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    Hephaestus Manual Patch v1


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    • Admin


    Server back online 


    • Maintenance Complete for the following changes:```
    • Hector's Shredder can now be used on shield & Magic Shield to get +22/23/24 Non dura food shields
    • Buying Powerfull Artifacts from shop corrected buying option
    • Cloaks bug solved ( Equips at the main slot )
    • Gladiator's text corrected
    • Boss exp cap is lowered to prevent EXP bug on pets.
    • Added notice message on every login, to remind people not using any cheats, third party software.
    • Diamond Quiver not giving any stats or itemeffect solved
    • Stats adjusted to dex/agi
    • Updated Reborn Ranking player page
    • Updated ingame news pages


    +25 Gear Enchantment NPC 

    • Now only shows equips below +25 
    • Added a additional text before proceeding the cost of 100 T-Gold Coins


    Following items are not Account Bound:

    • Hephaestus Hammers (Reborn Reward)
    • White & Black Dragon's Cloak of Devildom (Reborn Reward)
    • +20 Sand Dragon's Cloak of Devildom ( Tradeable )


    Following items can now be re-sealed with the Book of Seven Seals

    • Yushiva's Diamond Ring
    • New Deco's from Gold Spins
    • Power pet artifact Magic & Melee ( Restraint of scroll works also, but removed from npc)

    Hephaestus power of change artifact added to the shop, to retry and get beter stats on Powerfull Pet Artifact Melee / Magic.

    Scroll of Breeding links to a new pet script: Reworked Pet lvling NPC: works as follows

    • You Pet must be past second evo lv 116 atleast to be able to level the pet through the NPC.
    • To be able to level the pet you must exchange x amount of JP for every level difference between player and pet.
    • The Pet will level max -5 Characters level, so you wil stil get exp while using the pet.
    • All pets before maintenance that had level 300 and tons of exp cause of the bug, are reverted back to level 170/171.
    • A Test file is added to the manual patch to see if Pets get exp past level 171+ while hunting in Abyss challenge or bosses.

    New All in one seller now available for the following items:

    • Abyss Challenge weapons
    • Blue-eyed weapons level 170
    • PW Armors
    • All gear below +11 enchantment can now be sold in bulk, making your life a bit easier during your adventure:)

    Skill changes for the following pet classes:

    Master Breeder Wrath of Heaven Skill changed to AoE DMG Ticks Debuff

    • OLD: A wide range spell that removes buffs from the target creature and also other creatures nearby
    • NEW: A wide range spell that cast a curse to DMG monsters x ticks!

    Beast Master (Evoker/Berseker) :Blasting Rock Cut switch to AoE 

    • OLD: Attack skill. Only for axes. Attack targets strongly like cutting rocks and stun them.
    • NEW: Attack skill. Only for axes. Attack causes an earthquake hitting a wide range of monsters around the caster.

    Overlord Armageddon:Fireball DMG Increase

    • OLD: Summons huge meteors to fall from the sky and crash into your enemies, dealing massive damage and stunning them.
    • NEW: Summons huge meteors to fall from the sky and crash into your enemies, dealing massive damage and Increased burn DMG x ticks.

    Holy Aura Skill disabled for now until further notice (to prevent people from afk farming)

    • War paralisade" (WK) level up limit increased
    • Heavenly Power" (Magus) level up limit increased  
    • Chrono Shift (Increased cooltime)


    Enabled Creature Taming Event!

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