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    • Admin

    Patch Notes v1.5


    New Item!

    • Brand New Angelic Wings added in game :floating:
    • 8% All Stats +15% mov spd +15 Atk/Cast spd +1 socket!:jawdrop:

    Angelic wings



    • Underground dungeon boss spawn/Qeusts working.
    • Mystic koala running behind walls
    • Players stuck in textures/props



    • Lamia wings stats increased to 8% all stats +15% mov spd +15 atk/cast spd +1 socket.
    • Phoenix Wings stats increased to 6% all stats +15% mov spd +15 atk/cast spd +1 socket.
    • Old wings stats added 4% all stats +15% mov spd +15 atk/cast spd
    • Deco Waffle/Shield added.
    • World Blessing/Four leaf/Battle of song added to Lost Child.
    • Creature/Pet name change added to Lost Child..
    • Bags stack-able 
    • Amalgam/Invar item descriptions text corrected, added enchant rates/may fail msg.



    • Monsters/Bosses Evasion/Magic resist reduced. (All classes are able to hit them now)



    • Death Tyrant Melee/Magic skill +1 buff duration increased to 30min.
    • Gnoll Murderous Intent buff increased to 30min.



    • Arena shop combined now available at blacksmith hector.
    • NPC rearrange set helmets/arena items.



    • First char login spawn locations changed
    • Corrected teleport dungeon coordinates. (Cv2/Sanc)



    • Golden/Silver/Bronze orb item/npc removed (white inventory item)
    • Removed character visual circle/lightning buffs to prevent lag.
    • Deco dagger hidden stats removed.


    Client side update

    • Forbidden land Fire/Ice guardian level/stats increased
    • Wings visual stats
    • Amalgam/Invar item descriptions text

    Please run the launcher before using the multi-client to get our latest patch updated.

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