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    • Admin

    Patch Notes v1.3

    • Hotkeys settings missing fix
    • Enchant Rates Increased slightly = Pet Stage/Equips/Skill cards
    • Changed first login inserted amount gold 500m-50m
    • Receive more gold hitting Level 50/100/120/150
    • Lv 170 rewards E-Repair/E-Powder/ 1x Homonculus Heart
    • Changed market colours
    • Changed npc teleport text
    • Changed vucanus record world notice to private notice
    • Added towns to our custom teleporter
    • Circus monsters running behind walls fix
    • Lowered JP to GP trader /10
    • Added Empty soul pet cards to NPC
    • Hv menu options changed to char/pet buffer Option remove all buffs added


    • Skills Fix
    • Might Energy beat cast time
    • Miraculous Recovery


    • Added New Bestial Set/Accessories

    bestial items


    • Npc Char/Pet buffs Stackable now!

    stackable char pet buffs

    • Missing Baphomet Monster added

    baphomet location


    • Forums layout update
    • You can now upload game screenshots to show off on top of the forums !
    • forums gallery


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    That's funny...I tried to take a.mino and didn't realize the level until I hit it....also trainee island is all almost 200 lol mobs as well so no Barron for a while....Thats content I don't mind as long as we have the gear to tackle it.

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    • Admin
    On ‎9‎-‎8‎-‎2017 at 11:00 PM, Kronik said:

    Can't tame any T6 Creatures Drillbot,Mino,Ogre or Bapho. There all way too hard too even kill, the bapho hits for 20k.... what's the point in putting cards in game if you can't kill them to tame them

    I'll see what i can do with the amount of dmg it does. thnx for reporting.

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    25 minutes ago, Exterminator said:

    I'll see what i can do with the amount of dmg it does. thnx for reporting.

    I would like to express my opinion on that matter, while those bosses are tough to kill, they are neither impossible nor take too long.

    Arena pets along with Enchanting Gear beyond +20 is something that's not so easily accessible - which i think is fantastic as if gives you a goal to work towards.

    Having arena pets in your belt is in no form a necessity and therefore, as you can have much cheaper pet options, is reserved for the ones putting in work to get them.

    I say leave it as it is!



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    And your right it's not a necessity but it is a private server , and a PvP server we should be able to have access too those pets , I mean yeah it's awesome you can buy all the cards and I like the idea of them being challenging too tame, but 1 one shot crits ? Bapho on retail isn't even that hard.

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