Tip [Daily] EXP & DROP Buffs Item!

You can also use The Daily EXP/DROP Buffs item before killing the Wind Fairy in your inventory, but I recommend saving it for higher level maps once you feel like things start slowing down, cause the cooldown of the item is high Just a tip! 😊



6)  Open your Level Up Reward Box until level 160

1.       You’ll obtain tons of useable consumables shown below



2.  Head to the Job Supporter Kyrie In Horizon Town to transfer/advance your class to unlock more skills.


1.    Open the Skill Tree by pressing [K] Hotkey and Level your [JLv UP] by pressing on it multiple times until it’s 10. (Requirements of next job)


a.       Now do this also for all your first page skills, once finished drag them to your hotkey bar what you like to use during your adventure.

b.       Once you’re finished with maxing your Jlv and Skills on the skill tree, interact with the Job Supporter NPC Kyrie and select Class Transfer.


2.    You’ll now see a selection of the classes you can transfer to, choose which path you like to advance in.


3.    Now repeat this Jlv Up and unlocking skills on the skill tree until Promote me to Master Class pops up after clicking the Class Transfer option at the Job Supporter Kyrie.



You don’t have to do The Master Class Trials you’ll skip this part and instantly jump  Master Class ^^

4.    After clicking Master Class You’ll than get warped to a Master Class Map, interact with Abomination NPC to confirm you’re Master Class.


5.    Now open your Skill Tree and unlock some of your skills that you find useful, remember the amount of JP points you got left is not enough to unlock all the skills, so choose wisely for now.

6.    Once you’ve got some skills unlocked drag them to your Hotkey bar.


You’ll obtain Max TP Points so you can unlock all your TP skills!

No need for Master Trials and TP Quests!



3.  Trial Guardian Free Timed Armor Set Level 150

1.    Now move to the Trial Guardian in Horizon Town, to grab your Free Timed Level 150 +1 Skill Armor Set and Belt.


2.    Wear this Armor Set and Belt to get bonus +1 skills on most of your skills to make them stronger.

Increases buff level, healing, pets strength, passives and active skills.


3.    Next at the top of your inventory you’ve +15 Feral Weapons from The Starter pack use any for your class, you can wear them now because you got Master Class Job!


4.    Once you’ve done that use some of your buff consumables and the Premium Pass 7 Days you got from the Level Up Reward Box to get high character buffs to start the hunting process.


4.  Start making some Rupees | Silver/Gold Ingots

5.    Teleport through the Priest Teleporter, click on MORE -> Field locations -> Veiled Island

6.    Slay monsters here for non dura gear and loots


7.    In order to sell these in bulk go to The Trade Angel in Horizon/Laksy Town


8.    Or by doing quests for example in Veiled Island for tons of rupees and goodies


9.    *[Optional] Gold Farming Map hunting down Rabbits if you’re experienced and well geared.

Don’t forget to use the farmed JP from slain monsters to level up your Jlv and unlock skills to upgrade them further and become more powerful to be able to handle higher maps.





5.  Gearing Up for higher maps

1.    Buy Soul Stones at the Lost Child NPC in Horizon/Laksy Town and socket your equipped items at the Soul crafter Genaron.


2.    Enchant your gear with Awakening stones


3.    Use galaxy stone for your weapon and use shards until you’ll get 300+ P/M. Atk on your weapon.


4.    Buy Accessories set at Blacksmith Hector depending on your chosen class there are many different sets to buy from.


When you’re ready!

6.  Hunting and Farming level 150++

1.    Farm Gold at the Gold Ingot Farming Map ( Available through The Priest Teleporter NPC)

2.    Once you level more and increase your skills further during Gold Farming, you become stronger.

3.    Depending on your class you can try Dark Sanctuary for DROPS and EXP leveling they also drop Gold Ingots. (If Dark Sanctuary is to hard, get back to Gold Farming Map to farm a decent amount of gold ingots.


Gold Farming Map


7)  Enchanting Gear up to +20 – 25?!


1.       Decide to continue with +15 Start Feral Weapons up to Level 170 until you’ll get Timed +25 Weapons from The Trial Guardian or start selling those Gold Ingots you’ve collected from The Gold Farming Map and buy weapon/Armor from The Blacksmith Hector and try enchanting Weapons/Armor up to +22/23 to speed up the farming and leveling up to level 170.

