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  • The Ares Update is Finnaly Live!
  • New Pets, Map, ranked Weapons, Final Awakening and many more to come!
  • Active Server Development and Roadmap!
  • Daily ÊXP | Drop - Server Buffs!
  • Stay loged in to receive Spin Tokens!
  • Spin and Win @ the Event NPC in Horizon town or Laksy Town for awesome random prices
  • Level Cap Increased to lv 230!
  • Player Reborn Increased to 30!
  • Custom content
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  • Weekly Events!
  • Time : 10 PM (CEST)
  • Event Hoster
  • [GM]Exterminator
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    Patch Notes 14th January ( Taming Event )


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    Active Events!

    • Server Buffs Enabled: Dark Field All Stats increase + Crit Power
    • Upcoming GM Event: Thursday Server Time: 22:00 CET
    • Social Media Give Away![Weekly]    
    • Print-screen contest [Weekly]
    • Stay logged in for Spin Tokens exchange for random items, chance to obtain T-Silvers +20/21/22 weapons, armors and more!


    Discord Channel

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    Post your in-game screenshots! [Weekly Event]

    January 2020

    • 2nd Week:+25 Red/Blue Armor Part!: Aitha
    • 3rd Week: +25 Weapon of choice!: 
    • 4th Week: Fiery Wings!: 

    Last week Winner screenshot winner: Aitha



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    Social Media Like Share/Repost Winners:  

    Next giveaway!! Fiery Wings / Overlord's Wing


    • 1: Noogame Chatchai: +25 lv 20 Weapon!
    • 2: Alexander James Robertson: +25 Lv 20 Red/Blue Dragon's Armor Part!
    • 3: David Sellier: Fury's Pet Ring!
    • 4: Renjii: +25 Weapon of choice!
    • 5:



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    Download Discord client on windows or mobile phones available for android or ios.



    Item Shop: 20% Off!

    • The New Exodus equipment is available at the T-Coin & Spin & Win NPC in Horizon!
    • +25 Weapons, +25 Armors, Stage 3/5 Pets +12 Skill cards (New), Wings, Masks, Weapon Skins, Cloaks, T-Gold Coins and more!
    • Donate through our Item Shop to be rewarded in-game with virtual game currency or items.
    • T-Gold coins can be spend at the T-coin trader in Horizon Town.




    How to donate? 

    1: Select between normal payment or by mobile.
    2: Enter your email and your character name and click proceed. 
    3: Select one of the payment methods.
    4: Select the Item or the amount of coins you like to buy.
    5: Complete your payment.


    Need support?

    Mail: RappelzTournament@gmail.com for donation status.

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