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Slayer Skills Build Guide by Player [ Viridiana ]


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Slayer Skills Build Guide by Player [ Viridiana ]

The SLAYER comes from the shadows, attacks fast as a snake and vanishes in a tornado of strikes. Evading and attacking in an blink of an eye he lives on the thrill of adrenaline. Even the slightest scratch can mean the enemys doom because of deadly poison...

His weapons of choice are daggers or onehanded swords which he combines with a thick warrior armor.

Slayer class item preview screenshot

New Slayer Skills Rebalanced 2023

Rappelz Slayer Skills Rebalance

Smoke Bomb Animation Preview!

(Renamed to Toxic Bomb doing AoE DoT DMG)

Rappelz Smoke Bomb Animation Preview!

Slayer Guide Build below is before the latest Slayer Skills Rebalance mentioned above


Main Stats:

physical and magical attack power - Damage on enemy, both go on HP via Shadowforged Plating
Strength (SoulStone!) - P.Atk (x2,8) + carrying capacity (x10)
Intelligence - M.Atk (x2) + maxMP (x30)
Vitality - P.Def (x1,6) + HP (x33)
Evasion - give HP through Evasive Resilence
P.Ignore - ignoring enemy P-Def
P.Pierce - waking through enemy P-Def. CritPower (SoulStone!) - you know why
Accuracy makes the difference between missed and a number ^^
Physical Defense, mostly gained from equipment
Magical Defense, mostly gained from equipment
Evasion, quite unnecessary in PvE, useful for PvP against physical attacking Players
M.Resist, useful for PvP against Mage-classes

Important active Skills 🔶

-Smoke Bomb
-Fatal Wave
Rappelz Slayer skills master skill tree build guide.jpg


Single-Target + Debuffing Skills 🔸

-Twilight Strike
-Shadow Rush (STUN)
-Bloody Blade (heals yourself for a percentage of this skills damage)
-Sleeping Dust (sleep on enemy)
-Headbreaker (fears the enemy)
Rappelz Strider skill treeRappelz Assassin skill tree build guide


Envenom gives extra Shade-Damage on Hit for 340% of your M.Atk

Passive Skills

-Evasive Resilence stacks 280% of your Evasion on to your HP
-Surge of Adrenaline gives you up to 7 times 5% Evasion on top BUT on higher Lvl you enter Dungeon where evading is nearly impossible which renders the skill PACT with DARKNESS useless
-Deaths Respite reduces the cooldown of shadow rush after killing an enemie (kill can be done by partymembers too)
-Shadowforged Plating takes 100% of P.Atk and 200% of your M.Atk onto your HP
-React can be triggered on hit and reduces your damage by 2% per stack. You can have a maximum of 5 stacks
-Phase Blade increases your physical and magical attack by 6% and your physical and magical ignore by 15% (at Lvl 2)
-Unshakeble makes you resistant to fear by 25%
-After Image has a chance to trigger phantasm if you dodge the enemys attack

Beltpet Recommendations

-many skills from the slayer get their force from physical and magical attackpower so you want to max. those along with Strenght and Intelligence (not to mention the resulting HP increase)
-3x Blight Ogre S1 + 2 S2 Nightmare (if you have trouble to actually hit the enemy)
Rappelz Slayer Belt Pets 3x Blight Ogre S1 + 2 S2 Nightmare
-3x Blight Ogre S1 + 2 S2 Harpy (helps with Accuracy and Atk.-Speed)
Rappelz Slayer Belt Pets 3x Blight Ogre S1 + 2 S2 Harpy
-3x Blight Ogre S1 + 2 S2 Unicorns to max out Evasion
Rappelz Slayer Belt Pets 3x Blight Ogre S1 + 2 S2 Unicorns
-3x S1 Minotaurs + 2 Nagas (because fuck Evasion and Atk.-Speed)
Rappelz Slayer Belt Pets 3x S1 Minotaurs + 2 Nagas

Recommended Bosscards

-Grandmaster Hectors Card of Courage or Knowledge
-Devil Reviac
-Lunacy can be useful for the beginning because you can hit Lunacy at trainee Island quite easy
Rappelz Grandmaster Hector Card of Courage Lv1Rappelz Grandmaster Hector Card of Knowledge Lv1
Rappelz Reviac Devil Card Lv1Rappelz Soul of Lunacy Card Lv1


Additional background information:

