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    Patch Notes 5.3 (Login & Exp Event)


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    Patch Notes 5.3 (Login & Exp Event)




    Login Event until May 3th!

    • Receive free items for staying loged in every 1 hour!
    • 72% M.Atk & P.Atk Server buff!


    Exp Event until May 15th 

    • Party Exp Increased up to 8 players!
    • Level difference penalty changed 15 to 60 Levels!
    • 2x Exp Server Rates


    Party Exp Boost!

    • Party of 2/8 Players Exp 210%
    • Party of 3/8 Players Exp:220%
    • Party of 4/8 Players Exp:240%
    • Party of 5/8 Players Exp:270%
    • Party of 6/8 Players Exp:300%
    • Party of 7/8 Players Exp:340%
    • Party of 8/8 Players Exp:370%


    T-Silver Trader

    Event Npc in Horizon

    • Elite Boss Soul to exchange for +20/21 Weapon/Armors
    • Energy of Gold
    • Gladiator's Atk/Cast/Mob speed Potions
    • Purified Pieces str/Vit/Dex/Agi/Int/Wis

    More items wil be added within our upcoming patches!



    • Level 155+ Players can't enter ursa.
    • You need to be atleast level 195 to enter.



    Entry changed from solo only to solo & Party. (Test)

    • Each room on floor 1 requires 20 Tiny Souls.
    • Each room on floor 2 requires 10 Dark Souls.
    • Each room on floor 3 requires 5 Large Souls.
    • The room on floor 4 requires 1 Demon's Soul.


    If the dungeon blocks you from entering, make sure you have enough souls.

    Try to remove your party manually, or go to Ursa/Death Match to cancel party.



      Sometimes, you may find yourself in front of challenges that you will not be able to face alone. You will the help from other players, so why not creating a party? A party is a group of players who are united together for a common goal.


        What you needs to know before creating a party

        • The party name can only contain letters
        • If you already are a member of a party, you will not be able to create a new one or join another one unless you leave your current party.
        • A party can contain up to 8 players.
        • You can create a party from the “Control” window (Alt + T) or type /pcreate [PartyName] in the chat window. You can also invite a player to you party from the same window or type /pinvite [CharacterName]




        Party Management

        The party management is accessible to the Party Leader by clicking on the small arrow on the top right corner of the party window.



        After selecting a character, you can: 

        • Invite another player to your party
        • Leave the party
        • Kick a player out of the party
        • Give the party lead to another player
        • Disband the party

        Change the loot option


        Party Commands

        You can type the commands below to manage your party through the chat window


        Manage your party


        Create Party

        /pcreate [PartyName]

        Invite player

        /pinvite [CharacterName]

        Kick player

        /pkick [CharacterName]

        Disband party


        Change party leader    

        /ppromote [CharacterName]

        Leave the party


        Random Loot

        /pshare random

        Round Loot

        /pshare each


        After a few hours in game, you may meet a few players you would like to play again with. To make sure you do not forget about them, you can add them in your friend list (Alt + F).

        You will then be notified when they login and you will see whether they are offline or not.

        On the contrary, you can block users preventing them to talk to you or request for trades, duels, etc…




        • Donate for T-Gold Coins or exclusive items!
        • Up to 100+ Available donation methods


        How to donate?

        1.  Enter email & username click proceed
        2.  Select payment methode.
        3.  Follow instructions...Complete payment.
        4.  Wait for payment approval.

        Wait patiently to receive items. Depending on payment, Items will be received within 24 hours.

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