2.       Or Buy a weapon if you feel like you’re lacking damage or to squishy and Buy Armor set if you need more P/M. Def and start enchanting these items you bought up to +20 - +23.

3.       Weapons and or Armors can be bought at The Blacksmith Hector in Horizon/Laksy Town.

1. Materials needed up to +20 are Rank 7 Ancient/Fortune Cube    Defense/Strike for Weapon see images below



To get +21 and up you need to use 2x +20 Weapon / Armor + 1x Rank 7 Amalgam for Weapon and Invar for Armor.

Remember there is a chance to fail the enchant from +17 up to +20 and from +21- +25 the higher the enchant the higher the fail chancel. So try you luck if you decide to go for +24 or even +25!

I’ll recommend stopping at +22 or +23 and keep leveling, cause you’ll get Timed +25 Weapons from The Trial Guardian once you hit Level 170. ^^

😎  Level 160 Remains of The Ancient

If you’ve achieved level 160 Congratulations! Things get more fun from up here, cause now you can enter The Remains of Ancient Map through The Priest teleporter for higher group monster spawns so you’ll get tons of loots to sell or use and experience points to level!



*[Optional] Vulcanus for leveling is also a option you go to Noblewoman    Raniya NPC to buy some entrance souls see below:

·         Each room on floor 1 requires 20 Tiny Souls.

·         Each room on floor 2 requires 10 Dark Souls.

·         Each room on floor 3 requires 5 Large Souls.

·         The room on floor 4 requires 1 Demon's Soul.



Once you finally hit level 160, open the Level Up Reward Present Box.

You unlocked a bunch of  [Daily] Qeust for T-Silvers or Gold Ingots farming, click on the following excel sheet to open on the web, I’ve made your life easier and made a cheat sheet to see exactly which quest is easy, moderate, challenging, level requirements, rewards, rupees etc! ^^

9)  [Daily] Quests Unlock Levels

1.    Level 150, 160, 170, 175, 180, 185, 190 and 195


T-Bronze/Silver and Gold Coins can be exchanged for Soul Stones and Item Shop gear such as:

+25 Weapons, Armor Sets, Wings, Cloaks, Stage 3/5 Potions and more!

Rare/Epic/Legendary and Mythical Boss Chest

Buff Blessings

1x Gold Ingot = 100mill Rupee

Asura Coins obtained from Quest can now be exchanged for items and obtainable Titles at Event NPC!

Spin Tokens for a Fresh Joker Pet


Some of the [Daily]Quests are hard to complete and require more time and effort with gear upgrading or ask for party when someone is planning to kill a Boss you need for a Daily Quest for example



10)      Spin Tokens Chance to get Premium Pass

1.       For each ~1 hour logged in you’ll obtain a spin token which can be exchanged at The Spin and Win Trader.

2.       You can obtain various items and a chance to obtain timed weekly premium pass.

3.       Saving up Spin Tokens to trade 25 tokens for +23 armor/weapon food for upgrading or a Joker card.


Every 10 minutes will be saved so after a disconnection for example you won’t lose all you’re logged in activity if you were at 40 min before obtaining a spin token you’ll only need ~20 more minutes to count as 1 hour logged in ^^




11)      Golden Spin Tokens [Random Item Pool]

6)      Golden Spins/Mystery Boxwa are for people who would like to try their luck by exchanging T-Gold Coins for a chance to get a very valuable item such as exclusive [Legendary] Guardian Armor Set Parts, [Epic] Fury’s Pet Ring, Fiery Wings, +20 Yushiva’s Ring, Boss Crystals, Mounts, Special Deco Set and more!


How does donating for T-Gold Coins work by Paypal?

1.       There are different ways to open the donation page, click on Spin & Wind Trader, T-Coin Trader, through discord or forums.

2.       Once you’ve opened the donation window scan the QR barcode or click here: http://bit.ly/3EnOzMH follow the steps in the picture below.


12)      [Fast EXP] Remains of The Ancient Level 160+

1.    Slay monsters here up to level 170                

Try to go to spots where you feel like comfortable leveling there are more spawn monsters further in the map to gain even faster drops and exp see the map as below.



13)      Pet Taming

1.    in the meantime try to tame pets from the Empty Pet card drop you get from slain monsters while leveling.

2.    Open Summoning Scroll Random Box to have a chance to get unique pet summoning scrolls, once you’ve also the required Empty card from a drop give it a shot by taming them using the Creature Taming Skill.