Asura Class
Asura Class is a powerful class in Rappelz that excels in both melee and ranged combat. As a versatile class, they have the ability to deal high amounts of damage using various weapons and skills. They possess a high amount of agility and speed, allowing them to quickly maneuver around the battlefield. Additionally, the Asura Class has the unique ability to summon and control elemental creatures to aid them in battle. With their combination of speed, damage, and elemental support, they are a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Strengths and weaknesses
The Asura Class has several strengths that make them formidable in combat. Their high agility and speed allow them to easily dodge attacks and quickly close the gap with enemies. They have a wide range of powerful skills and abilities that can deal massive damage to opponents. Furthermore, their ability to summon and control elemental creatures provides them with additional support in battle. However, the Asura Class also has weaknesses that should be considered. They have relatively low defense and health, making them vulnerable to sustained attacks. Additionally, their reliance on elemental creatures can make them weaker against opponents with high resistance or immunity to elemental damage.

Recommended builds
For an effective Asura Class build, it is recommended to focus on increasing agility and damage. Investing points in agility will enhance their speed and evasion, allowing them to avoid enemy attacks more effectively. Strength can also be prioritized to boost their damage output. As for weapon choices, dual-wielding melee weapons or using bows/crossbows for ranged combat are popular options. It is also important to allocate skill points in offensive skills that maximize damage potential. Ultimately, the build should be tailored to the player's preferred playstyle, whether it's focused on melee or ranged combat.

Skills and abilities
The Asura Class possesses a variety of skills and abilities that enhance their combat capabilities. These include powerful melee attacks that can inflict significant damage on enemies, as well as ranged attacks that allow them to engage opponents from a distance. They also have access to a range of elemental spells that can exploit enemy weaknesses and provide additional damage. In addition, the Asura Class can summon and control elemental creatures, such as fire or ice spirits, that can assist in both offense and defense. These skills and abilities make the Asura Class a versatile and deadly force on the battlefield.

Strider is a specialized subclass within the Asura Class that focuses on agility and stealth. Striders possess exceptional mobility and stealth abilities, allowing them to sneak past enemies and quickly eliminate targets. They are skilled in using daggers and other lightweight weapons, which they wield with incredible speed and precision. The Strider's repertoire of skills includes techniques for evading attacks, dealing critical hits, and inflicting status ailments on opponents. With their unparalleled agility and stealth, Striders excel at hit-and-run tactics and are particularly effective in PvP situations.

Rappelz Assassin
The Assassin class in Rappelz is a highly agile and stealthy combatant. With their exceptional speed and deadly accuracy, Assassin skills excel at dealing burst damage to their enemies. They possess a variety of skills that enable them to quickly close the gap between themselves and their targets, allowing for swift takedowns. In terms of equipment, Assassin build favor lightweight armor that maximizes their mobility while still providing adequate protection. They rely heavily on daggers as their primary weapons, utilizing their precision and critical strike capabilities to devastating effect. In terms of playstyle, Assassins are best suited for hit-and-run tactics, utilizing their stealth abilities to approach their foes undetected, swiftly dispatch them, and then disappear before anyone realizes what has happened. Their ability to quickly eliminate high-priority targets makes them valuable assets in both PvE and PvP situations.

Rappelz Slayer
The Slayer class in Rappelz is a powerful melee fighter specialized in dealing high burst damage. With their dual-wielding weapons and agility, Slayer skills excel at quickly eliminating enemies in close combat. Their skills focus on inflicting critical hits and delivering devastating combos, making them formidable opponents in PvP battles. In terms of equipment, Slayer build prioritize weapons with high damage output and critical hit chance. They also benefit from gear that boosts their agility and attack speed. When it comes to playstyle, Slayers require skillful positioning and timing to unleash their powerful attacks effectively. Their swift movements and ability to quickly close the gap between themselves and their targets make them a versatile class for various gameplay scenarios. If you're looking for a class that excels in dealing massive damage up close, the Slayer class in Rappelz might be the perfect choice for you.

Assassins and Slayers thrive in stealth and ambush tactics, striking swiftly and decisively. Shadow Hunters and Deadeyes excel in long-range attacks and precision shots.

Assassins are stealthy and lethal, relying on quick strikes and their ability to evade enemy attacks. Slayers further enhance their combat abilities, becoming agile and deadly melee fighters.

Rappelz Slayer Sword or Dirk?
Swords deal more melee damage while Dirks gives you more Hp, Attack spd and Magic damage to boost AoE DoT skills such as Smoke Bomb (Toxic Bomb) 
Also u need get 959 of attacks speed to use words


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