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    December 3rd ( Event Winners )


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    • Admin

    Dear Players,

    Thanks for everyone participating in the events in November 2019, winner can be found below!

    We will continue giving away awesome items in December, so make sure you don't miss it! Participating is pretty easy!

    Event Winners please pm me on forums or discord to obtain items.


    Post your in-game screenshots! [Weekly Event]

    December 2019: Winners will be announced and selected at the end of the week here.

    • 1st Week: +12 Skill card!: 
    • 2nd Week: +25 Guardian Armor part!: 
    • 3rd Week: Pet Fury Ring!: 
    • 4th Week: +25 Weapon of choice!:


    November 2019: Winners 

    • 1st Week: +12 Skill card! Winner : Fablephantom
    • 2nd Week: +25 Red/Blue Dragon's Armor part Winner : Renjii 
    • 3rd Week: Pet Fury Ring!: Abdulkarim
    • 4th Week: +25 Weapon HuNy

    Last week Winner screenshot winner.



    Follow us on social media! [Social Media Weekly/Monthly]

    Chance to Win T-Gold Coins or items click here!

    • All you have to do is Like and Share/Re-post this update
    • Follow us, and make sure you won't miss any!

    facebook.pngFacebook  twitter.pngTwitter   instagram.pngInstagram 


    Social Media Like Share/Repost Winners:  

    Next!! +25 Weapon of choice!


    • 1:Noogame Chatchai: +25 lv 20 Weapon!
    • 2:Alexander James Robertson: +25 Lv 20 Red/Blue Dragon's Armor Part!
    • 3:David Sellier: Fury's Pet Ring!
    • 4:Renjii: +25 Weapon of choice!
    • 5:


    • 1:Mr.ZaNgEtSu: +25 Lv 20 Red/Blue Dragon's Armor Part! 
    • 2:


    • 1:



    Youtube video contest [Monthly Event]

    Your video must be at least 5 Minutes and be posted on YouTube.

    Everyone who enters will receive 20 T-Coins just for submitting a video click here!

    The top 3 videos will win one of the following prizes:


    December Video Contest

    1. Fiery/Overlord's Wings
    2. Guardian Armor Part
    3. +25 Weapon of Choice
    4. Winners will be selected in january


    Month November winners:

    1. +25 Red/Blue Dragon's Armor Part: Winner: Fablephantom
    2. +25 Weapon of choice Winner: Abdulkarim
    3. Pet Fury Ring!


    After you have posted the video on YouTube,  make sure to post a link at the video contest topic.

    Winners will be selected 1st week of every month!



    1st place +25 Red/Blue Dragon's Armor Part: Winner: Fablephantom


    2nd place +25 Weapon of choice Winner: Abdulkarim


    New Referral System! [Monthly Event]


    How to obtain referral points?

    • In order to obtain referral points, you have to Invite people to join our server, all they have to do is write down your forums name in the referral field at the forum sign up page and you will be receiving 1 referral point!
    • At the end of the month, Top Referral players will be rewarded with T-Gold Coins, Referral Tokens and a Referral Pass for exclusive Items and buffs in-game! 
    • Start inviting your friends, family members, social media friends, cousins, uncles, grandma and your don't forget your parents! they might like playing RappelzTournament you never know ;) 

    Every month's top 3 referral! 

    (Referral ranking is available at the forums)

    December ongoing:

    • 1st Place: Win 200 T-Gold Coins: 
    • 2nd Place: Win 100 T-Gold Coins: 
    • 3rd Place:  Wing 50 T-Gold Coins: 


    November Winners:

    • 1st Place: Win 200 T-Gold Coins: Fablephantom +4 Referral Tokens
    • 2nd Place: Win 100 T-Gold Coins: brazda +1 Referral Token
    • 3rd Place:  Wing 50 T-Gold Coins: Tathamet

    Referral Points collected during 1 full month (Will be rewarded the 1st week in the next Month click here! ) 


    Item Shop: Black Friday 50% Off Active Now!

    26th November - 10th December:

    • The New Exodus equipment is available at the T-Coin & Spin & Win NPC in Horizon!
    • +25 Weapons, +25 Armors, Stage 3/5 Pets +12 Skill cards (New), Wings, Masks, Weapon Skins, Cloaks, T-Gold Coins and more!
    • Donate through our Item Shop to be rewarded in-game with virtual game currency or items.
    • T-Gold coins can be spend at the T-coin trader in Horizon Town.




    How to donate? 

    1: Select between normal payment or by mobile.
    2: Enter your email and your character name and click proceed. 
    3: Select one of the payment methods.
    4: Select the Item or the amount of coins you like to buy.
    5: Complete your payment.
    6: To complete the process of donations please send your email you used for the payment and your in-game Character Name.

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