Empty Pet Cards are also sold through Pet Trader NPC in Horizon/Laksy Town

14)      Level 170 Free +25 Weapons get ready for Big Damage

1.    After you reach 170 you go back to the trial NPC to get free timed +25 weapons that will help you further on.


2.    After you got your free +25 weapons you would want to put some soul stones and tame pets for your belt to have more damage output and become even stronger using level 90 pets unlocking their passive belt skills to equip in your belt slots.



15)      Belt Upgrading

1.       You’ll need Belt Upgrade Kit and Ultimate Belt Upgrade Kit to upgrade your Belt to 6 Slots to be able to equip 1 Boss Card + 5 Pet Cards, certain slots require stage +1 or +2 Pets to be equipped.

2.       If you didn’t buy a belt yet, buy one from The Blacksmith Hector from the accessories category, after you want to buy the Belt Upgrade Kit to get 5 belt sockets in your belt, so you can equip 1 Boss Card and 5 Pets


To unlock up to 4 slots you’ll use the Blue Belt Upgrade Kit, and for the last 2 slots use the Ultimate Belt Upgrade Kit.


16)      Pet Staging

1.       In order to stage a pet with higher success rate you can use Adv Soul Catalyst or the normal Soul Catalyst, you can buy these from Enchanter Sub in Horizon City.


2.       Staging require 2 pets of the same staging for example here I’m using the enchantment window to stage 2x Grandmaster Hector Card s0 and 1 Advanced Soul Catalyst in order to get stage 2 Grandmaster Hector Card.


3.       The higher the staging the harder to succeed. The staging pet stats from s0 and s5 is huge increasing their overall stats to make them even stronger for use next to belt pet equipping see the stats difference below.


Don't forget to open your chests you earn from leveling they contain all kinds of items that are useful for leveling  :)

17)      The Island of The Forgotten Gods

2.       Leveling at higher maps, don't forget to use the premium pass you got from leveling reward box to get high player/npc buffs to your character and summoned pets.

3.       Depending on your gear and class you can try to level at The Island of The Forgotten Gods up to Level 175+

4.       Next map will be Devildom run into the dungeon near mid/end you’ll find a bunch of monsters group/pull them in groups and clear them to get tons of exp.

*When you find The Forgotten Gods/Devildom hard, stick with Remains of The Ancient map until level 180. I would recommend exping in the end of the map where Hector Bosses are, try to kill them to drop the Hector Boss Card for Melee/Magic card, will help you in higher maps.



*When you find The Forgotten Gods/Devildom hard, stock with Remains of The Ancient map until level 180. I would recommend exping in the end of the map where Hector Bosses are, try to pull as many monsters to gain most exp in x time, be careful with pulling Hectors they might kill! Hector Boss drop Melee/Magic Boss card that is very useful for higher level maps, so try to get them by drop from killing Hector Bosses.



18) Level 180+ [Hunt] World of Styx | [EXP] Abyss Challenge Floor 1 (1st Challenge)

1.       Once you’ve hit Level 180, open The Level Up Reward Present Box and head back to The Trial Guardian to grab your Timed +25 Armor set

2.       Buy new soul stones put these in the +25 Armor Set to get yourself ready World of Styx or Abyss Challenge Maps.


3.       Ready equipping your belt pets, weapons and armors, it’s time to go to the higher maps.

4.       To hunt for drops I’ll recommend going to World of Styx, this map has more monsters that do drop items more often compared to Abyss Challenge Floor 1.

5.       For leveling go to Abyss Challenge Floor 1.

6.       You can find higher Accessories, Weapons and Unique++ Empty Pet Cards here, to help you increase your damage even further.


19) Boss Hunt [All in one Teleporter]

1. You’ll be able to hunt down some of The Bosses that spawn in many different spots for items, to make it easier you can warp to their locations using the All in one Teleporter item. (Interact with a random NPC when the Item doesn’t work)

Use a Return Scroll to Warp back to town or warp through Ursa Cavern Next to the Menu bottom right corner.


2. Besides The Teleporter Boss list there are also World Bosses, Game Master Boss Spawns and City Invasion Events and more so keep an eye on the announcements to see where the spawn is located to participate once a special spawns!




20) Level 190+ [EXP] Abyss Challenge Floor 3 (3rd Challenge)

First of all congratulations on achieving level 190! You’ve unlocked Abyss 3rd floor.

