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    • Admin

    Patch Notes v1.7 including Epic 9.5 Content!! 


    New Epic 9.5 Dungeon !!



    Brand new Epic 9.5 dungeon containing 40+ stages. The further you go inside the more monsters you have to face.

    Our dungeon is customized including hell-spawn area's. 

    Make sure you are well geared before entering. I Recommend making groups to face the Behemoth BOSS! 

    tomb of behemoth


    • New !! Epic 9.5 Nusylite's Armor set!

    nusylite's set

    • New !! Blue Eyed Weapons! base +10 Crit power
    • New !! New Accessories!


    • New!! Dark Wings 10% All stats + 2 slot!!

    dark wings


    • Dark wings available for limited time for gen points!  So start farming jp and trade for Gen points!
    • Basic necklace upgraded to 50k lak
    • Added secret feathers
    • E-Protect sell able in shops.
    • 6 slots pet formation
    • added missing bag on new player.
    • Supreme Growth potion now available Lv 170++
    • New Epic 9.5 dungeon Including custom hell-spawn rooms! 
    • Teardrops added to NPC


    New Increased Party exp

    To boost the overall server experience rate. We added permanently increased Party Exp to make players group up instead of soloing.

    • Party of 2/8 Players Exp 160%
    • Party of 3/8 Players Exp:170%
    • Party of 4/8 Players Exp:190%
    • Party of 5/8 Players Exp:200%
    • Party of 6/8 Players Exp:230%
    • Party of 7/8 Players Exp:250%
    • Party of 8/8 Players Exp:280%


    Exp Event Started 12/09/2017 until  19/09/2017!

    exp event

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