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    Patch Notes 5.2 (Ursa Cavern)


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    • Admin

    Patch Notes 5.2 (Ursa Cavern)


    • Horizon return pass: reduced cooltime 15 min = 5 min
    • Training Scarecrows HPx 100
    • Trainee Island map fully disabled PK
    • Decreased chance to drop silver invar/amalgam from titans
    • Decreased  chance to drop silver from Arena bosses 
    • Monsters total defence decreased, to make melee classes hit more on world bosses, titans etc.



    Ursa Cavern update


    Level Requirement 155-200 = 195 - 200

    We will be reworking ursa dungeon in the upcoming days, to change reward box and the amount of exp/jp reward for clearing the run, based on the amount of time required to complete.

    • Bears out, random custom creatures in!
    • Ursa Custom Boss: Alpha Waste Shredder!

    Remember any changes made in our patches are not final, they might change without prior notiice!


    Winner Vulcanus record!

    vul record.png

    • Choose between any New Accessory:
    • Yakros Ring, Kainen Necklace, or Kraken Earring


    Facebook Winner 50 T-Gold Coins!

    • Alejandro Arnao
    • Black with Pink lines in wingsand purple hair





    • Donate for T-Gold Coins or exclusive items!
    • Up to 100+ Available donation methods


    How to donate?

    1.  Enter email & username click proceed
    2.  Select payment methode.
    3.  Follow instructions...Complete payment.
    4.  Wait for payment approval.

    Wait patiently to receive items. Depending on payment, Items will be received within 24 hours.

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