This will be your main exping map.


1.       *Tip: you can farm Circus Dungeon for Accessories and Belt to get +1 on most passive/active skills to boost your damage.



*Focus will be equipping specific gears for this exping map to increase your killing speed equals to exp gain. So you’ve to get items against Dragon Type to benefit most from this map, hunt Circus accessories to increase damage or reduce dmg against monster type.



21) T-Gold Coins ITEMSHOP Info | Price | Info

In the meantime do dailies in Chapter 9), quests, kill Bosses, chance to spawn Hector or Treasure Koala while hunting in abyss + maps, participate in Weekly Boss Invasion Events to get T-Gold Coins to be able to afford items from the Item Shop that will help you progress further. Besides farming for these game currencies there is also a option to be able to donate for T-Gold Coins for the Item shop.


How does donating for T-Gold Coins work by Paypal?

1.       There are different ways to open the donation page, click on Spin & Wind Trader, T-Coin Trader, through discord or forums.

2.       Once you’ve opened the donation window scan the QR barcode or click here: http://bit.ly/3EnOzMH follow the steps in the picture below.


*You’ll help support the server with every donation, exchange in-game currency as T-Gold Coins at the T-Coin Trader/Item Shop NPC in Horizon/Laksy city

22) Level 195+ [PARTY-HUNT] Abyss Hard Mode [EXP] Level 195+ Abyss 4 Floor 4 (4th Challenge)

At Level 195 you’ll unlock the hard mode Sanctuary Map, this map won’t be easy if you’re not well geared so focus on building you’re character to able to solo/duo this map.

You can also farm at the [PARTY-HUNT] Battlefield of The Ancient map slain Golems



*These maps also drop a entry ticket required for the lv 205+ Treasury of Spirit P-1, in this map the monsters drop higher ranked items such as [Rare], [Unique], [Legendary], [Mythical] and more.

23) Character Reborn Explained

1.       Congratulations on achieving level 200, you’re now able to reborn your character or decide to continue leveling up to level 205-230 to be able to enter end game maps.

2.       In order to reborn your character you’ll have to go to The Trial Guardian NPC in Horizon/Laksy Town.

3.       Level 200 Reborn up to Reborn 20

4.       After reborn 20 your character need to be level 230 in order to Advance Reborn up to  Reborn 30


*Recommend reborning your character before you move higher levels, this is because reborning your character will give you Reborn tokens to spend at the Trial Guardian for items such as Accessories, wings, Fury’s Pet Ring, Enchant Hammer, deco items, Boss Cards and more. It will help you boost your overall damage + you’ll unlock additional reborn buffs that will make your character stronger.



24) Level 205+ Treasury of Spirits Map

Achieved level 205?! Congratulations now you’ll able to enter this map once you’ve got the Dungeon entry 1 Ticket farmed from the Hard Mode Sanctuary or Battlefield of The Ancients Golems. Make sure you’re well geared, max buffed cause this map is pretty hard, the monsters inside use DoT skills to bring you down in seconds if you’re not geared. So make sure you build your character somewhere near the max in order to be able to farm here for ranked items such as Boss Crystals, [Rare], [Unique], [Legendary], [Mythical] and more.



25) Vulcanus Deco Set + Wings

a.       At the highest floors of Vulcanus materials drop collect them by slain monsters and end Bosses.

b.       Once you've enough materials needed for each Vulcanus Part you can exchange them at Hector Blacksmith in Horizon/Laksy Town, the items have random stats.

c.       More details can be found in the screens below.



26) Class Builds | Pet Belts

Can be found in our discord channel with many more useful channels see the class-discussion channel for questions and the class build section for player written builds.



27) Pet Trader NPC

Pet Trader NPC can be found in Horizon/Laksy City

You can buy all kinds of pet related items here:

JP Trader (Exchange Player JP for Pet JP Skill Points)

v  Soul Spirits: exchange material to obtain pet specific artifact

v  Looter: Pets that can loot for your automatically

v  Mounts: To ride on during your adventure

v  Empty Pet Cards: Requirements to tame monsters

v  Pet Artifact: Equip on stage 3/5 pets to make them even stronger

v  Etc: Creature resurrection spell books, re-spec potions, rename etc



28) Lost Child NPC

v  Consumables: (Growth Potions, Stamina Savers, Lucky Potions, Rebirth Scrolls, Homonculus Heart, God Mother Fairy’s Bottles, Impact/Mirror Amplifiers, Ultimate Belt Kits and more

v  Buffs: Energy of Fire, Water and Wind, Altered Pieces, Enhanced Potions and Pet Potions

v  Enchant: Ancient/Fortune Strike and Defense Cubes, Amalgam and Invar Rank items, Galaxy, Rage Stones and Mage and Warrior shards,  Ancient Cube Skills, Philosopher/Sealing Weapon and Accessories Scrolls, Awakening Stones and more

v  Soul stones Flawless: (Diamonds can be exchanged for Flawless Soul stones with increases stats!) 500 Gold Ingots = 1x Diamond this can be exchanged at the Trade Angel

v  Scrolls: All in one Trading Scrolls, remote scrolls to open NPC windows such as Soul stones, Auction, Warehouse, Full Repair, Pet Breeding NPC, Soul Power and All in one Teleporter (When the all in on teleporter doesn’t react interact with a  random npc and try again)

v  Boss Cards: (Many different types of Boss Cards)

v  Skill Cards: Basic +6 Cards up to Master Class for all races

v  Hair Dyes/Styles

v  Lak Exchange Option:  Exchanges players farmed Lak for Soul Lak

v  Vulcanus Souls: Soul required materials to entry The Vulcanus dungeon and to move through different stages inside the dungeon



29) Event NPC

v  GM Menu: Used for staff members special buffs, boss summons etc.

v  GM-EVENT Rondo, Katan, Horizon Lake etc: During event period this warp is enabled to warp players to event location:

v  Server Events: Staff member only option to enable additional server buffs during event

v  EXCHANGE Wcoins for Awak Stones: Able to trade farmed wcoins for awakening stones, you can get these by exchanging player JP for Wcoins at the Trade Angel

v  ECHANGE T-Silver Coins: For different items such as E-Boss Souls, Purified Pieces etc

v  SUMMON BOSSES 10c: Able to Summon a additional random Boss in the Lake of Horizon

v  ENCHANT-EQUIPPED-GEAR +25 100c: Spend T-Gold Coins to enchant equipped gear to +25

v  REMOVE Transmog: Resets item Transmog status

v  UPGRADE Fury’s Pet Ring: Able to upgrade the ring to s2 unlocking greater stats

v  EXCHANGE Elite Boss Souls: Trade for Food Weapon or Armor +20/+21

v  Spin & Win: Exchange Spin Tokens for random items, chance to obtain Premium Pass

v  INFO UPDATE GUIDE: Additional guides written from previous updates



30) Trail Guardian [Red] NPC

v  Server News: Showing Server Rates, socials links and more

v  Server Rules: Written game and discord rules

v  Player Ranking: Showing top 10 of all time Player Ranking

v  Taming Locations 9.6 Pets: Small page to show pet locations and discord channel

v  Items Preview List: Showing the stats of most powerful items in-game

v  ITEMSHOP: Showing the donation page

v  Update Parts: Additional guides written from previous updates



*Additional Player Top 100 Ranking can be found in our discord channel, you can also find the month active top 100 Ranking. Don’t forget to join our discord channel for the latest patch notes, updates downloads and more!



31) Trail Guardian [Blue] NPC

v  Repeatable/Daily Quests: A list of available Quests unlocks more once you level up

v  REBORN-CHAR: Able to reborn a character once you hit level 200

v  ADV REBORN-CHAR: For 20+ Reborns players able to Advance Reborn at level 230

v  REBORN-REWARDS: Exchange Reborn Token for Reborn Items

v  REBORN-ADV REWARDS: Exchange Adv Reborn Token for special Items

v  REBORN Manual-Buffs: Manually select Reborn Buffs

v  REBORN Auto-Buffs: Auto buff players based on Reborn Count

v  New! Final/Ares-Awakening: Awakening gear parts at +25 Ares Awakening  explained separately below

v  One-Time Rewards Level 150 +1 Skill Set and Belt: Free Timed set unlocked at level

v  One-Time Rewards Level 170 +25 Timed Weapons: Timed items unlocked at level

v  One-Time Rewards Level 180 +25 Timed Armor Set: Free Timed set unlocked at level

v  Upcoming Timed Pets: Content that will be released in the future

v  Free 10 TP Points: Able to obtain free TP points to unlock all skills



*You’ll unlock more Daily/Repeatable quests once you achieve certain levels see Chapter 9) Timed Items timers start once obtained in your inventory, so decide when you’re ready to hunt before obtaining these equips to benefit most of the time, they last up to 1 week.

32) Ares Awakening

Ares Awakening Stones can be bought or chance to obtain through Golden Spins, this item can unlock hidden powerful random stats as shown below.



33) Gold Star Pets

There are certain Gold Star Pets like the Death Gladiator, Liquid lust, Two-headed Cobra only obtainable through Golden Spins, these pets have additional skills like Master Devotion, Mystic Koala Unity for Crit Power, Timing Attack and Mana Injection                                  



34) Trade Angel [Blue] NPC

v  Buffs All in One: Auto buffs you and your summoned pet, Premium Pass Buffs are +

v  Exchange JP for Wcoins: Able to exchange farmed player JP for Wcoins, exchange Wcoins for additional Armor Parts Awakening Stones at the Event NPC Maya

v  Exchange Rupees for Gold Ingots: There is a limit to hold x rupees, you can exchange them for gold ingots to store in your inventory/warehouse

v  Exchange Gold Ingots for Diamonds: Trade Gold Ingots for Diamonds save them up or trade them for flawless Soul Stones at the Lost Child NPC

v  Lak Exchange Option:  Exchanges players farmed Lak for Soul Lak

v  Exchange Lak for Typhon Scrolls: Player Lak can be trade for Typhon scrolls to unlock stats on Vulcanus Deco set Parts

v  Remove Buffs: Able to remove certain player buffs from character

v  Sell Bulk-1/2: Selling items farmed in bulk, equip/store enchanted items in your warehouse, most valuable items are excluded from selling list, to prevent them from selling

v  Free 10 TP Points: Able to obtain free TP points to unlock all skills



35) Ursa Cavern

Click the menu option in the right bottom corner and select Ursa Cavern to warp

v  The following 2 stages monsters won't be counted as Ursa points

Increased Ursa cavern round from 25 min to 2 hours

v  Floor entry level 180-190 [DROP/EXP]

Soldiers and Demon Summoners added to speed up leveling in early levels and drop farming

v  [OLD] Highest floor entry level 190++ [EXP]

Dragons will now be spawning inside with increased spawn groups

These monsters won't be count as Ursa points



36) Death Match [Free]

Click the menu option in the right bottom corner and select the Free Deathmatch zone to warp to the map where end game monsters are located



Deathmatch area has high level monsters from different end game maps, remember PK is enabled in this zone so be careful farming^^



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      [NEW!] Overlord 
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      Vulcanus Update!
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      Equiping more armor parts unlock the set bonus even further!
      Set contains of Lava Helmet, Armor, Gloves, Boots, 2h Weapon / 1h Weapon + Shield and Lava Wings.
      The materials needed to get each part is shown below
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      The Power of The Gods!
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      Blessing By The Goddess Artemis Grace Blessing
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      The Ares Update Release!

      Max Level Cap Increased to lv 230!
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      Starter Pack Timed Liquidlust Pet for 2 Weeks for newly and existing players!
      [Daily] Char & Pet EXP & Drop Buff item inserted to all players, you can use this item every day 24 hours cooltime
      See your inventory when logged in with the New Ares Client!

      Advanced Reborn / Prestige
      Reborn 21th - 30th Unlocked
      Required Player Lv 230, talk to the Trial Guardian to reborn your character to reset it back to level 1
      You will obtain Advanced Reborn Token +1 Reborn Crown
      This unlocks even greater and newer buffs, from all stats increase, stack-able buffs, aura effects and AOE dot effects.
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      Upcoming youtube video!

      The New Pets can be tamed in the following locations:
      Death Gladiator (Horizon Arena, Abyss Challenge 2)
      New Wind, Forest & Ethereal Pixie (Laksy Field near Blue Pixies)
      Crystal Golem, Slaughter, Hector and Ice Spider (Remains of The Ancients)
      Liquidlust ( Dragon Nest )

      Where do these New Empty Pet Cards drop?
      In The Abyss Challenge 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Stage. 

      New Boss Cards!

      Available through Reborn Token Rewards, T-Gold Coin NPC, Golden Spins or by Boss Drops:
      Devil Reviac Card
      Crazy Hagen Card
      Yushiva Card
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